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    2017 Wilson Pro Staff 97

    I'll buy them. Sending email.
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    Sarpanch is a great seller!!

    Bought some hard to find grommets from Sarpanch. Perfect condition, super fast shipping - couldn't be happier. Wonderful experience. Thanks Sarpanch!
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    Thread on: STRING TRADES

    Hey, I have the following frames for trade: 2 95 16x18 first is 8/10 strung with ashaway Kevlar 17/big hitter blue 16 second is 6-7/10 strung with full poly both are 3/8s, but the second has a Wilson pro over the pallet, no original grip 2 95S (unstrung, both weight 312g)...
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    AllDownTheLine is a TOP NOTCH SELLER!!!

    Gary was awesome. Great guy - racquets better than described. Fast shipping. Absolutely perfect transaction. A credit to the TW forums. Thanks again Gary!!
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    FS: (2) Wilson 2014 Six.One 95 16x18 - 6.1 95

    Price Drop. Racquet1 - 65 shipped, racquet 2 55 shipped. Great deal on some super solid racquets! 110 for both.
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    FS: (2) Wilson 2014 Six.One 95 16x18 - 6.1 95

    email for pics.
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    FS: (2) Wilson 2014 Six.One 95 16x18 - 6.1 95

    Racquet #1 - 348g Racquet #2 - 339g
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    FS: (2) Wilson 2014 Six.One 95 16x18 - 6.1 95

    Two Six.One 95 16x18 for sale. Racquet #1 - 6.1 95 16x18 Grip Size: 4 3/8 - Original Grip Head Size: 95 Condition (x out of 10): 8 *Specific Time Used - bought from another member, not much play, condition reflects as much. *General Description - very good condition, a few small scrapes at...
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    Looking for Cheap Racquets for beginner girls/women

    email me at
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    Looking for Cheap Racquets for beginner girls/women

    Hi. I've started teaching some ladies and beginner high school aged girls. Looking for cheap racquets (less than 40) with weights under 11oz. Interested in all brands. Let me know what you have! Thanks!!
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    Nike shoes, Pro Kennex 7G - 4 1/2 grip

    contact me at dgearin(at)gmail
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    Nike shoes, Pro Kennex 7G - 4 1/2 grip

    Nike Air Max Resmash - Size 10 Worn twice. Once to the grocery store, once out to lunch. Not even broken in. Never worn on court. $35 shipped obo Pro Kennex 7G 8.5/10 condition 60 shipped 4 1/2 grip
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    ChipNCharge is a great seller!!!

    Bought 3 volkl classic v1s. Racquets arrived two days after I bought them. Immaculate. Condition way better than advertised. Chace is a great guy. Thanks again!!
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    Under 100$

    I have 3 fxp prestiges I have 3 fxp prestiges. I'll sell them all for 100+ shipping. This is from a post I made a few months ago. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They are used, bought from the online auction site and were a bit more beat...
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    GiveMeGut is an awesome seller!!

    Flawless transaction. Same day shipping. Racquet was in much better than described condition. Perfectly packaged. The best!! Thanks!
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    Pro Kennex PK 7g

    Hi. Looking for the above racquet for a buddy. Bigger the grip the better. Prefer used, his budget is limited. Thanks in advance. email at dgearin(at)
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    Pro Kennex 5g

    I've got a buddy with some arm issues, so I'm looking for a PK 5g. Bigger grips and good condition ideal, but will listen to all offers. Not really interested in anything else. Reply here or email at dgearin(at)gmail Thanks!
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    Christo is a great buyer!

    Thanks and enjoy the frames!
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    2 or 3 FXP Prestige MP - Cheap! 4 3/8

    Hi. I have 2 or 3 FXP Prestige MPs for sale. They are used, bought from the online auction site and were a bit more beat up then originally described. They are as follows: 1) About 6.5-7/10 - In pretty decent shape except for a sizable paint chip (about an inch long). The chip is only...
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    (2) Head Flexpoint Prestige Mid - 4 1/2

    Still available Deal fell through.. These are still available, selling for 120 shipped. Great condition. Pics available upon request.
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    (2) Head Flexpoint Prestige Mid - 4 1/2

    2 prestige mids. Both in great shape. If I had to rate, 9/10. Very light scuffing on bumper guard. You will not be disappointed with the condition of these racquets. Both come with original covers. 1) Strung with Wilson Stamina at 63lbs. 2) Ashaway Kevlar 17 in the mains and a poly in the...
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    looking for a match/playing partner near charlottesville

    Hello all, I am in Charlottesville for work through August 1. I'm a computer rated 4.0 looking for a hit. I would love to hit with anyone at any level, just looking to get some court time after classes. email me back at Thanks!
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    download atp matches off of limewire?

    invite I would greatly appreciate an invite to as well. Thanks in advance!
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    FT: Yonex RDS002 Tour.

    If this is the MP I've got a volkl c10 pro tour for trade. email me at
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    FT - C10 Pro Tour (93)

    Not sure if it is the florida summer or what, but I'm thinking of trying out something lighter. So, one of my C10PTs is on the market. I have for trade a Volkl C10 Pro Tour. This is the 93 sq inch version. Amazing stick, unmatched feel and control. Racquet has some cosmetic damage, paint...
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    FS: Prince Precision Response OS - 710PL

    Cleaning out the closet and ran into this gem from my high school days. 45 Shipped OBO Send me offers. Thanks!!
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    Wanted - womens racquet - under $50

    Looking for something below 10oz strung with a 1/4 grip size. Lady G, Airflow type racquets. Let me know what you have! Thanks!! Doesn't have to be a girl-specific racquet. Just something sub-10oz with a small grip that my wife would be able to handle. Thanks!!
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    FS or FT - (2) C-10 Pro (98) 7.5/10

    pictures Due to all the interest, I am sending pictures to those who requested them. Do I not have enough posts to post pics in this topic, or is there something else I am missing?
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    FS or FT - (2) C-10 Pro (98) 7.5/10

    Title says it all. Looking for $60 shipped for each or 110 for both. Both are in real nice shape. Minor wear along guards. VERY conservative 7.5/10. Both are 4 1/2 (almost positive, slight chance one might be 3/8) Also looking for trades. Open to offers here. Some bats that I would...
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    Volkl C-10 Pro MP (98) - 4 1/2

    Actually have two available now. Both 7/10 being very conservative. $$ back guarantee if dissatisfied with condition of racquets. New price: $65 shipped for one $115 shipped for both. dgearin at gmail dot com