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  1. aimr75

    Serve Pronation after contact, Murray vs others

    Can anyone explain technically why Murray doesn’t pronate after contact like Fed, Sampras, Roddick? If it’s an unconscious thing, what is he doing different? Is there any issue with the way Murray does it?
  2. aimr75

    Continental Grip Index knuckle/Heel pad position

    What continental grip do you use for serves, slices, volleys and 2hbh ? Index knuckle/heel pad on bevel 2/2 or 2/1 ?
  3. aimr75

    Head Radical Tour OS “SL”

    I recently picked up a Radical Tour OS which has an “SL” on the butt cap. What does this signify?
  4. aimr75

    Serve, thoughts..

    I've been on and off with the game but will be soon starting competitive play and have been concentrating on the serve.. any thoughts on what to look at would be great Regular speed Slowed down cheers
  5. aimr75

    Some AO vids

    Here are some vids i took at the AO Simon/Haase Match Ivan Dodig hitting forehands Ferrer Practicing
  6. aimr75

    Fast4 Tennis

    Overheard while watching tv Federer will be playing Hewitt in a fast4 tennis format. Nadal will play verdasco as well First to 4 games wins the set. Best out of 5 sets no advantage lets are played at 3-3, there is a tie breaker Would be interesting to watch
  7. aimr75

    New Wilson PS95S

    Do you have a full spec for this frame yet? Is it essentially the same as the previous iteration?
  8. aimr75

    Adding Racquet matching/customisation to cart

    Not sure if its been mentioned before, but thought it would be a good option to be able to add the racquet matching or customisation service as part of the order when purchasing. Saves having to call or email to request it. Im not from the US and would rely on email correspondence to request...
  9. aimr75


    Got a voucher for a 1 year subscription for the ProTennisCoach website. Looks very good. Lots of content and the site looks very professional.
  10. aimr75

    Twins.. again
  11. aimr75

    Prince Tour Pro 100 and Tour 100 (16x18)

    Has anyone tried these out and offer a comparison? If you havent tried both, im still interested to read anyones thoughts on either of these, particularly the Tour Pro 100 since the new Tour 16x18 seems to be very similar to the old version and there is already alot of info on that one
  12. aimr75

    Indoor Hit (Vid)

    I wasnt intending on taking any footage as i didnt bring my camera, but felt like seeing how the 2hbh was coming along.. just used my iphone so the quality is not the greatest I also decided to try a SW grip (or close to) on the forehand in this vid.. very different to my eastern grip that i...
  13. aimr75

    Head Liquidmetal Instinct Tour XL

    Can someone tell me whether this came in either a 16/19 drill pattern or 18/19 ?
  14. aimr75

    Lux BBO

    Why has the price gone up substantially with BBO ?
  15. aimr75

    Some AO vids

    took some footage while i was there yesterday. Amazing how well these guys hit the ball and their movement. You never get a real sense of it from tv. Murray was pounding the ball in practice.. as was monfils
  16. aimr75

    2HBH - leaning into the shot

    So I thought id video my strokes. I'm still working on the 2hbh which is a relatively new shot for me. Was wondering if there is any importance in leaning into the shot? I.e front shoulder dipping down in the forward stroke. I noticed my shoulders are more level relative to the ground. It's...
  17. aimr75

    Player Impressions

    Not sure if posted before, but this kid does a good job
  18. aimr75

    Tecnifibre TFight 315 Ltd. 16/19

    The Tecnifibre TFight 315 Ltd. 16/19 has a listed stiffness of 59. For the TW guys that reviewed it, how soft does the frame actually feel and how does it flex? Thanks
  19. aimr75

    Novaks frame up for sale

    Novak has donated his frame through Tennis Australia to raise funds for Andrew Florent diagnosed with cancer Item #: 170977691750 Hopefully sells for a high price, good cause
  20. aimr75

    Pallet shaving project

    So i decided to try my hand at shaving a Wilson pallet and thought id post my experience doing it. Now i took a bit of a risk doing it as i have never done it before and decided to just do it without attempting it on a test frame first. Another risk was shaving a size 6 grip to a size 3. Thats a...
  21. aimr75

    Volkl Pallets for a BA98

    On TW Europe there are 4 volkl pallet types, C, R, S and a generic. I read in another thread that the volkl pallets fit nicely on Pro Kennex Redondo/BA's. Im wanting something closer to a Head shaped pallet. Are any of these pallets similar to head?
  22. aimr75

    2hbh VID update

    So ive been trying to work on the 2hbh technique and feel like im making some inroads, though its still a tough shot for me. At times its feeling good, other times awkward. Feels like im starting to get a feel for the left hand dominance in the stroke, but let me know what you see in this clip...
  23. aimr75

    SW grip

    I have been trying a more extreme grip (currently use an eastern) and notice i have been dumping a number of them in the net. I think this is the case because i am used to hitting out in front more with the eastern, but with the SW grip, the racquet face closes sooner. Is the ideal contact...
  24. aimr75

    pc600 question

    I have a pc600 which has the star trek font, made in Austria but unusually the stamp in the throat for the string pattern says 18x19. The pattern is 18x20 but the stamp says 18x19 Anyone come across this? :confused:
  25. aimr75

    Some hitting back perspective

    Was a wet day and pretty slippery out there so just tried focusing on staying loose.. just a hit with my brother from the back perspective view. Nice court at least.. show court 3 at melbourne park :)
  26. aimr75

    Same racquets, different swing weight

    If there are two racquets, same model, static weight and similar balance, but the difference in swing weight is 11 points, e.g. 297 vs 308, would there be a significant difference in how they swing?
  27. aimr75

    2hbh progression

    I couldnt find a wall that was free to hit against on a local court so I took some vid at home just dropping balls. Looks a bit odd hitting against my house but what can you do Have been trying to create a more compact 2hbh in the vein of Safin.. Dont know how useful this vid is but any...
  28. aimr75

    Murray racquet

    Spotted Murray's racquet on the auction site # 110801871489
  29. aimr75

    Wanted PT57A

    Looking for pt57a's, not too fussed about grip size. Would prefer Microgel paintjob email at Thanks
  30. aimr75

    Murray backhand

    Does murray use mostly left arm in his backhand? I really like how he keeps it pretty simple, turn shoulders, straight take back.. nothing fancy, but still figuring out what going on in the forward stroke Are you also supposed to lag the arms a...