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  1. Fifth Set

    Underqualified household "Directors of IT" unite!

    If you're like me, you have been appointed Director of IT of your household. Congratulations! Not. This is not a sign of your intelligence, qualifications or capabilities with things tech. It's more like taking out the garbage - if you can do it as well as or better than anyone else in...
  2. Fifth Set

    Any such thing as a durable junior shoe?

    My boy is still a boy. Size 2Y. So adult shoes are not an option. He tears up tennis shoes like crazy. I think the junior shoes continue to be junk. Have tried Babolat and Nike but open to others. Ideas? Adults rave about their Yonex shoes. Is it possible this one is also...
  3. Fifth Set

    It's officially time for a CiCi Bellis thread

    Yes, now. Sure, she's only 15. But, she has played and won pro matches. She's 28-1 this year in the juniors. She's good on clay, having just won the junior Italian Open. She's the top ranked American girl and now #3 in the whole world. And...meanwhile, people are actually creating...
  4. Fifth Set

    Laura Robson out of French and Wimby due to wrist surgery

    Going to visit Delpo's surgeon at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Berger. This guy apparently quite the well regarded wrist specialist among the athletes. Just announced via her FB 10 minutes ago. Miss her but hope she comes back strong.
  5. Fifth Set

    Is Camila Giorgi on the verge of her first title?

    There has been a far amount of drama in her young career but the improvement in her play over the last 12 months is undeniable. Now she finds herself in her first semi in Katowice after three solid wins, with a pretty reasonable shot to make the final. I think she has top 20 potential. And...
  6. Fifth Set

    Where are your tennis balls manufactured?

    There seem to be some patterns developing around quality. Chotobaka and others are more knowledgeable than me about the factories involved, so I'm just here to help get the thread going! Please chime in with country of origin for your specific balls. Penn Championship: China Pro Penn...
  7. Fifth Set

    Best depiction of Arab by non Arab in music video

    This was a really tough one but after careful consideration the academy award goes to:
  8. Fifth Set

    In case you already miss the Indian Wells broadcasts, as I do...

    "New kids coming into town!"
  9. Fifth Set

    Volkl Organix 4 a steal at $100!

    A heads up that TW (and likely others) are clearing out this fantastic stick to make way for the new Super Gs. Buy 2 or more for $100 each now. Really a great racquet. Super maneuverable for a extra long 105, good on the elbow, powerful and capable of producing nice spin. I found it a bit...
  10. Fifth Set

    Stepanek: GOAT in chasing the WTA ladies

    Say what you will about Radek's own looks. You might even fault the beauty of his latest squeeze. But you can't argue that when he moves in for the kill, he always gets his prey. Are there any WTA girls he hasn't successfully pursued? I'm pretty sure he has never met Renee Richards -...
  11. Fifth Set

    When will TW start carrying Prince Tour Extra Duty balls again?

    These great balls are back in stock a number of online and offline retailers.
  12. Fifth Set

    Wait, are THE Prince Tour tennis balls really back?!

    Had almost given up on these, they have been off the market for so long. Now being promoted on their web-site again and showing in stock at a few online retailers (not TW yet for some reason). Crazy expensive at about $95/case! These balls are amazing. Great bounce, feel, sound...
  13. Fifth Set

    Hey Baggy, how 'bout a hairnet?!

    I love the way the ATP tries to chronicle the well intentioned exploits of our beloved stars. I also like the ever-hairy Marcos, but this photo is pretty silly. Do you think the cookie buyers will mind a little hair in their food?
  14. Fifth Set

    Are there car charging stations near Indian Wells?

    Any electric car peeps going? Would love to bring a Tesla Model S but not finding much luck with real charging stations. Need at least 220V. Staying at Rancho Las Palmas, which is completely clueless. Thanks in advance!
  15. Fifth Set

    Andrea Petkovic officially Top 10 in Monday's rankings

    Thanks to another good week in Carlsbad (now into the semis). She has had potential for a while, started putting it together in late 2010 and has had a very good 2011. On top of this, her good looks, fantastic personality and language skills make her a very marketable commodity...
  16. Fifth Set

    I'm tiring of the "grow the game" mantra

    How often do we hear about this goal from those involved in the game of tennis? Sure, we all want the game to be healthy and profitable. We want good athletes to go into tennis, sponsors and investment in facilities. But, we also have to be cognizant of the costs of this goal. Sometimes...
  17. Fifth Set

    Rod Laver vs. X - Official Forum Compendium

    How 'bout we just keep this nonsense in this one thread so as not to pollute the entire forum with it? Now, keep in mind, anyone who actually picks Rod Laver to beat anyone or anything is going to really get on Chopin's bad side. And, trust me, that's not where you want to me given that the...