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  1. Jay_The_Nomad

    Do you wear Tennis Attire at the Courts?

    I buy heaps of my tennis stuff at factory outlets. They don’t stock them too often where I’m at so when they do I Tend to buy all I need at one go. So I’m often kitted out with a particular brand. Key tennis articles of clothing are shorts and shoes. The rest are non tennis specific polyester...
  2. Jay_The_Nomad

    Noels chances for taking over the slam count

    Nadal still has two more French opens in him minimum. The next one is in May which is very soon (assuming no cancellations). That’ll take him to 22 maybe more if he is lucky. Djoker got to win 5 to match nadal. Going to be tough. The other players especially Thiem will snatch a few.
  3. Jay_The_Nomad

    Roland Garros 2020 Final: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Rafael Nadal [2]

    Medical timeout incoming for djokovic if the momentum continues.
  4. Jay_The_Nomad

    ATP player with coolest name?

    Radek Stepanek aka THE WORM ... is definitely the coolest name. So cool that a bevy of babes couldn't wait to hook up with him. If he was half as talented a player on the court as he was off of it, he would have multiple grand slams and with cool nicknames such as... Rad Attek.. Panek...
  5. Jay_The_Nomad

    At what temp do you switch string setups?

    In summer I’m usually on Poly mains and multi crosses. Once weather starts to dip below 65 I’ll swap it around to multi mains and poly crosses.
  6. Jay_The_Nomad

    finally.. no heel slippage. i tried many. the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 won

    I ordered a pair yesterday on discount. Went for my regular size rather than size down as I realised I’m also in a regular size for the lunar ballistics which supposedly fit longer. Hopefully no dramas.
  7. Jay_The_Nomad

    4.5-5.0 Match vs pusher

    Yep. OP looks max 3.5 standard. ITN anyway.
  8. Jay_The_Nomad

    Nike 2020 General Thread

    Any advice in sizing for the vapor cage 4? I’m typically a size 10.5 US. Should I size down to 10 or 9.5 US? Ordering online so need some tips before I order it. I’ve got normal width feet (maybe very slightly narrow).
  9. Jay_The_Nomad

    Favourite tracksuit for autumn/winter play?

    Layer up and peel off as you heat up... that’s the key. I usually run a merino wool base layer (always long sleeved) under a short sleeved dri fit/polyester shirt. If it’s particularly chilly I’ll use a long sleeved shirt with a thicker fabric. Keeps me warm enough down to about 10deg / 50 f...
  10. Jay_The_Nomad

    Advice for entry level mountain bikes

    Not sure if OP has gotten their bike yet but best option would be to stick with a hard tail mountain bike rather than dual suspension at the sub $1000 price point. Not even sure if anyone does dual suspension under $1000. Look at the giant talon bikes. Very good value for money. If you’re...
  11. Jay_The_Nomad

    Rafa fans: slow down boys

    It’s just his hair. If he shaves it off he’ll be looking like a young Jason statham,
  12. Jay_The_Nomad

    Rafa fans: slow down boys

    Forget about Rogies record of 20. At this rate Rafa is on course to match Margaret Court!!! Not beyond him to squeeze out three more French opens and with a bit of luck I wouldn’t bet against him taking home a couple extra at the us open or Oz open in the next three years.
  13. Jay_The_Nomad

    Why Djokovic will never get the love from the crowd unlike Fedal?

    I was at the match. Didn’t hear any boos. The crowd was pro Nadal for sure only because of underdog status and the fact they wanted to see more tennis. But Djokovic also had very strong support from the local Aussie Serbs. Very rowdy and vocal bunch. More than made up for the discrepancy in...
  14. Jay_The_Nomad

    Prime Sampras Vs Prime Federer

    Depends on the ball. If they’re using those older smaller sized balls then pistol Pete probably.
  15. Jay_The_Nomad

    Tsitsipas needs to beat Nadal

    What rubbbish. If you’re not good enough to win, you’re not good enough for the spotlight. This is competitive sport. The results do not lie. The day that age catches up with the trio is the day that tennis moves on.
  16. Jay_The_Nomad

    Nadal News 2.0

    Any further news in the Spanish media on Rafa’s health? Read that he had abdominal tape last match.
  17. Jay_The_Nomad

    Nadal will play Titiespass like he does Fed

    I don’t really see Nadal replicating a Federer approach. Tsitsipas’ forehand is nowhere near fed’s forehand. I think Rafa will spread the court and make him run. At 193m the high topspin to the backhand may not be as effective 1hbh or not.
  18. Jay_The_Nomad

    Nadal got "cheated"

    At least Nadal doesn’t seem to whinge and analyse what went wrong and blame everyone and everything including the roof.... just like our friend Hillary who was magnanimous and a picture of graciousness even in defeat.
  19. Jay_The_Nomad

    Absurd day of tennis has negative repercussions for the women's final which will now be delayed

    This was a necessary measure. Women’s tennis final can wait. The reverse would be true if it was the men’s final. The England to the World Cup final is irrelevant. That is an external event. Djoko and nadal semi is an internal issue. At the end of the day this shouldnt be a big deal... you...
  20. Jay_The_Nomad

    Do Federer and Brady just enjoy intense nerve wracking battles?

    The script was totally set for Brady to take the Pats on a final game winning drive. Too bad, Brandon graham had something to say. All poised for another fairytale comeback for number 6.
  21. Jay_The_Nomad

    Best outfit worn by a Pro?

    This one... not sure if posted before.
  22. Jay_The_Nomad

    Any guys out there thrown off by all this pink agenda attire?

    I'm wondering if this pink colour combo has anything to do with selling merchandise to female fans. Sports athletic leisure fashion is BIG business in recent years thanks to a huge amount of women jumping onto the active wear bandwagon. It's possible that there might be some S agenda but it...
  23. Jay_The_Nomad

    CHUNG winning A0 2O18

    There is no end to it. He did what no ATP has ever done when he won number 19. If he wins 20 then the next question is whether he can surpass Margaret court. If Chung wins, we are getting a young grandslam winner with many years of tennis ahead. Hopefully it really shakes things up and get...
  24. Jay_The_Nomad

    CHUNG winning A0 2O18

    Chung winning the AO will be the best thing for tennis and will be far more exciting than Fed getting to 20.
  25. Jay_The_Nomad

    Gasquet height?

    His height is all in the neck. It's just bad proportions. Someone like Neymar who is shorter can look taller even though he is the same height or even shorter than serena.
  26. Jay_The_Nomad

    Who is the chair ump in the Thiem match?

    In this day and age it is quite possibly politically incorrect for me to say this, but she totally has the look of someone who will have that wicked witch/evil step mother look in 10'years time.
  27. Jay_The_Nomad

    Pink/Salmon prevails in Men AO

    The pink isn't translating well on Tv. The word salmon pink is quite accurate. It is orangey pink. Not flamingo pink. Just saw Dimitrov with his all pink getup.. on the big stadium screens he looked like a flamingo. But on court it's more orangey.
  28. Jay_The_Nomad

    Alexander Zverev over rated

    I think people here are underrating Chung a bit. I was at Rod Laver watching from the sideline perspective earlier today. Chung guy was out hitting Zverev in most 50/50 rallies particularly in the last two sets. Chung generates quite a bit of power on both wings with good weight of shot...
  29. Jay_The_Nomad

    Nadal News 2.0

    Anyone knows what cap is Rafa wearing? It seems different to the heritage version that is sold in stores..