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    Yonex RDIS 100 Midplus

    Anyone hit with it? I'm in Melbourne, Australia by the way and the pro shop I went to just got theirs in and I had a hit with it today. I was very interested in this frame because I was looking for a heavier racquet around the 330-340 gram range with a 98 head size. I currently own a RDS 002...
  2. Techniques

    Forehand Help...

    Alright, I've got a bit of a problem with my forehand. My forehand used to be my weapon and I always used to run around my backhand to my forehand. However after about a years work on my backhand, my forehand has become pretty crap. My backhand is the more penetrating shot now- it's probably not...
  3. Techniques

    Spinny Cross string (reel)

    I've been used Signum Poly Plasma Pro 17 (mains) with Gosen OG sheep Micro 16 (crosses). I've tried SPPP full stringjob and it can produce a lot of spin. However, With this hybrid I find it's hard to generate much spin. So I'm looking for a string that can provide some good spin production and...
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    Need help with a hybrid

    I've got Red Code in the mains and a synthetic gut (don't know what) in the crosses at the moment. I really like it has good spin, control, power and feel all in one. It dopesn't really have one standout quality but all the compartments above they are above average in. However, before using this...
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    Stringing Machine for me- Drop Weight or Crank?

    I live in Australia (Melbourne) and the stringing machines here cost quite a bit more than USA machines. For example the Alpha Revo is what 500 USD? while in Australia a very very similar machine- the SAM XLR8 is 1300 AUD (1150 AUD). Yes, thats more than 2 times more. The Alpha Revo and SAM XLR8...
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    SPPP- Always breaks in upper region of stringbed?

    I've been using SPPP full string job lately and every break i've had with them has been from a mishit right at the top of the stringbed. Every single time. I only played about 5 times or so with it... Any SPPP users finding this as well? It is an absolutely awwsome poly except for always...
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    My Groundstrokes- need help.

    I am having a bit of trouble with my groundstrokes at times, especially my backhand. I played a tournament during the weekend and it really opened my eyes how big my flaws were on my backhand. In training and practice my backhands were really solid and they were actually a "weapon". But in the...
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    Babolat International Tour?

    Has anyone played with the Babolat International Tour? I am going to have it in the crosses in my new RDS 002 Midplus's. I'm going to have Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour in the Mains. I'm wondering why the International Tour string isn't sold on TW? Has anyone palyed with it and how does it feel?
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    Serve- Ball toss

    Where should my ball tosses be? For a flat serve where should I toss the ball? How much in front? A racquet length? And where? 1 o'clock position? Also where should I toss the ball for a top spin serve. I have found that I am tossing the ball much more in front and really leaning into the court...
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    2hbh - up high

    I find it hard to hit my 2hbh when it is around shoulder height and above. I always don't get it out of the middle or frame it. Also even if I do hit it well I lack the power and penetration because I don't have an top spin on it. How can I beef it up a bit more and hit it in the sweet spot?
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    Nadal in doubt for Australian Open?

    He forfeited his match against Guccione... he had a thigh injury. It might be just precautionary though.
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    Recommend me a machine please

    I have $1000 AUS dollars ($784 US) to spend on a stringing machine. I've never owned a stringing machine.. I usually just give it to the shop or my coach to string. Basically I hit with a lot of top spin and I've been breaking Tonnes of strings. It's much cheaper to string it myself than to keep...
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    Lead Tape~ Teach me where and how to Use

    Ok, I'm a junior whos 13. I want to make my Liquidmetal Heat more heavier. I want to know how to apply the lead tape like do you cut it into strips? How big are the strips? Also where should I add my lead tape to? ALso how do you work out the balance of the racquet?
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    Recommend me a racquet....

    Ok, I'm a junior who's only 13 years old. I live in Australia so your system of 1.0- 7.0 or whatever is a bit confusing. But If I was to choose where my standard was at it would be around 3.5/4.0. I'm currently using a Liquidmetal Heat which I got only about 6 months ago. I'm looking for a new...
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    New Liquidmetal range coming out in july?

    Hi guys this is my first post.... I was at the Australian Open Last month and i went into the Head shop. They guy there said that there was a new Liquidmetal Range coming out in june/july. Has any other people heard about this?