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  1. SonRK

    Leather Grip vs Thin Synthetic (ResiThin/Featherthin/Pro Thin/etc.). Which absorbs shock better?

    These WIlson 3/8 handles feel a bit bigger than my Prince 3/8s and I wanted to try to make it feel smaller. I've historically put leather grips on because they do make handles feel a bit thinner (as they're not as spongy), and it helps a little bit with added weight. Then I realized I could just...
  2. SonRK

    WTB Wilson Clash 98 L2 (1/4) Willing to pick up a Clash 98 at a pretty decent discount if possible, so loved racquets with rashes and chips are A-Okay. Not looking to spend more than $110ish shipped if you have one to unload! Thanks!
  3. SonRK

    Impressed by Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch - Is it the 18g Poly Mains stealing the show?

    So this summer I decided to venture and try out a plethora of different kinds of strings and string combos from my usual Babolat Tonic 16g Mains and (Whatever Poly I wanted to toss on) 16/17g Crosses. This most recent setup I tried was the Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch which is Tour XT 18g and...
  4. SonRK

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    I've made the switch over to the Clash 100 after a a multi year period with the Prince Warrior line (was using the Speedport 97 before that). The comfort is out of this world, and I can use polys without it hurting my wrist/forearm/elbow/etc because of my less than perfect form. Not that I use...
  5. SonRK

    Best method to test clamps before starting on frame?

    Thank you all for your advice. I have a used Ghost I, according to the stats, it did approx 4000 racquets? Damn. Maybe I should replace the clamps. First I'll give them a super deep cleaning.
  6. SonRK

    Best method to test clamps before starting on frame?

    In an effort to provide even more accurate results to myself/friends, I wanted to make sure my clamps weren't slipping. Normally, I just clamp right before the tension that "crimps" the strings, and try to do to get the tension before it causes ghosting on a Multi (like Multifeel). I've seen...
  7. SonRK

    Introducing Grapplesnake USA!!!

    Always down to support the lesser known brands. What strings do you recommend if I dig the following Multis/Polys (personal choices) Multis: Tecnifibre Multifeel, Head Velocity, Prince Premier Control Polys: Lux Alu Power, Tecnifibre Black Code, Solinco Confidential
  8. SonRK

    Kobayashi Maru String Scenario

    There's a new "Hybrid 3D" called RPX: This might be the economical version of the Triax that I've been looking for !
  9. SonRK

    Any new round co-polys out there that play like Solinco Confidential?

    I'm play testing a bunch of new hybrids and found one I'm digging a lot. Solinco Confidential 16L mains, with Tecnifibre Multifeel 16 crosses at 50lbs. The problem is, the shaped poly is cutting into the crosses and popped it in about 3 hours. TW USA doesn't carry it in 15L for Multifeel, so I...
  10. SonRK

    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    It was called "Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament"
  11. SonRK

    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    The cross-section does look the same, thanks! I'll pick up a pack of these as well to test.
  12. SonRK

    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    Thanks, I actually picked up a reel of Rip Control because my friends use it, but I personally never tried it. I'll give Velocity a shot.
  13. SonRK

    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    Hi all, Well I went crazy and bought a new stringer and a bunch of sets and reels to experiment on my racquets. I remember this being a great string in a full bed, and I thought it would probably play great as a cross to a poly in the mains. The thing is, when I go to check Prince...
  14. SonRK

    What are my first steps to ensure long healthy life for new machine? Bought a used Alpha Ghost I

    Bahahaha, my wife def. gave me a side eye when I got excited that I got a new stringer. It will be a hard sell for it to be the centerpiece of the living room. Banished to the basement most likely. I will take a look around to find out that "Alpha + Stringway" vendor so I ask any questions I...
  15. SonRK

    What are my first steps to ensure long healthy life for new machine? Bought a used Alpha Ghost I

    So I made a previous thread less than a week ago about fixing up my neglected Mutual Power 7600. Well I saw an Alpha Ghost I on the fleabay and put in a best offer that got accepted for $1,800. May have gotten fleeced a bit here because it's the older model, but I committed to buying it so it's...
  16. SonRK

    Neglected Mutual Power 7600 - Do I try to save it or just buy a new stringer? I bought this machine back in high school and never kept it maintained except for calibrating tension, well now I am paying for it. It's been 13 years and the lack of care is very noticeable, especially after stringing 9 racquets yesterday...
  17. SonRK

    Tier One Sports

    Saw the instagram ad for the introductory package, but looks like theyre sold out. Willing to give these a try once that's back in stock.
  18. SonRK

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Really wanted the new Beasts with the sick paint job. Maybe I should just pay to import it...
  19. SonRK

    FS: Adidas Stycon Laceless Hard Court Shoes (US 9M) (Grey Two/Cloud White / Dash Green)

    Adidas Stycon Laceless Hard Court Shoes Grey Two/Cloud White / Dash Green Size: Men’s 9.0 Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Used for 45 minutes for warmup, decided they constricted my foot too much (hurt too much)...
  20. SonRK

    Prince Official - Racquets

    I actually decided to pick it up at the discounted price and been playing with it for the past few weeks. Great frame, but it gave me the biggest urge to restring my Prince Speedport Black (speedport inserts, my string inserts broke). Similar in specs, (0.1oz in difference), but my Blacks feel...
  21. SonRK

    Prince Official - Racquets

    Really contemplating picking up the Beast O3 100, but they're discounted so it means a new version will be coming out soon. Does anyone have any viability when it releases? I guess around US Open time?
  22. SonRK

    FS: 2018 Pure Drive Tour Plus (3/8) x 2

    (A) 8.5/10 for the one with black strings (I believe it's yonex poly tour pro) (B) 9.5/10 (vs gut mains with orange black code crosses) The 8.5 one had about 10 hours of play, the 9.5 one less than 5 hours. Both are in pretty good shape, but the 9.5 one even more. Please review pictures above...
  23. SonRK

    Wanted: Pure Drive Tour Plus 2018 (3/8)

    I am looking for a 2018 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus with a 3/8 Grip. Please email me directly:
  24. SonRK

    US Open 2019

    I purchased men's semifinals, Loge row K for $250 post fees through SeatGeek, 1 hour before match start. I work in Manhattan, so I just asked my boss to leave and off I went. Hopefully I can get similar deals next year
  25. SonRK

    New Beast 2020 in Japan

    Can we order these directly from Prince Japan? Seems to be about $300 converted from Yen (yikes). Is there an estimate as to when T-W will carry?
  26. SonRK

    3.5M Highlight Home Videos

    I played against my friend twice in the past week and we decided to record the footage. Here are some of the best points (in our opinion) from the sessions. This is for our (and your) entertainment purposes as the full 90 minute recording is full of errors and overall grossness (I would post the...
  27. SonRK

    What is replacing the Prince Beast Line?

    Is it the photograph shown here (first photo) If so, that PJ is indeed gorgeous. Looks like I need to unload my current Beast 100s.
  28. SonRK

    WTB: Prince Textreme Beast 100 (3/8)

    Trying to pick one more Textreme Beast 100 (3/8) - non o3 / non LB version to round out my racquets for the next few years. Please email me: 8/10+ only please! Thanks