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  1. triforce defender

    Nadal will win CYGS

    I'm calling it even though I don't believe it. He won't win CYGS but I figured there's no harm in making this thread. If it doesn't happen, feel free to bump it and we can all have a jolly good laugh! But if by miracle it does happen, then I will call myself Merlin. Cheers! Happy New years!
  2. triforce defender

    Rafa no longer cares about No.1 anymore

    Rafa states in an interview with a French TV station that he will not sacrifice career longevity for the top ranking. Being healthy enough to play as long as possible is now the most important thing to him...
  3. triforce defender

    How Would Nadal Fare at FO in Other Decades?

    Personally, I think he would have had approximately the same success as he has this past decade. Federer and Djokovic are excellent clay courters, almost on par with champions from past decades. Here's how I see it going down. Keep in mind that b/c Rafa's 'decade' spanned 2005-2014, I decided...
  4. triforce defender

    Who is better on clay: Murray vs Hewitt

    Andy Murray 1. 2x French Open SF (2011: L to Nadal and 2014: L to Nadal) 2. 3X Masters SF (2x Monte Carlo and 1x Rome) Lleyton Hewitt 1. 2x Titles on clay (Murray has 0 titles) 2. 2x French Open QF (2001: L to JC Ferrero and 2004: L to Gaudio) 3. 4X Masters SF (3x Hamburg SF and 1x Rome)
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    Who is better on clay: Soderling vs Del Potro

    Who has the better clay court resume? Robin Soderling 1. Two French Open Finals (but lost both in straight sets) 2. Two titles on clay (both 250 events) 3. Only man to beat Rafael Nadal at RG Juan Del Potro 1. One French Open SF and 1 QF (but pushed Federer to 5 sets both times) 2...
  6. triforce defender

    The Real Reason Nadal Struggles At Wimbledon Now

    I see so many reasons on this board about why Nadal struggles at Wimbledon now compared to his heydays there but we're all complicating things. But knees, hot opponents, conditions, etc. are not the reasons. There's a very simple explanation: Nadal has been bad at tiebreaks. Nadal has always...
  7. triforce defender

    How many overall titles can Big 4 Win?

    Federer has 82 titles. Will he pass Ivan Lendl for 2nd place (94 titles) on the all-time list before his career is over? Nadal currently has 64 titles. Can surpass John McEnroe's haul of 77 titles? Djokovic has 48 titles. Can he surpass Sampras and Borg's haul of 64 titles? Murray...
  8. triforce defender

    Who is better on hard courts: Nadal or Murray?

    I think this is a much better question than Federer vs. Djokovic on hard courts (of course it's Federer!) Nadal and Murray's resumes on hard courts both have their unique plusses and minuses: In Nadal's favor 1. More slam titles (3-1) 2. More slam finals (6-5) 3. Leads H2H (6-5) In Murray's...
  9. triforce defender

    My Top 100 By Gender and Era

    As I have mentioned in another thread, I think the best way to rank the top 100 players of all time is to separate them by gender and pre-open era vs. open era players (Top 25 of each). So here is my top 100 using this more streamlined technique. However, I am fairly ignorant on the...
  10. triforce defender

    Is Indoor a Surface?

    Hey everyone, I am feeling better after last week's tragedy so I want to pose a question I was wondering during the indoor season. Do you consider "indoor" a surface? And if so, are indoor hard courts and indoor clay courts separate surfaces or just "indoor" of any type is a sole surface...
  11. triforce defender

    Why Isn't AstroTurf used as Surface?

    I heard that there are astroturf tennis courts in existence. How come ATP doesn't use that as a surface? It is a bit expensive to install but cheap to maintain. And it wouldn't hurt the body like hardcourts do. At least have all indoor hard courts be converted to astroturf.
  12. triforce defender

    What Lesser-known Tennis Moment Drives You Crazy?

    We all remember pivotal points that drive us crazy especially if one of our favorites is hurt negatively by it. Top examples are Roddick's missed volley in the 2nd-set tiebreak of 2009 Wimbledon Final and Djokovic's forehand return on the first of Federer's match point in 2011 USO Semifinal...
  13. triforce defender

    Thanksgiving Thread

    With Thanksgiving approaching, this thread is for all to post what they are thankful for in the world of tennis. I'll go first: 1. The capability, with the advent of internet, to be able to watch any tennis match you desire from anywhere in the world. 2. A forum (TTW) where you can...
  14. triforce defender

    Serious Question for Federer and Nadal fans

    Would you be satisfied with Federer/Nadal's career accomplishments to date if they won nothing else from here on out or do you need more to be satisfied as a fan? Let me elaborate: As sports fans, we engage in a hobby for failure. Our favorite teams/players will more often than not fail to...
  15. triforce defender

    Tim Henman vs Gred Rusedski

    Henman and Rusedski were the 2 greatest British players prior to Andy Murray. Who do you think had the better career? Arguments for Henman 1. Better slam resume: reached 6 slam SF across 3 different slams. In contrast, Rusedski was a serial slam underachiever who made it to the QF twice in...
  16. triforce defender

    Question about Federer-Djokovic H2H

    Does Federer's withdrawal today count as a loss to Djokovic? Or does their h2h stay the same? I am not trying to troll. I am merely curious b/c I was discussing Federer's retirement with my friend who is a huge Djokovic fan. He thought that Federer's retirement meant Nole got an official...
  17. triforce defender

    Nishikori-Chang Partnership Good for Diplomacy

    I think most people know that China's and Japan's relationship have not been swell since World War 2. I know that Michael Chang is technically American but his heritage is from Taiwan. And while Taiwan may or may not be considered part of China depending on your geopolitical views, the fact of...
  18. triforce defender

    Why Nadal-Davydenko H2H Is A Bad Argument

    Hi everyone, it's been a while. I've been having health problems but now I should have more time to spend on this board. I want to discuss the 6-5 H2H advantage for Davydenko over Nadal that many posters use to claim that Nadal's H2H advantage over Federer is meaningless. Now, I am not...
  19. triforce defender

    Is 2005 AO Greatest Slam In History?

    The 2005 Australian Open might have been the greatest grand slam tournament ever played, at least on the Men's side. Consider: 1. Epic Federer - Safin SF match (9-7 Safin in fifth set) 2. Epic Hewitt - Nalbandian QF match (10-8 Hewitt in fifth set) 3. Breakthrough slam for Rafael Nadal...
  20. triforce defender

    Why is Isner so bad outside U.S.?

    John Isner is a unique type of one-dimensional player. Instead of excelling mostly on a single surface, he excels only in America and is average-to-terrible outside America. What gives? Has any player ever been so country-specific in their career success?
  21. triforce defender

    Will Serena end up as greatest of any slam?

    Will Serena end up as the greatest of any single slam? Can she surpass Navratilova at Wimbledon, Evert at US Open, or Margaret Court at Australian Open? Obviously, the French Open is out of the question.
  22. triforce defender

    What New Surface Should Tennis Use

    Propose a new surface for tennis to replace the defunct carpet as the fourth surface. Here's some options: Wood: Very fast and very natural feel. Biodegradable is good for the environment. Half Clay/Half Grass: Visually stunning surface that would bring the Battle of the Surfaces to the...
  23. triforce defender

    Who is the greatest Open Era Davis Cup Player?

    Since Davis Cup is usually not factored into the mythical GOAT debate, let's have a separate thread talking about the greatest Davis Cup players. For the purpose of here, I'm talking about OPEN ERA Davis Cup Greats. We all know that Pre-open era players cared more about Davis Cup than players...
  24. triforce defender

    Best Way to Determine Nationality of a Player

    This became a controversial issue in my thread about Asian champions so I think it deserves its own topic for discussion. I erroneously did not clarify how to determine a player's nationality. The subjectivity of where a player was born vs where they were raised vs what country's academy...
  25. triforce defender

    Who will be the next dominant Women's Champion?

    Serena is nearing retirement and will probably never dominate the way she has the past few seasons. Who will take her place as the next dominant No.1? Petra Kvitova has the game but is too streaky. Li Na is too old. Azarenka doesn't have a good enough serve. Bouchard has the best shot thus...
  26. triforce defender

    What Asian country will produce first Male Slam Champion

    Kei Nishikori is the most promising Asian male tennis player in a while. But I don't think he will break through for a slam title as he is too injury-prone. What Asian country do you think will produce the first male slam winner? My money's on South Korea.
  27. triforce defender

    Who would you want to win a slam besides your favorite?

    If your favorite does not win a specific slam, who would you root for to win that specific slam and why? My favorite player is Rafael Nadal (obviously). Here's who I would root for should Nadal falter at the following slams: Australian Open 1. Novak Djokovic: Easy choice. Djokovic is on his...
  28. triforce defender

    Why has Djokovic never won Cincy Masters?

    Novak Djokovic has won every Masters 1000 title except the Cincinnati Masters. He has been a finalist there 4 times, losing to Murray in 2008 and 2011, and to Federer in 2009 and 2012. This surprises me as Cincinnati is one of the fastest outdoor hard courts on tour. For perspective, Federer...
  29. triforce defender

    Top 5 is like Paper, Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

    The top 5 all have match-up issues among each other. They are like the Paper, Rock, Scissors, Lizard, Spock game made famous by Big Bang Theory. Federer = Scissors; Nadal = Rock; Djokovic = Spock; Murray = Paper; Wawrinka = Lizard Nadal, with his powerful build and heavy shots is like a...
  30. triforce defender

    Who was the Lefty GOAT?

    Who is the greatest Lefty of all time? Some notable southpaws: Rafael Nadal: His reputation precedes him on this board. Alexander the Great: Conquered the 2nd-largest contiguous empire in history all in 7 year's time (twice the size of the Roman empire). H.G. Wells: One of the...