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    Fed fan missing Nadal

    As a Fed fan I admit that I think this tournament and me as well has missed Nadal. After seeing all of these chokers ie Cilic, delpo, Stan makes me appreciate even more how much nadal brings to the game with his tenacity and fight. Would have definitely been a better tourny with him in the mix.
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    Blake and Gulbis dont like each other?

    In the first set of their match Gulbis hit a drop shot and Blake ran up and took a full backhand swing at it as the TC commentators affirmed trying to hit Gulbis. They then said there is no love lost between the two and said it again at the end of the match. Does anyone know what happened...
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    Fed vs Hewitt 03 Davis cup on TTC now

    Just thought i'd share.
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    Pim Pim Retires;_ylt=AhJCViPPNi.BPdFy1imapiA4v7YF?slug=ap-johanssonretires&prov=ap&type=lgns. He could of had a great career.
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    FSN New York showing tennis tonight at 10pm

    I just noticed that FSN NY is showing ATP tennis tonight at 10. I think it will be the Roddick/Murray match taped although Im not sure. I just thought I would give everyone who doesnt have the tennis channel a heads up. Soon enough I wont have to worry about not having coverage. On...
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    Roddick cant hit shortball winners

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Roddick cant hit his opponents short balls for clean winners? Too low for him or what? I think it was apparrent last night and Federer was aware of it and using the strategy to set up Roddick and then hit a clean winner past him. Fed would set him...
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    Feds full sprint backhand DTL against Mirnyi at AO

    Does anybody remember this shot against Mirnyi at this years AO? I think this has to be one of the best shots ever. Mirnyi hit a ball on the sideline while Federer was on the other side of the court and looked to be a winner for Mirnyi. But in full sprint Fed just put everything he had into...
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    Just bought Hypercarbon PS Tour 90

    I just got this racquet about 1 week ago and have played with it only 1 time so far but it is amazing. It is so solid on groundstrokes and has excellent feeling and has that plow through the ball feeling on solid hits. 1hbh is awesome with this stick. The weight is not an issue for me but I...
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    Can Ancic win a GS?

    Just like the title says. Does he have the game to ever win a GS?
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    Switched from BB ALU power to Head Ultra Tour

    Hi guys, I just switched from BB ALU power to Head Ultra tour 16 and have been playing with this string for about 1 month. The BB was excellent for me because I am a string breaker and really no need to change but I just wanted to try a new Poly. I heard from some reviews that the Ultra Tour...