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    I Need A Sponsor

    Hi, I am a Canadian Junior in the U16 division in Ontario. I am ranked around 60th. I am in my first year in U16, so my ranking basically gets cut in half in January. I was all lined up for the Head Team Elite Package, but then my coach decided to tell the rep not to give it to me! I applied...
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    Tennis Recruiting. net

    hey guys I recently started an account with, but i cannot seem to access my profile. It only lets me "link; to another player. I do not understand. I should be listed under Jonathan Szwec in Canada. I should be on the site. Any thoughts?? Thanks so much -jonajjs
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    Ball Boys

    Hey Guys! At what level in a Junior Career do ball boys/ Umps come into place. I play junior tennis in Canada, and I was considering playing a few ITF Futures in Canada/US. Will there be ball boys present!? Thanks so much -Jonajjs
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    ATP and ITF

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what the difference was between the mens circuit in the ITF, and the ATP. Thanks so much!, -jonajjs
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    Where is Paul from Vantage!?!?

    Hi, I was just wondering where Paul is. I think that he is being very rude by not responding to any e-mails or calls. The last time I spoke with him he was on his way to the USA to get a distributor for Vantage. He said that he would call me three days after the fact, I haven't heard from...
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    I have applied for a sponsorship... and I am still waiting to hear from Vantage! I know that they are all backed up because of that huge sale! I was also wondering if anybody had received a sponsorship... and the exact perks of ti! Especially the grade 1 ! Thanks so much, -jonajjs
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    Vantage Tennis-everything You Need To Know

    Hey, If you guys could just post anything that you possibly know about Vantage! This will be a good way to control specific thing people are looking for! I hope we can cover: 1) Rackets and Equiptment Details 2) Rumors and Myths about Vantage 3) The Vantage Team Sponsorship(how long...
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    New Head Microgel--- To Replace Flexpoint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :p tHIS is big news--- does anyone have any pics or info bout this amazing sounding racket??!!!???:twisted::twisted::twisted: and will they come out with a prestige version too??????
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    Head Microgel

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody has pictures of the microgel rackets? I was also wondering if this line of rackets is replacing the flexpoint line? thanks
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    Racquets Coming out in 2007

    Hey, Does anyone know if any new head racquets are being released in 2007(radical,instinct,or prestige). If you do then let me know! Thanks, -jonajjs:p
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    Flexpoint holes

    What are the Flexpoint holes actually for... and do they really make a difference? -Thanks Jonajjs
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    The New Flexpoint Prestige

    Hi I would really like to see some pictures and know as much info. as possible about the racket! -Thanks Jonajjs
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    FP Prestige

    When is the racket coming out in stores? -Thaks Jonajjs
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    Flexpoint Prestige

    Could somone advise me on where to get, or order the FP Prestige like soon! I really do not want to wait till February! -Thanks Jonajjs