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  1. apriliano

    How do you distinguish your racquets apart?

    How do you not!!!???
  2. apriliano

    Who you not wanting to win

    Connors in 5 (five)
  3. apriliano

    Med is the ONLY guy who can beat Djoker

    Djoker joins team Kyrgios
  4. apriliano

    RPM Blast Rough: Do you use it?

  5. apriliano

    2020 has been a miserable year!

    You're constipation is because of covid-19?
  6. apriliano

    Nadal v Shapovalov IW 2020

    Nadal in full OCD mode is epic
  7. apriliano

    Rafa... New Paintjob

    Omg. Ombelibol volley grip
  8. apriliano

    Most under-rated 16×19 players racquet?

    With the little help from some lead
  9. apriliano

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Are you leftie?
  10. apriliano

    Most beautiful racket ever?

    Prestige IG with black grommets
  11. apriliano

    Carlos Alcaraz Garfia; the next big star?

    When you see him play in hard you will **** bricks
  12. apriliano

    Watching Metallica from 90s on ytube

    Thrash metal era Metallica is GOAT Black album is pop metal
  13. apriliano

    Thiem a bad matchup for Novak?

    Thiem has never lost an AO final
  14. apriliano

    If Zverev gets into the final he will be nigh impossible to beat

    Djokovic will beat him and donate the prize as well
  15. apriliano

    Djokovic has to end this

    Zverev will school Rog in the final. Definitely
  16. apriliano

    Head Gravity

    Totally in love with the Pro
  17. apriliano

    Medvedev will pull off a "Djokovic 2011"

    Djokovic will pull off a 'Djokovic 2011' this year
  18. apriliano

    I'm not a troll - how important is the look of the racquet for you?

    Is there other reason than the look?
  19. apriliano

    Why did you switch to Yonex?

    Because made in Japan