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  1. SonRK

    Leather Grip vs Thin Synthetic (ResiThin/Featherthin/Pro Thin/etc.). Which absorbs shock better?

    These WIlson 3/8 handles feel a bit bigger than my Prince 3/8s and I wanted to try to make it feel smaller. I've historically put leather grips on because they do make handles feel a bit thinner (as they're not as spongy), and it helps a little bit with added weight. Then I realized I could just...
  2. SonRK

    WTB Wilson Clash 98 L2 (1/4) Willing to pick up a Clash 98 at a pretty decent discount if possible, so loved racquets with rashes and chips are A-Okay. Not looking to spend more than $110ish shipped if you have one to unload! Thanks!
  3. SonRK

    Impressed by Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch - Is it the 18g Poly Mains stealing the show?

    So this summer I decided to venture and try out a plethora of different kinds of strings and string combos from my usual Babolat Tonic 16g Mains and (Whatever Poly I wanted to toss on) 16/17g Crosses. This most recent setup I tried was the Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch which is Tour XT 18g and...
  4. SonRK

    Best method to test clamps before starting on frame?

    In an effort to provide even more accurate results to myself/friends, I wanted to make sure my clamps weren't slipping. Normally, I just clamp right before the tension that "crimps" the strings, and try to do to get the tension before it causes ghosting on a Multi (like Multifeel). I've seen...
  5. SonRK

    Any new round co-polys out there that play like Solinco Confidential?

    I'm play testing a bunch of new hybrids and found one I'm digging a lot. Solinco Confidential 16L mains, with Tecnifibre Multifeel 16 crosses at 50lbs. The problem is, the shaped poly is cutting into the crosses and popped it in about 3 hours. TW USA doesn't carry it in 15L for Multifeel, so I...
  6. SonRK

    What replaced Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament ?

    Hi all, Well I went crazy and bought a new stringer and a bunch of sets and reels to experiment on my racquets. I remember this being a great string in a full bed, and I thought it would probably play great as a cross to a poly in the mains. The thing is, when I go to check Prince...
  7. SonRK

    What are my first steps to ensure long healthy life for new machine? Bought a used Alpha Ghost I

    So I made a previous thread less than a week ago about fixing up my neglected Mutual Power 7600. Well I saw an Alpha Ghost I on the fleabay and put in a best offer that got accepted for $1,800. May have gotten fleeced a bit here because it's the older model, but I committed to buying it so it's...
  8. SonRK

    Neglected Mutual Power 7600 - Do I try to save it or just buy a new stringer? I bought this machine back in high school and never kept it maintained except for calibrating tension, well now I am paying for it. It's been 13 years and the lack of care is very noticeable, especially after stringing 9 racquets yesterday...
  9. SonRK

    FS: Adidas Stycon Laceless Hard Court Shoes (US 9M) (Grey Two/Cloud White / Dash Green)

    Adidas Stycon Laceless Hard Court Shoes Grey Two/Cloud White / Dash Green Size: Men’s 9.0 Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): Used for 45 minutes for warmup, decided they constricted my foot too much (hurt too much)...
  10. SonRK

    FS: 2018 Pure Drive Tour Plus (3/8) x 2

    (A) 8.5/10 for the one with black strings (I believe it's yonex poly tour pro) (B) 9.5/10 (vs gut mains with orange black code crosses) The 8.5 one had about 10 hours of play, the 9.5 one less than 5 hours. Both are in pretty good shape, but the 9.5 one even more. Please review pictures above...
  11. SonRK

    Wanted: Pure Drive Tour Plus 2018 (3/8)

    I am looking for a 2018 Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus with a 3/8 Grip. Please email me directly:
  12. SonRK

    3.5M Highlight Home Videos

    I played against my friend twice in the past week and we decided to record the footage. Here are some of the best points (in our opinion) from the sessions. This is for our (and your) entertainment purposes as the full 90 minute recording is full of errors and overall grossness (I would post the...
  13. SonRK

    WTB: Prince Textreme Beast 100 (3/8)

    Trying to pick one more Textreme Beast 100 (3/8) - non o3 / non LB version to round out my racquets for the next few years. Please email me: 8/10+ only please! Thanks
  14. SonRK

    WTB: Pure Drive 2018 (3/8)

    Looking to see if anyone's trying to get rid of their recently purchase Pure Drive 2018 (in 3/8ths) Thanks in advance!
  15. SonRK

    Picking up Squash - any advice?

    Hey all! After 12 years playing tennis, I've decided to give it up. Just kidding! It's cold and indoor tennis is expensive. I have two friends who have access to Squash courts that I can hit with, who offered to be patient and help me learn the game. One just won his club's Level C tournament...
  16. SonRK

    Have the cheap Fleabay natural gut improved from the Global Gut days?

    I just placed an order for 5 packs of some dirt cheap natural gut from the fleabay. I remember when Global Gut first came out and people were buying like boxes of 50 packs for pennies. I picked up tons of sets and thought they were rather okay for their price point. Way too thick sometimes, way...
  17. SonRK

    Fitness or Mental ? - How to stay fluid throughout the match + not revert back to bad habits

    Hey guys 3.5 Player here. Recently started seeing an instructor to include a lot more spin on my balls. I normally hit fast/flat, but obviously would be error prone. My highlight was having almost all my shots land in and take a set off my 4.5 friend, much to his dissatisfaction. Learning to...
  18. SonRK

    Using an electronic travel scale to calibrate

    Hey guys Mutual Power 7600 owner here. Desperately finding a reason to upgrade. It's starting to feel sticky/slow and basically not-smooth anymore. Wanted to upgrade the clamps about two years back, but never got to it. Always wanted to upgrade, but hey, stringers aren't cheap so it will make...
  19. SonRK

    Wanted: Prince Textreme Warrior 100 3/8

    Hey all Interested in picking some of these up. 3/8 size please, in any condition Ronald Luyo
  20. SonRK

    Anyone stumble upon a 2014 Prince Fake? My racquet is missing a letter!

    I know, always buy from trustworthy retailers like T-W!, but sometimes you feel like you need to get the best deal possible! Wanted to get the new Prince Warrior Pro, and my local shop was going to give me a deal for $160 + tax. So I'm thinking: "I wonder what's the best possible deal I can get...
  21. SonRK

    Forgot how fast multiflaments break...

    I picked up a pack of 17g Technifibre X-1 Biphase and hybrid strung it with Gosen 17g Micro in the crosses. I was thinking this would be cheaper than my usual VS Team mains + Black Code or Razor Code combo that I usually do. These strings usually last me about 1.5 months of playing, but cost...
  22. SonRK

    Has anyone made the Prince Warrior Pro their main stick?

    Hey guys, I've used the Prince Speedport Tour for years now, and I've been looking for easier access to power and spin. I also tend to suffer from fatigue if I play like 3+ hours swinging the Tour around. I played around with the Babolat Pure Drive, and that racquet's a beast. Too bad it's so...
  23. SonRK

    Lets fix my form! Forehand + Backhand videos

    Hey guys... I just took a 2 minutes of forehand (different racquets) and 1 minute of backhand. If it's too inconclusive, please let me know and I can take longer videos. Forehand
  24. SonRK

    dgoran - Great Seller

    I just bought a PD 2012 from him, and the communication was great. Racquet was absolutely perfect. Delivery was absolutely ridiculous. I paid on Saturday, and it arrived my doorstep Monday morning. All hail stuff competition from the major delivery companies.
  25. SonRK

    Racquets - still have to be weary of fake/counterfeits?

    Hey guys, I remember back in like 07-09 there were tons of fake racquets being sold if you decided to not buy from the best online vendor: (tennis-warehouse). For example, Babolats/Wilsons K Factors/etc. I knew Prince racquets were generally safe because counterfeiting the o-ports would...
  26. SonRK

    WTB: Babolat Pure Drive L3 (3/8) 2013,a more used one preferred

    -edit- I got one from someone here. Thanks all!
  27. SonRK

    How to log USTA League Scores when a set is completed without finishing

    Hey there guys I'm looking at rules and FAQs but I couldn't find it. I captain a 3.5 team here in NJ, so we play indoors because of how the weather doesn't comply often and scheduling is hard. SO because we play indoors, we only get 2 hours to play. At 15 minutes before the 2 hour mark, if a...
  28. SonRK

    Cleaning out my basement and I spot a Barricades box...

    Hey there guys! Time for a little funny, and slightly saddening, story. I'm cleaning out my basement and I see a Barricades box lying around. I was expecting it to be empty and when it had some weight into it, I decided to pop it open. Inside I see a thoroughly used pair of Barricades...
  29. SonRK

    Weird issue inside elbow - feels like pulled muscle?

    Hey all This is a picture of my elbow, I know it's not useful or anything, but I wanted to visualize that it was on the inside portio, and doesnt really feel like on the outside of it Anyways, about 2-3 months ago, I attempted a running squash...
  30. SonRK

    Has anyone purchased an imitation Adidas/Nike tennis sneaker on purpose?

    Hey guys I recently stumbled upon a site that sold imitation Barricade 7s and Nike tennis sneakers. They sell these at prices like $50-60 and was wondering what people's opinions of them were. I assume that they would not have AS good support as the original would? I doubt that the sneaker...