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  1. Fireball

    Is there a future for Yonex Dr 98+ ?

    This racket got very good comments from the TW test crew but it seems to be impossible to buy it outside of US. TW Europe doesn't sell it and I head from a person who had been in contact with Yonex in Japan that they didn't have any in stock and they didn't know when or even if they was gona...
  2. Fireball

    How many of players on the ATP top 100 play with dense pattern 2016?

    Looking at top 10 it seems to only be No:1 who is playing with dense pattern (18x20). How many play with dense pattern on the top 100 list? 10%, 20%? ???
  3. Fireball

    Reducing grip size with TW thin leather grip

    I have previously been using leather grips (unknown thickness) with overgrip on my Wilsons with grip size 2 (4 1/4") but after switching to Yonex I find their grip size 2 to be too big. I replaced the original grip with Babolat Skin feel and now using that without any overgrip but would really...
  4. Fireball

    Best poly for dense pattern? Textured or non textured

    What polys do you dense pattern players prefer? Do you think textured strings is beneficial for spin in a dense pattern racket or is it just the string to string friction that matters? I have been playing with Signum Pro Tornado (textured) in my blades for some years but I consider testing...
  5. Fireball

    Dense to Open pattern, benefits?

    I’m currently playing with BLX Blade 98 (18x20) and actually am very pleased with this racket so maybe I should just continue with this stick and ignore other offerings but maybe the grass actually is greener on the other side! Maybe a more open pattern actually would make me a better player...
  6. Fireball

    Will a textured/non textured poly hybrid give more spin?

    Will a hybrid combo with a textured poly like Signum Pro Tornado in the mains and a low friction non textured poly like SPPP or Red Code in the crosses give more spin than a setup with only the textured string? Any suggestions or thoughts on poly/poly hybrids?
  7. Fireball

    Pros and cons of adding weight to the handle

    Besides from obviously increasing the weight of the racquet, how is the performance affected when weight is added to the handle of the racquet? The racquet will be more HL but the head will still have the same weight and (from what I understand) the SW wont go down either so will the racquet...