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  1. Omega Mouse

    Medvedev will be plagued with injuries.

    I'm predicting Medvedev, with his game style and never say die attitude, his body will not cooperate... UNLESS he changes up his game style like he did later in the final by coming into net more. He serve is great, perfect height. If he takes advantage of his serve and backs it up at the net...
  2. Omega Mouse

    Federer didn't CHOKE!

    Where is the credit when it's due? Having match points doesn't make you the champion! Federer didn't double fault, he didn't shank the ball. Djokovic put a great return in play at his feet in the first MP and hit an insane cross court forehand in the second. It was astonishing and...
  3. Omega Mouse

    Federer won today in a parallel universe.

    With all the match points/break points squandered, we can at least be happy with the fact that we are very close to a parallel universe where Roger wins 28 slams.
  4. Omega Mouse

    What is going on with tennis?

    If you go back and watch the highlight videos, Nadal looks like he's throwing the match to me. It seems obvious. I often let others win in table tennis when I'm bored or want to boost their confidence. This is what it looked like to me. Nadal is not a good actor and I'm sure there is a lot...
  5. Omega Mouse

    Federer is not better now.

    Watching Federer ever since he won his first slam, there is no way you can say he's better now than he was in his prime 10 years ago. Just no way! It's all hype and really, TBH, the fact that all the top players are out with injury really doesn't sit right with me and IMHO takes away a little...