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    Vokyl Cyclone ?

    I currently use a Yonex Tour F 93 at around mid 40s tension with vokyl cyclone. The problem is that this string set up feels so amazing the first few sessions then feels like crap after that. I need to find a solution to this because I want to hit often with a great feeling string bed. First few...
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    yonex tour f 93 vs yonex dr 98

    Hey guys! I am debating on switching to the yonex DR 98, but am pretty unsure if I really should. While I was using my rf97, I was testing out some potential rackets. I really liked the wilson 6.1 95, but chose the yonex tour f 93 last year because I wanted a smaller frame. I am a 4.5+...
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    Best stringing machine?

    I am at the point where I am not considering buying my own stringing machine. I've set my mind on an electronic one, but not sure where to go from there. I feel like at the $2000 range, anything above that threshold is just not worth it. Please do correct me if I am wrong. Almost feel like its...
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    Indoor Tennis Court in my backyard

    Hi guys, would anyone happen to know the costs of building an INDOOR tennis court in a residential home's backyard? I will probably live in a place that has a lot of rain and snow for the majority of the year and no tennis clubs or courts around locally. This is literally my only option if I...