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    Wilson PS 6.1 Classic 95" discontinued

    I understand that the PS 6.1 Classic 95" is now discontinued by Wilson. I have noticed that your stock in 5/8" grips is "sold out". Do you plan to get any more of these in the future, or has your stock completely run out for good? Is this the same case for all other grip sizes?
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    Wilson ncode n6.1 95" 18x20 vs Wilson PS classic 6.1 95" 18x20

    I am a long time user of the Wilson ProStaff 6.1 95" tour version (18x20). I am no longer to obtain such frames in new condition. I was wondering how the Wilson ncode n6.1 95" 18x20 compares. The specs seem the same in most respects, but i was wondering how this updated version plays in...
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    Wilson 6.1 Classic 95" with 6.0 SI!!!

    I recently came across a pair of old Wilson Prostaffs on **** that appear to be the the 6.1 classic 95". However instead of saying 6.1 as the Swing Index, it says 6.0 instead. Why would this be so? Did the earlier models have the 6.0 rating? To see the pics, type in **** item # 7160122026
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    Dunlop MW200g 90" vs Dunlop HM200g 90"

    Anyone here played with the : - Dunlop MW (Muscle Weave) 200G 90" - Dunlop HM (Hot Melt) 100G 90" Besides one being a MW and the other a HM, They seem to have the exact same specs: RDA 66 Length 685mm HeadSize 580cm2 ( Beam 19mm Frame Weight 320g Balance 310mm...
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    Head Prestige Classic 600s (PC600s)

    I am wanting a few Head Prestige Classic 600s. Preferably, they must be brand new (never played with) and in any grip size (I can change the pallets). If you have any PC600s in new condition, please email at (andrew_slattery@tennis - note the underscore) Thankyou.
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    # racquets

    In your opinion, what is the optimum number of racquets that someone who is roughly a 5.0-5.5 should own - assuming you only have one model of racquet (the model you use). 3? 4? Please tell me what you think
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    Pros & dense string patterns

    Why do so many pros use dense string patterns rather than more open patterns? For example: Canas and Guadio use a Wilson PS6.1 classic 95" with an 18x20 string pattern (Euro tour edition) {not the regular 16x18 pattern}; Mary Pierce & Steffi Graff previously used the Wilson PS6.0 85 with a...
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    PC600 vs LM Prestige mid

    It seems impossible to buy new (or almost new) Head Prestige Classic 600s these days. Thus i think i will have to start using the Liquid Metal version of the prestige. I am wondering what the main differences are that you have experienced between these two models of the prestige. (playing...
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    Tension for PC600

    I recently acquired several new PC600s. I have been playing with wilson 6.1 classic 95s @58lbs, but due to the smaller headsize on the pc600 as well as the lack of power it generates compared to the 6.1, i understand that i must drop my tension. What do you guys recommend? I will be using...
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    5x Head Prestige Classic 600s FS

    I have 5x Head Prestige Classic 600s for sale - all in mint unused condition. 4 have grip L3 (4 3/8"), 1 with grip L4 (4 1/2"). I am asking US$140 for each firm. Plus postage from Sydney, Australia. I dont have any pics, but i can assure you they are in mint condition. These racquets say...
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    How many racquets to get??

    I am considering getting some POG LB. As they will only be available for a limited time, I am considering how many to get. Money is not really an issue here - I could buy 20, but its more about common sense. I play 5-6 times a week (5.5 level), and treat my racquets very carefully (never...
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    How to properly use a drop weight

    I am wondering how to properly use a drop weight. Do you just let the weight drop until it stops? do you lower the weight gently? does the arm have to be at the 3 o'clock position? These are things ive heard, but a little clarification would be great. Also, how accurate are drop weights...
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    BABOLAT Pure Conrol Spec **Old cosmetics**

    I am trying to find the specs for the Babolat Pure Control , but the model with the old cosmetics. Also, how does this racquet compare to the current pure control?
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    POG LongBody

    I have noticed that TW is once again selling the POG LB 100". What is it about this frame that people like so much? Obviously there must be something special about it if they are starting to sell it again for a limited time - but what is it?
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    Prince Graphite 100" LB vs PRINCE MICHAEL CHANG GRAPHITE Mid+

    I am wanting to know the difference between these two racquets - how different or similar are they. I know the POG LB (selling now at TW) is green, and the PRINCE MICHAEL CHANG GRAPHITE mid+ is blue. other than this, how do they compare. also, which LB did michael chang use when he was on tour...
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    Strings for Prince Graphite Long Body (LB)

    I am wanting to know what the best strings are for a baseliner in a Prince graphite Long Body (LB). I am looking for reasonable durability with high playability. What tension(s) do you suggest? Thanks.
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    Dunlop MW 200g 90"??

    Has anyone heard of this racquet? Ive heard the MW 200g 95", but not in the 90" variation. Can someone please comment on how it plays, feels, etc. and what strings are best for this particular racquet? I am considering buying a couple - there is a tennis shop in Sydney, Australia with some...
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    Strings for Dunlop MW 200g 90"

    I just got a couple of new Dunlop MW 200g 90" (midsize). I was wondering if anyone could recommend what strings I should string these frames up with. Thanks alot - Andrew
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    Dunlop MW 200g 90"

    I have heard that Dunlop manufactured a midsize (90 sq. inch) version of their Muscle Weave 200g a few years back. It is currently on sale at a tennis shop near me in Sydney (www.******** under products, racquets, dunlop) for AU$169. I rang the owner (Ron Kohn) and he said he bought the...
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    Wilson HPS 6.1 Tour 18x20

    I am wanting to know more about this racquet. As it is not available to demo, I would like anyone who has played with it to please provide their comments.
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    what is 'feel'???

    upon reading TW reviews of certain racquets that have a high level of 'feel'. What is 'feel'???
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    Wilson PS 6.1 vs Wilson HPS 6.1 tour edition

    I am seriously considering purchasing two racquets - These are the 'Wilson hyper prostaff 6.1 tour edition' and the 'Wilson Classic 6.1'. Would you please tell me the differences between these two, and what you would recommend for a baseline 5.0 player. Thankyou, -Andew
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    Wilson ProStaff 6.1 PRO STOCK

    I have several racquets that are pro stock. They are all 6.1 Classics with a 18x20 string pattern. They also feature either ncode or hyper cosmetics. They are unused, unstrung and come in a 1/2 grip. I am asking US$150 each.
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    Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 TOUR edition 18x20

    Can anyone comment on this racquet (the way it plays, feels etc). I am referring to the version with 18 x 20 string pattern, and a 12.8 oz weight. I am thinking about getting this racquet, but since you cant demo it, i thought id get some advice before i went out and bought it. Thanks -...
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    Wilson ProStaff 6.1 Classic 95 with ncode & hyper cosmet

    I have several 6.1 Classic 95 racquets with ncode and hyper cosmetics. They are brand new, never used or strung. Are these worth anything??
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    Wilson PS 6.0 85 vs Wilson PS 6.1 Classic 95

    I am considering purchasing one of these racquets. I have demoed them both and like both of them equally. I am wanting to know a bit about each one in detail, and what others recommend. I am a 5.0 player.
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    Wilson PS 6.0 85

    I understand from talking to Wilson that their PS 6.0 85 is now discontinued. How much longer do you plan to have stock of these frames? Also, do you have plans of getting this racquet in with a different cosmetic (such as the tour 90 cosmetic you had on it recently)? If so, when will they be...
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    Wilson PS 6.0 85 retired/discontinued??

    Ive heard from numerous sources that the Wilson PS 6.0 85 is no longer being manufactured. Can anyone verify such a statement? Im not sure if this is true or not, but if it has been discontinued, im stocking up on these racquets!!
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    Head Prestige Classic 600 Mid

    I was wanting to know a bit more about this racquet (history, specifications, etc). Is it still being manufactured, or when was it retired/discontinued? Any replies would be appreciated.