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    Nike shoe conversion men's to women's size?

    if you wear a 9.5 in men's Nike vapors... What size would that equate to in women's? Is there an official chart for this? Any experience (thanks) Thank you!
  2. J

    Recommend a good yellow/fluorescent poly (please)

    Looking for a bright yellow poly... I used to play the old babolat duralast stuff and then switched to another babolat poly that was yellow (hurricane) Looking to get away from babolat strings but keep the yellow/flourescent color. I know it's nuts, I'm just comfortable with it! I can't...
  3. J

    Asics being worn at roland garros

    Anybody have the info on the yellow/orange show being worn by a lot of pros at rg right now. I've never been a huge fan of the crazy Asics colors but really like these. Maybe they look horrible in person? I have checked TW and I don't "think" they are offered. Are these a pro only...
  4. J

    Today's happy hour

    What time does it start? I completely missed out last week.. I need some shoes.... I'm hoping they have some vapors today.... And maybe some spring time nike gear?
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    RG Merchandise (umbrellas)

    Just wondering if the RG (roand Garros) merchandise might be discounted a little now that the tournament is over....?? Specifically the RG Umbrellas.... would like to get 1 or 2 but 80.00 is a little much.. Just wondering... thanks,
  6. J

    TW Staff or anyone: Babolat RG balls

    Is it possible to just purchase a few of cans of these instead of an entire case? If TW does not offer this, is there anywhere else where this can be done? thanks for your time/help.
  7. J

    Clement at RG this year??

    Does anyone know if AC is playing RG this year? He's what, 33-34?? Gotta think this is probably pretty close to the end for him and I'd imagine that the RG committee would certainly get him in with a wild-card if needed. Loved watching him slide around on the dirt the past 10 years, hitting...
  8. J

    Delgopolov wearing the orange adizero's???

    If so, those don;t look anything like the stock picture on this site... Those shoes that he is wearing tonight look awesome.....the pics being advertised on the adidas page look yellow (or is it just me)?
  9. J

    Please help me with Roland Garros pics

    Hello All, I am having an artist in my building paint a picture of Court Phillipe Chatrier on canvas for my office at home... I visited last year and really enjoyed it (highly recommended).. Anyhow, I have orange tiles in my office and the painting of the red clay courts would look...
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    Men's to Women's shoe sizing (nike)

    Got a question..... What does a women's size 9.5 equall in men's sizing......a 9??? I ask because there are some Shox on **** that I want to buy but they are supposedly women's size 9.5.....they are cheap and look exactly like a pair of MEN'S shocks that I had a few year's ago (and loved)...
  11. J

    US Open Series Atlanta: Terrible.

    Just wanted to give fellow tw'ers a warning..the hard court event in Atlanta is HORRIBLE. I was up there from Sunday untill earlier today and left very dis-appointed.. The facility: ATL Athletic Club is a great venue, but is set up for clay court tennis. They put in a few hard courts for the...
  12. J

    Any streams for the Murray/Querry match?

    You can get just about every court on except for the center court.... Any help? Thanks,
  13. J

    Anybody got Patrick McEnroe's new bool yet?

    Sounds like a pretty interesting read. P-MAc has been around the game a long time and is a very smart guy. Should be awesome.. Hardcourt confidential.
  14. J

    TW buyer: K-Swiss Speedsters

    When are you guys getting these? Thanks,
  15. J

    K-Swiss board shorts fit?

    What is the fit like on these shorts. If you wear a L in Nike would that be a L in these? How's the quality?
  16. J

    Roland Garros umbrellas.....

    Any chance of TW North America getting a few of those cool RG umbrellas from TWEU?? Maybe if they don't sale all of them.....they can be shipped over here for US Consumers? Really cool stuff.
  17. J

    Youtek radical= garbage??

    Disclaimer: I have not hit with the frame at all. Having said that, I've been on the tw boards for 10 years now (mostly just read), but I have NEVER seen a frame sold so much as the Youtek radical. Everyday when I check out the classifieds, I see at least 5 adds from people trying to get rid...
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    PT57E: Iprestige mold?? (Italian guy)

    Picked up one of these on e-bay last week and was looking at the looks similar to the Iprestige and not really like the 630. Frame is incredibly sweet. What's the Italian guy's name who plays the pt57e? I believe he's been injured for a couple years now, but he was climbing up the...
  19. J

    Youtek Radical: Can it be made solid???

    What can be done to make this frame solid with great plow thru?? I have seen lots of future level players hitting these frames, with modifications of course. Does anyone have a set-up? In stock form, these suckers just cannot stand up to heavy hitting. Anybody have the perfect setup?
  20. J

    Breathe free 2k10's at Aussie Open....

    Were those just regular white/silver BF 2k10's with red shoe strings or were those shoes that aren't out yet. If so, what was the deal with the shoe strings, did they come like that from Nike or did the majority of the pros wearing them just decide "hey, it would look cool to put red laces in...
  21. J

    Poll: How many of you have seen Andy Murray play/practice in the last year??

    I see a lot of posts on here about AM being a pusher and other posts of the same nature, and haveing just returned home from Cincinatti I am baffled.... I watched Murray practice for 2 hours on a practice court and the guy is incredible. He has to be the fastest guy on the tour and hits...
  22. J

    Nike ID....Vapors and ballistecs...

    I see theat Adidas is now advertising the MI Adidas customization of Barricades in Tennis Magazine. One would have to think that Nike would likely follow suit and offer either a Vapor or a Ballistec in the Nike ID line.. Will probably start pretty soon I would imagine.
  23. J

    Nike shoes from Cincinatti.....

    I apologize for the lack if pictures, but here is a little info from the practice courts at cincy this week... 1. Berdych is wearing the Holiday Vapors (Black/white) 2. Federer is wearing them as well as of Tuesday 3. Federer was wearing what looked to be solid white Orthopaedic shoes to...
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    Latest VloG question: Chris where did you get.....

    That black Nike Mallorca shirt?? Very nice.
  25. J

    Nike Spring reversable hoddie sweatshirts....

    Nike Spring reversable hoodie sweatshirts.... I bought one of the nike cotton/frech terry cloth reversable hooded sweatshirts from TW in a size Large. I noticed that the fit is a little snug ( I am 5'10 180). My question is for those of you who have bought these do they shrink? Mine is a...
  26. J

    Fun drills for kids...(need some ideas)

    I am teaching my brother's kids how to play tennis (2 little girls, 7 and 10). Of course we are just learning basic stuff like grips and swing paths right now, but do any of you have any teaching games that would be fun for the girls, while still helping them learn the game?> I have a...
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    ESPN not showing tennis on Memorial Day??

    WTH??? No RG at all?? Tell me I am mis-reading something////
  28. J

    Need help finding something tennis related on Youtube...

    I have been looking for both of these videos off and on for a year now. 1. 2 guys who dressed up like Borg and Connors and are playing tennis on a neighborhood clay court...after playing for a while they start doing funny stuff with their racquets after they win points like, pretending to...
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    Played my first round of 9 ever (GOLF)

    Yesterday, I played my first ever round of golf (9 holes). I have gone to the driving range 3 times in the last 2 weeks to practice. I played yesterday with a friend's right handed clubs (I am a lefty) and shot a 54 on 9 holes. The goal I set for myself was to not shoot over a 6 on any hole...
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    Sun glasses for tennis....

    Hello all, My Optom. says that I have to wear sunglasses if I want to continue playing tennis outdoors. He promptly recommended some glasses that looked like they were made for old people who just came off of lasik surgery (not making fun of the elderly or lasik surgery, as I will hopefully...