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    2020 French Open SF: [2] Rafa 'El Nadal' vs [12] Diego 'Shortman Shwartzman

    Never ceases to amaze me how guys like Fognini, Thiem, Swartzmann; they find ways to beat Nadal over 3 sets but get to Roland Garros and they just become an erratic mess. Can't blame the longer format either. None of them have ever won two sets.
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    Nadal will want Djokovic in final

    Nadal will want someone else and that's perfectly natural. OP is talking nonsense.
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    Can Serena be considered an all time top 5?

    She's probably top 5 for me but the chance to be no 1 disappeared a long time ago, regardless of what happens from here. She's now played 10 more years than Graf did and yet only has 1 more slam?
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    Should Federer be stripped of the 2006 AO title?

    Pretty sure the rules have been tightened on this since all the way back in 2006. Certainly they seem to enforce pemalties more than they did. If Fed had done it this week I'm pretty sure he would have gone the same way as Djoko. Time to let go and move on. Plenty more chances for Djokovic to...
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    How does Djokovic have a 29-26 record vs The Nadal?

    I think Rafa led 16-7 at one point (?), so it could be Djoko has gone 22-10 on him since
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    Nick says he's skipping the rest of the year

    Kyrgios still has a lot of growing up to do, and a dimplomat he is not. However I find it hard to knock his stance over covid. He's playing it safe and fair enough. Can hardly knock him for that.
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    The Wimby 08 Tiebreak

    The two passing shots were just absolutely legendary. You'll never see 2 amazing shots again played back to back from two different players at such a crucial and late part of a match.
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    US Open Men's Singles entry list

    No Federer, Nadal, Del Potro, Wawinka, Kyrgios. Is that accurate? Did I miss anyone off? It's not a depleted field, it's a ravaged field. There will some guys ranked 10-25 who will literally be dragging themselves over to NY against their better judgment simply because they'll figure they'll...
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    US Open Men's Singles entry list

    It's becoming like a 500 event but over 5 sets
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    USO will NOT work

    It will be a crap tournament of no interest to me even if it does go ahead. No crowds? Depleted fields? Tedious to the extreme.
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    USO 2019 SF: Nadal [2] vs. Berrettini [24]

    Was this really the semi final?
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    Match Stats/Report - Djokovic vs Federer, Rome semi-final, 2009

    I remember watching this one. Felt very similar to their Miami match from the same year with Fed losing from a set up.
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    No US Open 2020 ?

    That's a very bold statement.
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    Federer Fans - Would you be okay with Federer's last ever match being 2020 Australian Open semifinal loss

    Not too bothered tbh. Everything since Aus 17 has been a bonus really.
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    Dan Evans: Djokovic concerns over US Open restrictions only valid for top players

    Everyone is entitled to play or not play depending on what feels right for them. Evans has got no business criticizing Djokovic on this. It could also be that Djokovic has every intention of playing no matter what but wants to try and coax a few more concessions out of the organisers if he can...
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    I believe break will wind up helping Serena win #24 and possibly #25

    If she gets a good draw and some luck, she could still win 1 (or 2). It's getting more unlikely with each passing year though. There are some players are better than her now (Andreescu, Halep, Osaka, maybe others), even if that's due to age.
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    When all is said and done, which match will be considered most significant?

    Last year's Wimbledon final was no 'choke'. That said, that match did come to mind. Winbledon 18 is a good shout. Nadal would have likely gone 18-12 ahead of Djoko if he hadn't made that passing shot. Then within a few months it was 17-15.
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    Who is the least popular 100+ weeks #1 in Open Era- Novak Djokovic or pre stabbing Seles

    I don't remember Seles being unliked. Then again, I only watched Wimbledon back in those days. There was a hope in the media she would get good on grass and give Steffi a game but it didn't happen. Djokovic isn't "unliked". There's a difference between "unliked" and "not as popular as Federer...
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    Roland Garros preparing for fewer or no fans at the tournament

    Can't see these events happening tbh, as much as they're being bullish.
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    Federer won his first major at almost 22, older than Sampras Djokovic Rafa or even Hewitt Roddick and Safin

    You don't go 5 sets with Federer at Wimbledon with jacked knees. Let's not talk fantasy.
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    Federer won his first major at almost 22, older than Sampras Djokovic Rafa or even Hewitt Roddick and Safin

    That's surely a different situation. Federer was in his mid twenties when he had his losing run against Nadal at RG. Nadal of 06 and 07 was very much feeling his way through the Wimbledon draw. Think he survived match points in round 1 in 06, and in 07 he had 5 setters against Youzhny and...
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    Federer won his first major at almost 22, older than Sampras Djokovic Rafa or even Hewitt Roddick and Safin

    Nadal was exceptional on clay as a youngster but didn't win a non clay slam until he was 22. Djokovic did win an early AO but then grossly underachieved for 3 years until finally perfecting the mental side of the game at about 23.
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    Why are there no all time greats below the age of 30?

    No but they're street smart (experienced, in other words) and it makes up for a lost step. Agassi developed this post-30, plus intimidated younger players with his aura. I look at Djokovic and Nadal sometimes and I literally feel like they're playing for their lives, and if they lose, it will...
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    Laver Cup blinks, moved to 2021

    Irrelevant given that ALL events will be cancelled or moved to 2021 come rain or shine. If the French Open wants to carry on kidding itself, good for them.
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    Djokovic : "Roger is arguably the GOAT"

    You make a lot bizarre claims about what people think, but I follow snooker and I've seen a large majority of people swing for Ronnie over Hendry over the years. Particularly in recent years as he's added more and more silverware. Also, you make a big deal about numbers but then discount...
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    Djokovic : "Roger is arguably the GOAT"

    It's a fair 'indicator', Oct, but it's also very problematic. If Djokovic achieves the goal a lot of people might generally accept it. If Nadal gets it though, with 13 or 14 Roland Garos, that's a bit harder to then call him greatest of all surfaces. How many would Sampras have won if he'd...
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    Rafael Nadal vs Mariano Puerta 2005 RG Final Highlights

    I was going through a tennis hiatus at the time and had never seen Nadal play at the time this match happened. From.the way the media people raved about Nadal though, I can remember thinking it unlikely Puerta would win even after he grabbed the tie break. The feeling on the radio was very much...
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    Djokovic : "Roger is arguably the GOAT"

    This is likely what will happen. I don't see anyone slugging it out to get 22 or 23
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    Djokovic : "Roger is arguably the GOAT"

    It's an unofficial title discussed mostly online that is very flawed given all the metrics it ignores.