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    Völkl C10 Pro (2012)

    Ideally Grip 2. Please get in touch.
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    Volkl C10 Pro

    Hello, i have been playtesting the newest version of this racket (yellow, 2019), and I experience some shoulder pain which i never had when playing the older version (2012 model). Are they any different regarding flex rating? I know the new one has a higher swinghweight, but is it also...
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    Low tension

    Hello, i string my rackets low, around 40 lbs with polys full bed. In this low tension range, would it be better to pick a stiff poly or a softer poly , looking at both playability and durability / tension maintenance? I know there is no right or wrong, but what would be your recommendation ...
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    Poly like Alu Power

    Hi, i was told that Pacific Poly Force 17 plays very similar to Alu Power, but with a lot better tension maintenance. Same for Firestorm, but with a sofer feel. Any comments on those strings?
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    Signum Pro Firestorm 1,25

    Hello, how does this string play and which other polys can this be compared to ? I heard this would play a lot like Alu Power but with better tension maintenance? I would be especially interested in a comparison with SP X Perience and WC Scorpion.
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    Pacific Poly Force

    Hi , has anyone tried this string in 1,24mm ? It seems quite an old poly, there is not much information available on it, but still it appears to be pretty high quality for a poly. Which strings would you compare it to ? Many thanks.
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    Flexible racket - stiff or soft poly strings ?

    Hi, in a flexible, controll oriented racket, in order to get the best performance, would you recommend to use a soft or more stiff poly string ? I feel using a soft poly in a flex racket will make the feel more mushy and reduce durability of strings considerably, though it might be better for...
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    Can someone please compare X Perience vs. Evolution and / or 4G Soft ?

    X Perience is my go to string , but i would like to know how if differs from those 2 strings mentioned. Which one is your preference and why ? Thanks
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    Leather Grip

    Hi, I know leather grips will not be tacky or might give blisters to some people. I dont sweat much and actually dont like a very tacky feel, so I can move around my hand on the handle very flexibly. So would it be recommendable to use a leather grip only (no overgrip)? I guess the ball...
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    Luxilon 4G soft vs Kirschbaum PL Evolution

    Hi, Can someone please compare these strings ? Which one do you prefer and why ? Thanks !!
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    Kirschbaum Pro Line X vs. Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution

    Hi, has anyone played both string and can kindly compare them regarding: Crispness Power Spin Comfort Durability / Tension Maintenance They both seem to get good reviews. Which one would be better for a more advanced game? Thanks.
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    Crisp Poly

    Hello, please recommend me some polys which are crisp but also rel. easy on the arm and durable / hold tension well. Whats your top 3 ? I play a flex racket, so I look for some poly with good feedback, nothing muted. Would Signum Pro X Perience or Hyper G fall into this category ? Thanks.
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    Signum Pro X Perience

    Hi, anyone who has used this string a lot and can give me some feedback on how it plays and compares to other polys such as Scorpion , Co Focus or Silverstring? X Perience is getting very good reviews over here in Europe. Is it worth testing it? I am talking the 1,24 mm version. Which...
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    MSV CO Focus

    Hi, can somebody tell me about their experience with MSV Co Focus in either 1,18 or 1,23mm Version ? How does it play and how does it compare to Weiss Cannon Silverstring or Scorpion ? It seems to be a solid highly durable String for little money. Been getting good reviews here in Europe. Thanks !
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    Poly Recommendation - soft, powerful and durable

    Hi , can anyone please recommend Poly strings which are soft, powerful and durable (good tension maintenance and lasting long before it breaks) ? I am using a 16/19 control racket and I am looking at anything from 1,20 to 1,25mm. Not any thicker as this tends to decrease spin potential...
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    Tecnifibre Ice Code vs. Weiss Cannon Scorpion

    Hi Tenniswarehouse Team, can anyone please compare those strings? They both get very good ratings over here in Europe, but which one is the better one regarding power, spin, comfort and durability? I am using a Volkl C10 Pro, which of those strings would you recommend for this kind of...
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    Round string vs. shaped string - which one is better for backhand slice?

    Hi, i am wondering which one would be better for a slice shot in general, specifically backhand slice? Is it the classic round string such as Ice Code or a more spin oriented string like Ultra Cable? Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Many thanks.
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    Tecnifibre Ice Code 1,25 vs. Weiss Cannon Scorpion 1,22 vs. Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable 1,23

    Hi, has anyone playtested these strings and can provide some feedback? I am currently using Signum Pro X-Perience but tempted to try these strings, which seem to be rated very well. I guess Ice Code and Scorpion should play quite similar. Besides playability I am also curious which one is...
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    Volkl C Pro 10

    Hi, does anyone know the following data for the latest Volkl C Pro 10 stick (yellow one 2019): Twistweight (there are several values between 13 and 14 on TW University) Strung RA stiffness rating (values range from 60-64 on the net) It would be great if somebody from the TW warehouse crew...