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    Better athlete: murray or Nole?

    Power: murray is alot more powerful speed: djokovic, he is alot more agile than murray, murray would be alot more faster if they were going at full speed, but djokovic has the ability to move very fast as soon as he starts moving flexibility: djokovic endurance: djokovic, although it...
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    What racquet do you use and strings at what tension?

    wilson blx prostaff 90, pro hurricane/xcel 49/45
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    Calculate your serve speed

    to bad it isn't available in the uk, i would have bought it asap
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    What is more important to you?

    around 330-340
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    Tennis matches Download!

    can i have a invite aswell please?
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    How Often to Change Replacement Grip ?

    nope i used to use Head Hydrosorb Tour and my hands get really sweaty, so i had to change grips every 5-7 hours, so i switched to a leather grip with an overgrip as it was the cheaper option haha
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    What is more important to you?

    control, swing weight/ weight and paintjob for me!
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    Head Youtek Speed IG

    i used to use the 315 18*20 and the spin was not that great, i used the 16*19 and the spin was not that great either. the racket is good, low powered high control, takes alot of time to get used to it, i had to change my swing but after that it was really good. if you have a slow swing don't...
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    How Often to Change Replacement Grip ?

    every 5-7 hours of play!
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    When to change strings

    if you cant feel the difference then just leave it till the string starts to fray then change it, i change strings every 5-10 hours of play, because i play differently when the strings have lost tension.
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    Best two-handed backhad - technique and esthetic

    i always loved nalbandians backhand
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    Nike Fuelband question

    i wear mine on the right, but when i play tennis i adjust my goal to 7000. then i just switch it back to 3000 on a normal day
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    Replacement for barricade 7's

    bought a pair of barricades a while back and had no problems with it until now, i dont know why but these shoes are just killing my toe's and i feel a bloody toe coming so i need to switch. i previously used to use ballistics 3.3 but those shoes just took to long to break in so i dont think i...
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    Which is Better 100sq" 18x20 Frame??

    havnt played with the tour 100 but i can give you some info about the speed, i found the racket comfortable, i had a forearm injury and it didn't aggravate it. the speed does not feel solid at all ( main reason y i switched), serves- ok nothing special for me, my kicks had less spin with it...
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    Recommendations for BLX PS90 2012 strings?

    i used to use a full bed of xcel, but it was lacking in spin so i switched to a hybrid of xcel and prohurricane... haven't used anything else for a while
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    What racquet have you hit your most powerful shot with?

    blx prostaff 90, first time i picked it up i thought i couldn't play with it, but played my best tennis with the racket. so i decided to drop the pure drive and buy the racket the next day haha
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    How often do you replace your grip?

    at the moment mine wear out after about 7 hours of play...
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    Who doesnt use a dampener?

    wow thats insane! can you even feel anything? lol
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    Who doesnt use a dampener?

    used to use one, but stopped using it after i changed rackets
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    Nike "RF 287"

    yup i dont even think they are making them yet... notice how it says it will ship from five to six weeks...
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    Nike Vapor Tour 9 on Nike ID

    i highly doubt that nike will do nike id for the vapors next year... all because of the customers. customers will buy the vapors simply because its fed's shoe which means they sell on their own, but their not as popular shoe (zoom breath) will not sell as well as the top pros dont wear them...
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    How long does Wilson Pro Overgrip last for me!

    1 1/2 if its a hot day. 2 1/2 for a normal day!
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    Post Picture Of Your Tennis Bag(s)...

    how is the quality of the bag? ive been thinking of getting the djokovic version of this bag because the previous one's quality was just rubbish.
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    My first 2 BLX PS 100's were exactly alike, then......

    lucky i got to ps blx 90's and both of them were way off when i bought them. swingweight, balance, stiffness and weight... had to pay someone to get them as close to one another as possible
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    How long do you use your racket?

    i normally wait for the newer version of a racket comes out, demo it if i prefer it i buy it, if not i leave it
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    Best string setup for ig speed 18x20

    strung mine with babolat xcel... it was the third string i tried and after i didnt bother testing other strings. it just suited the racket so well.
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    Your Racquet Timeline

    some really old yonex (forgot the name) puerdrive 2009 head speed ig elite head speed ig 18*20 wilson PS BLX 95 wilson PS BLX 90 (current stick)
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    is anyone happily playing the blx prostaff 95 (the white one)

    used it for awhile but i didnt like it, it was to unstable for me. after a week or 2 i switched back to PS90...
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    Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90

    would you be willing to trade for a head youtek radical OS or puredrive gt 2009?
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    Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six.One 90

    would you be willing to trade for a head youtek radical os or a pure drive gt 2009?