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    Sam Querrey on the Lam?

    This is according to ATP of course. Not a real story until he gets a Ford Bronco
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    Federer and Nadal Reaction

    That was fast. shoutout to tennislegend
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    What djokovic said to ump. Wow!

    Leave it to the dailymail to get the scoop. If true this is an even worse look for him and whatever union or council he is trying to setup. Its all me me me me me “She doesn’t have to go to the hospital for this,” he said as he stood at the net, a shocked look across his face. “You’re going to...
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    Courier hits umpire on purpose not ejected

    Im sure many here have seen this but believe courier definitely tried to hit the umpire here. Its at the 2:40 mark.
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    A rule is a rule, but does this have to be revisited?

    There have been many rules and laws that were changed because it no longer made sense. Do people think this is one of them. Maybe not a complete overhaul but to let the umpire or tournament director review the footage of what happened. Of course Nole was pissed and did this and should be ejected...
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    If it were Federer or Nadal?

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    Crowd Noise US Open?

    Does anyone know if they will do the crowd noise at the US open? It seems to work well in some sports. NBA sometimes you can get lost and forget there are no fans but with the WSO Cincy Tennis it clearly feels like you are watching something different. I know they definitely decided no cutouts...
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    US open purse is only 12 to 15 percent of revenue!??

    If this is true that is atrocious. Most sports its close to 50-50. Yes I know the lawyers define what is actually in ”revenue“ the best they can to try and appease both sides and it may not be apples to apples. But 15 is so far off from 50 if it was even 30 to 35 it might be ok once you find out...
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    Novak emotional words

    At least he is acknowledging that his conditions are far superior and he has an advantage
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    Is everyone staying at the Marriott hotel?

    Is everyone staying at the Marriott or required to stay there? I noticed Novak was there but not sure if he was only there for the testing or not. Serena I heard on the NCR podcast is the only exception staying in a house. Nvm update on this everyone had to test at the marriott but they did not...
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    Graf and Serena combined

    Here is what Steffi on the forehand and Serena on the backhand combined looks like. 45 combined grand slam titles right here!
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    Pros as kids

    Fun video. Love that Nole backhand
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    NBA may pave the way for USO

    NBA will be a good test for USO if it happens. They seem to be taking all the best measures with a ton of tracking including an anonymous tekashi line for snitches. The one gaping hole is the people working the concierge services, pedicures, deliveries, etc are allowed to come and go and yes...
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    Fed winning Wimbledon in 2003

    Wow this really looks like a 45 yr old fed. Maybe this is a pic from the future. I can almost read the yr on the trophy
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    Ultimate Tennis showdown anyone excited?

    Anyone looking forward to Morrutoglouy(sp?)‘s new tennis format? Looks like it will be released today or tomorrow. He cites a point on time played is under 20%, too much time is spent on changeovers and time between points. Not sure what his point is here an NFL game is 11-13 minutes of...
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    Great quality Blake vs Nadal 2005 USO

    Someone Just posted a great quality copy. As a Blake fan this was close to peak Blake just punishing people staying on top of the baseline. Also interesting with Rafa as he was still trying to play his clay game on a hardcourt at this point
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    Lets talk asterisks with 2020 USO and FO

    What are people’s thoughts of the potential winner(s) of the 2020 USO and FO and if they will have any type of mental asterisks when looking at a players career. FO already has an asterisk with it being clay and USO the past few years have been wrought with injuries leading people to think it...
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    No chest bumps:USTA

    No chest bumps. no more hand shakes next? I guess non contact sports like tennis and golf will come back much earlier than others.
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    Kyrgios cares about tennis theory?

    Does anyone out there think Kyrgios cares about tennis he just doesnt want to show it? He wants to be the kid who gets good grades but says he doesnt study. Or the guy who says “I beat you but look I never practice”. And if he loses he has a built in excuse “well i didnt really try or prepare”...
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    How many times did Rafa and Fed touch their face?

    On IG live. I lost count. maybe they have the vaccine
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    Big 4 in Isolation

    Not sure if posted yet already but this is pretty good
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    Madrid Open to happen virtually

    Virtual Madrid Open- Not sure if this is fake news or not but other sports have done it. If it is true the video game is one of the biggest POS games around. Id rather them do it with 10 yr old topspin 4. I would be interested in the trash talking tho...
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    Federer’s tennis on IG

    Federer looks like the local club 3.0 here. Yeah I know... just thought its funny these videos hes posting. I do like those ON shoes he has on tho they look amazing especially in the snow.
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    Nadal Social Distancing

    In case you dont understand social distancing. Sorry if posted already
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    What was Thiems Strategy?

    I was only able to catch youtube highlights but in the ones they showed he wasnt taking his usual huge cuts. Was he tired or trying to beat Novak at his own game with angles and craftiness? Thanks
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    Novak gamifying the second serve

    Lets see if it can take him to his 8th chip
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    Why was the Umpire during Tennsy/Fed match on the phone

    Sorry I missed the match does anyone know or did they say why she was constantly on the phone? Even right after the match she picked up the phone again. I was able to watch the highlights but they didnt mention why. If this is common can someone explain? Referring to Marijana Veljovic the...
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    Rafa had a lot of good things to say about Nick

    Am sure many have seen the presser already or read the transcript. My question is if he lost do you think he would be saying the same things? To clarify, Lost in a good close match, high quality tennis without the Acapulco drama edit- sorry he didnt have “a lot of good things”. But just that...
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    Kobe and Tennis

    To start every game they are taking an 8 second violation followed by a 24 second violation Ultimate Respect. He seemed to be around the game of tennis a lot as well. RIP