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    Klip Lightening 16g

    This hybrid package of natural gut and a multi synthetic has slightly thinner guage for the synthetic crosses: Gauge: 16g. (1.30mm) natural gut mains with 16g. (1.29mm) multifilament synthetic gut crosses Length: Mains: 21 feet / Crosses 20 feet In stringing this, would you need to...
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    Laserfibre and Stringway

    Are the Laserfibre and Stringway products the same? Especially are the Laserfibre floating clamps the same as Stringway floating clamps? Anybody know?
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    Ag 607 Electronic Table Model (607)

    Anybody know anything about this machine, or the AG machines in general? I've seen this one - AG 607 ELECTRONIC TABLE MODEL (607) for sale for $799.
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    NXT vs NXT max vs TNT fat core

    I've been playing with Gamma TNT fat core that I got free with my Gamma X-2 stringer. It works well enough, but playing against a heavy hitter the other night, my wrist began to feel the strain. I switched to my other racquet (identical to the one I was using - a Prostaff Surge mid) strung...
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    Tennis newspaper coverage pathetic

    The world's numbers 1 and 2 men play each other in the finals of a Master's Series event in one of the most beautiful tennis sites. One of the players plays beautiful classic style tennis - almost ballatetic out there, the other plays an exciting, emotional brand of tennis with top spin shots...
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    1924 article Amateruism/Tilden

    For you tennis history buffs here is a link to an interesting 1924 article on ameteurism and the attempt to remove Bill Tilden from amateur status because he made money writing on tennis.
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    Dubai kind of an odd tournament

    Does anyone else think the Dubai tournament is kind of odd? I mean, a pro tennis tournament where the prize money is around $1m, and apearance fees must be in the stratosphere, but where the fan base must be tiny. I bet Bjorn Borg even got an appearance fee to sit in the stands. I mean, how...
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    bummer - skipped the wrong main

    Tried to restring my racquet yesterday on my Gamma X2. I nearly finished the job when I got to the last cross string and noticed that I had skipped the wrong main on one side of the racquet (this was not the fault of the X2, purely my own carelessness). Tried to figure a way to jerrymand the...
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    Good news Clijsters Injury Not As Bad As Thought

    Look promising that Kim will play the AO. See And that's quite a nice face shot of Kim, though the mic got in the way. She looks quite fetching...
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    Kudos to Croatia & Slovakia for Davis Cup

    I'm surprised that I haven't seen any praise at all on this board for the accomplishments of Croatia & Slovakia for reaching the 2005 Davis Cup finals and especially for Croatia for winning it. I think this should rank as a truly amazing feat for both countries. Two small countries beating out...
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    Bancroft tennis racquets

    Anybody remember Bancroft? A very old tennis racquet maker. Began to make tennis racquets in 1882, and is now back billing itself as America's oldest tennis racquet maker. Anybody got one of their new racquets that can share with us what they are like?
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    Agassi most disliked on the tour

    From Feinsein's book "Hardcourts," apparently in the late 1980s, early 90s, AA was one of the most disliked players on the tour. Arrogant, and surrounded by a bunch of sycophants too afraid to him to tell him he was wrong on anything and that he often acted like a jerk. For a while, he...
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    Ever play match better than opponent but lose?

    Played doubles last night. I swear it seemed as if my partner and I played the better tennis, won the more spectacular points, and certainly played more agressively. In one game, we won at love and all the points were won by volley winners at the net by us - a wonderfu game. And in general we...
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    Appearance fees/guarantees

    I've almost finished the John Finestein's book ( Hard Courts by John Feinstein, 1991, Villard Books), and while dated becuase it deals with the 1990 WTA and ATP tours, including the grand slams of that year, it is well worth reading. I've learned a lot about the tennis tours and the...
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    Don't like multis

    I can't say that I am any kind of an expert here, but I don't seem to like multis in my racquet. I've tried some of the most noted, including NXT and NXT max, and Technifibre Ematrix (is that a multi?) and they seem too "springy" to me. I favor the solid core synthetics like Gamma TNT and TNT...
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    stringing tolerates mistakes

    I strung my third racquet with my new Gamma x-2. I am still learning and so I find myself making mistakes. This time I got 4 or 5 mains strung and then I mistakenly took off the wrong clamp and lost all tension. I simply started over again, which meant the strings (the cheapest gamma...
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    Pro tennis photo slide show

    For some spectacular tennis photos go to,4999736&pg=9
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    Fairness and Journeymen

    I wasn't sure whether to post this in the "Journeymen" thread or to start a new one, but I decided that it was an important enough issue to start a new thread. Jeff Davies who maintains the web site has obviously thought a lot about the issue of tennis rankings, tournabment draws...
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    Avery racquet

    Why would they take the Avery racquet thread off, the one where it appeared Tom Avery himself responded (if it really was him). Or have I just lost it?
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    What exactly are modern tennis racquets made from?

    The thread on Feder's racquet got me curious about what is it exactly that the tennis racquets that we play with today are made of. While we know that they are made (at least partly) from graphite, it is not the graphite that is slippery that can be used as a lubricant for example, or at least...
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    Ashaway Crossfire

    Ashaway Crossfire® MonoGutTM 17 16L (1.27mm) gauge MonoGut mains - 23ft. (7M) 16 (1.30mm) gauge Synthetic Gut crosses - 20ft. (6M) Anyone have experience with this string? What's it like?
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    Balance bar

    Does anyone use one a balance bar? Should I get one? I use a slightly head light balanced racquet with lead tape at 3 and 9 o'clock and was thinking I should get a balance bar to see if putting on the lead tape has altered the balance of the racquet in any way.
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    Gamma challenger

    Got some packets of Gamma "Challenger" string with my purchase of the Gamma x-2 stringing machine. I strung my wife's old Head Pure Competition with it for practice - at 60#s. The string job came out nicely. But there is not much power with this racquet strung with this string. Feels solid...
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    Prince grometless system -old or new?

    I noticed a local teaching pro and coach of a local university women's tennis team using the Prince - the red one - grommetless racquet. Got me to wondering if going grommetless was superior technology over grommets. I looked at my old Pancho Gonzalez autograph wood racquet (never used it...
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    Pro equipment auction for Katrina

    Anyone have any information about the proposed charity auction of pro player equipment and gear to benefit the victims of Katrina? I heard McEnroe mention it last night during the TV broadcast of that terribly boring match between Federer and Nalbandian (comparing that match to the Blake-Agassi...
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    Playing w/ string job on the x-2

    I played with my racquet that was strung on my Gamma x-2. It was the first time playing with a string job done on the x-2 and I was curious if it played the same and as nicely as when I get it strung at the local club using Gamma TNT. I strung the racquet with Gamma fat core because I got a...
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    Agassi - Blake one of greatest matches

    Does no one but me think the Agassi - Blake match was one of the greatest of all time? I saw it in its entirety - from start to it's finish at about 1:15am EST, so of course I was pretty sleepy during work today. But really, it had all the drama one could want. The young up and comer and...
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    Wondering what the pros use, and what suits my game the most

    Wonder why we spend so much time and energy regarding which racquet which pro uses? When I first started at tennis again, after a long absence when I used to play with a wood racquet, and didn't know a thing about racquets and what to use and to try, I did have a natural curiosity about the...
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    Learning to string -need help

    OK I looked at the silent partner video and read the directions that came with my new Gamma x-2. After some hard thinking I finally got the concept of the starting loop (at the throat in the case of the Head Pure Competition I'm using for the learning experience) and clamping them together then...
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    WSJ article on tennis racquets

    Any of you catch the WSJ article on the new technology in tennis racquets? I'll post it here for convenience. Nice to see tennis getting a story in the WSJ. Wonder why the writer never mentioned "paint jobs." Thinks she knows about them? Nanotechnology hits the tennis court Thursday...