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    Toni - Not Special For Me (Bit Harsh)

    Bit harsh sounds like peeps here.
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    Court Positioning

    Hi all, After seeing constant debates over court speeds (has gotten a bit old from both sides), wouldn't shrinking the space behind the baseline work just as well? I mean if grinders couldn't stand so deep in the court and would be forced to play closer to the baseline, would encourage more...
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    Andy Roddick reveals what he hates most about Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s rivalry Read more: h

    Roddick calls it well.
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    Polyester Connoisseurs Thoughts?

    Hi Guys, I've read alot of posts regarding polys and peoples thoughts on them. I am moving to the Pro Staff 95s (From the standard Pro Staff 95) Where I used Lux 4G Mains at 54lb and Wilson Sensation at 59lb and I briefly tried RPM Blast (Full Bed) at 55lb and really enjoyed the spin I was...