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  1. polksio

    Shoes for carpet

    Are there special shoes for carpet? Can't get any grip with hardcourt shoes (NB 996)
  2. polksio

    How do you deal with players who tap the racket on the ground when they are pulled wide but somehow time it as you're loading up?

    Without telling them to stop. I just want to learn to stay focused through the tap and for it to stop working on me, Any tips? Thanks
  3. polksio

    Six.One 95 2020

  4. polksio

    Federer's 18x19

    What were they smoking?
  5. polksio

    Thought experiment

    Everyone knows theres racket variance in specs coming from the factory. Suppose a model has these averages SW 300 BAL 30.5 MASS 340 Suppose racket A and racket B are the same model Racket A SW 310 BAL 29.5 MASS 340 Racket B SW 290 BAL 31.5 MASS 340 Can we know which of racquet A or B has...
  6. polksio

    Question about racket matching

    If two frames have the same mould layup string pattern, mass, balance, swingweight, do they have the same twistweight?
  7. polksio

    Twistweight of the AeroPro Drive Original?

    Anyone know?
  8. polksio

    Keen eyes wanted

    does this look like the wilson handle shape to you?
  9. polksio

    Pure storm ltd

    Where is it on here ? Thanks
  10. polksio

    Pro stocks and retail racket handles

    Anyone here has a pro stock racket? I want to know if the pro stock racket has that bundle of weight around the 10cm mark, it's a bunch of lead or metal sometimes as high as 40g in that location like retail rackets do. Also, are there any retail rackets that don't have that weight placed there...
  11. polksio

    Lime color overgrips

    Strung my K-fac 90 with lime luxilon and now it looks ... bad. Hopefully a lime overgrip will make it so bad it's good. will Any recommendations?
  12. polksio

    Twistweight and flex

    Is twistweight affected by RA?
  13. polksio

    Look at this racquet vibrating from just an average shot from EBAM

    So pretty, how many restrings does my RF97 need to become this flexy lol?