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    Can Benoit Paire challenge Rafa at Roland Garros this year?

    The way he won the tournament in Marrakech was impressive. He demollished most of his opponents. His game seems complete. He has a big serve and fenomenal groundstrokes. The way he hits his backhands i've never seen really. Flat, super aggressive and very consistant. Reminds me a bit of...
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    Head Radical Tour rackets

    Came across these rackets on a site. I'm not a classical racket expert, but i thought these might be a good buy (20e). Can anyone tell me what model they are?
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    2x (used) Head YT Prestige MP's for 50 euro's: good deal?

    What do you guys think? Currently using a Yonex Ezone dr98, but looking for a racket with less power. Heard good stories about older Head Prestiges.
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    Is playing with spin actually safer?

    Often i hear people say that playing with spin is safer than hitting flat, because of the margin of safety over the net. But is this really true? On the one hand i agree, because you'll be less likely to hit the net. But isn't it more difficult to hit the ball to begin with? Isn't there a much...
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    What racket after the Yonex Ezone DR98?

    So i bought this racket 3 years ago. Always liked the feel of it, but for some reason it has too much power for me. I don't mind it on the serve (i actually like it on the serve), but i feel i have to hold back on my groundstrokes to not hit long. Before the Ezone i had a Wilson blx six one team...
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    approach shot placement

    As a baseliner, a while ago i made the decision to rush the net more. Play serve and volley regularly and just approach the net during rallies. This to take more control of the points and practice my volley's (my volley technique is fine, but because i so rarely go to the net I'm not comfortable...