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  1. JaoSousa

    For fans who aren't aware of the YEC(WTF) is the 5th biggest tournament on the ATP tour

    Yeah, good point. But your initial statement, ¨he was winning them since 2005¨ would have been kind of misleading to someone who doesn´t watch. And yeah, London and Shanghai are the only ones I would consider ¨fast¨.
  2. JaoSousa

    Higher USO peak?

    Yeah, agree 100%. But basically my point was just based on my personal eye test, Federer in that final would blow anybody in the last 20 years off the court. Just my opinion though. Your point about level still stands though. Djokovic 2016 and 2011 at the AO is the perfect example.
  3. JaoSousa

    Higher USO peak?

    Yes, he did. I´m talking about Federer in his final form.
  4. JaoSousa

    Thanks for the memories London!

    12 distinct years, but 11 years have passed. 2009-2010, 2010-2011 ... 2019-2020 So 11 years, but over 12 calendar years if that makes sense.
  5. JaoSousa

    Higher USO peak?

    2011 Federer took Djokovic to 2 match points. 2004 Federer was faster and hit much better forehands than 2011erer. A big argument among Fed fans is that 2011 Djokovic is super overrated because non-prime Fed took him to match points. This is a fallacy, because the 2011 US Open semifinal was a...
  6. JaoSousa

    Somewhat controversial opinion:2007 WB F Nadal was more ferocious and slightly better from the baseline than 2015 F Djokovic

    Great post. I think we definitely need more of this on TTW. Good job with the analysis, especially with the depth comparison. Nadal was hitting super deep from around 2007-2011 at Wimbledon, and for some reason, he stopped doing that all the way till 2018 and the match with Novak.
  7. JaoSousa

    Somewhat controversial opinion:2007 WB F Nadal was more ferocious and slightly better from the baseline than 2015 F Djokovic

    At one point Fedal hit 13 straight winners in that match (2 only were aces). The match was incredibly high-quality for the first 3 sets.
  8. JaoSousa

    If they finish at 20/20/20, whats then?

    Literally 90% of your posts smashed into one.
  9. JaoSousa

    If they finish at 20/20/20, whats then?

    Federer-Highest Peak Nadal- Most 1 surface dominance Djokovic- GOAT (among those 3 imo)
  10. JaoSousa

    Novak fans, Novak is finally the GOAT

    I would say he needs to get within 1 slam of the other two. But he is very close.
  11. JaoSousa

    Medvedev is already a much better net player than either Novak and Rafa

    Weren´t you the one who were telling @aditya123 that he/she was trolling?
  12. JaoSousa

    Zero emotion from Medvedev

  13. JaoSousa

    Tennis GOATS per chinese zodiac

    I don't believe in Dragons- The great Bobby Fischer
  14. JaoSousa

    What happened to Nadal's mental strength?

    Dude he lost in 3 tight sets on his absolute worst surface. Rafa isn't going anywhere for a while.
  15. JaoSousa

    Nadal desperate to prove himself indoors at ATP Finals

    Qualifying doesn't matter. Only winning does. Your words, not mine.
  16. JaoSousa

    Most Beautiful shot in ATP tennis

    This specific shot is one of my all time favorites.
  17. JaoSousa

    Transforming from Medvedev to Medieval - Daniil's best shots

    The stars were just too bright. They blinded him. 1,000 dollars if someone gets that reference.
  18. JaoSousa

    What is one tennis opinion we can all agree on?

    Zverev objectively sucks at the sport of tennis.
  19. JaoSousa

    How many slams can Medvedev win?

    That's a solid 13 years of watching...
  20. JaoSousa

    Underarm serves at WTF (and Grandslams) appreciation (or hate) thread

    Only thing more beautiful that the Federer backhand.
  21. JaoSousa

    After watching Federer battling Davydenko at the Australian Open in 2010 I've come to a different conclusion

    This isn't controversial at all. I would say that 2012 was Federer's best year level-wise after his 2004-2007 time. Djokovic wasn't an all time great level player in 2009 or 2010, but got better and was able to beat Ol' Rog in later years.
  22. JaoSousa

    Who will win the ATP Finals?

    So let it be written... So let it be done.
  23. JaoSousa

    Single most arrogant "thing" Federer/Djokovic did/does

    "Lol, I think... I was playing pretty well, because everything was depended on me... but I was playing pretty well." -Djokovic after retiring being 2 sets to 0 down against Rafa. "Do you need some smelling salts buddy?" -Brad Gilbert after Djoker's presser.
  24. JaoSousa

    who has played perpect tournament in AO , wimbledon , USO ?

    FO: Borg 1978, Nadal 2008, Borg 1980, Nadal 2017 Wimbledon: Jmac 1984 AO: I'd like to say Fed in 2007, but could be a few others. Djokovic 2011 comes to mind USO: 1985 Lendl or Vilas in 1977 Women's: AO: To be added FO: 1988 Graf, Swiatek 2020(yes, really) W: To be added USO: 1983 Navratilova...