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  1. Kalethan

    FS: 2 x Pacific BXT Tour 97, 4 3/8, 8/10

    Do you still have these, and are they actually the 16x20 model, thin beam? I’d love to get at least 1 if so. thanks, Ethan
  2. Kalethan

    FS: Rare Pacific BXT X Tour Pro 97 4 3/8 new strings and grommets

    Very interested, please write me back at if you still have these. grazi, ethan
  3. Kalethan

    FS: Pacific X Tour Pro 97 in L2

    Hi, Ryan. I just found your FS/FT post on TW forum, and saw that there had been no replies. I’m wondering if you might still have it and might still want to sell. I’m having a dickens of a time finding one stateside, and even the L2 is exactly what i’m looking for. Happy to paypal or send you a...
  4. Kalethan

    FS: Angell TC97 V3 18x20 L2

    What is the grip shape? A, flattish, Head, B, wilson/babolatish, or C, more octagonal, closest to Prince Grazi Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Kalethan

    Angell TC97 18x20 v2 grip A size 2

    I would like to get another of these, don’t care about the cosmetic Too much but would prefer blue or green, prefer 330grams and 9 pts headlight but let’s be realistic here :P Ethan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Kalethan

    Is there a multi that's lower-powered than NXT that is still has feel/control and is comfortable? And a bit more spin friendly?

    Currently having a love affair with Velocity mains and Zyex monogut crosses, 16 gauge, black. If you’re not a string breaker, and want a realistically spin-conducive stringbed that plays pretty consistently throughout its life while remaining arm-friendly, i’m going to say this setup is allowing...
  7. Kalethan

    Any News ~ Wilson Ultra Tour (Open Pattern)

    16x20. This is the sleeper string pattern that too few companies are exploiting right now. At its best, evenly spaced, it is the perfect middle ground between ‘free’ spin, ‘free’ power, arm comfort, and controllable launch angle. Can play at a high level with any string setup without breaking...
  8. Kalethan

    Why do some pros play with sub 98 sq inch racquets?

    Maybe this [emoji3595] is what was going on; the head-pro-stock specs sheet above has him at 98in^2, and as I definitely remember water-cooler talk about him playing a 95 and don’t remember any scuttlebutt about him changing, maybe this is/was the deal. I Did go look at a few pictures, and think...
  9. Kalethan

    Why do some pros play with sub 98 sq inch racquets?

    I just searched a bunch, and couldn’t find anything besides this, so i’m happy to be wrong about this: But! I remember watching him play on clay at 17y/o, and an announcer talking about how he...
  10. Kalethan

    Why do some pros play with sub 98 sq inch racquets?

    Zverev uses an extremely tight 18x20 pattern in a ‘small’ 95in^2 Head, generates less spin than Shapo with more open 16x20 in ‘big’ 95in^2 Yonex. 18x20 at that head size is a more consistent pattern for blocking the ball at high speed and hitting flat kill shots from 6’6”. Shapo is a way riskier...
  11. Kalethan

    FS (2x) Wilson Prostaff 97S, 1st Gen, 4&3/8, 5/10 or 6/10

    FS (2x) 2015 Wilson Prostaff 97S 4&3/8 grip 97in^2 headsize 18x17 ‘Spin Effect’ pattern 5ish or 6ish out of 10 condition; hard to say; I only used these for maybe 3 or 4 months, but the head guards wore through very fast at the edges, and the paint on these was very thin. So, no cracks, no...
  12. Kalethan

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Strike Tour 18x20 1st edition 4&1/2

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Kalethan

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Strike Tour 18x20 1st edition 4&1/2

    For Sale: (2) Babolat Pure Strike Tours, 1st edition 4&1/2 grip size 98in^2 8/10 Used approx. 3-4 months, 1-2 times per week 150/pair or 85/each, shipped Paypal 98in^2, heavy version of this racquet, absolutely pummels the ball. Used for approximately 3 to 4 months, 1 to...
  14. Kalethan

    Kirschbaum Pro Line Evolution

    Having only used it for 4 stringjobs, as a cross with multi mains, i will say it’s very comfortable, loses tension slower/less than yonex poly tour pro, my previous favorite poly cross. I’ve tried it at 50lbs and 48lbs. Impressive, in a sustainable, consistent way, not the Tree For Two Hours...
  15. Kalethan

    Your greatest WORST string of all time is...

    Babolat Origin. I played this fresh, broken in, and in multiple racquets that I otherwise love, demos from a local shop. I tried it full bed and as a hybrid. It always felt like I was trying to hit boiled cabbage through a tuna net soaked in lard, but less sense of connection Sent from my...
  16. Kalethan

    FS: Four Yonex VCORE 95 (4 1/4 grip)

    Please let me know if nobody bites and you are willing to sell 2, but good luck in 4 sale
  17. Kalethan

    Dimitrov new racquet?

    I don’t know from Instagram but you are right, it’s the 93 now, the boxier, super thin beam and him playing surprisingly well...It’s crazy how much more accurately he hits the ball with that thing, and that he can’t seem to move up in size without losing his tennis
  18. Kalethan

    Dimitrov new racquet?

    Watching him play Feli lopez right now, and I think this is definitely a thinner beam but also definitely a 97. Maybe the primary motivator for the Beginning Of The End in 2014 was shoulder discomfort, and roger Rasheed advising him to move up for more comfort/longevity as well as the easier...
  19. Kalethan

    Klip Legend/Cream hybrid

    Been using the occasional Cream cross with zyex monogut mains, and more often with multi feel mains, for the past couple years, and in my 16x20 Yonex Duel Gs it never played that great. Comfy, but not a great amount of spin, locked up and felt kinda blah pretty much right away. Now i’ve just hit...
  20. Kalethan

    2x Angell TC97 18x20 12pts HL

    Hey, Kick. Could I have the remaining one with a set of VS? I happen to have a single of the same racquet but in blue. Berkeley, CA, please let me know what i gotta do!
  21. Kalethan

    FS: Angell K7 Lime (9.5/10 Condition)

    Very interested. Please let me know what I gotta do :) Ethan
  22. Kalethan

    Dimitrov testing new frame in Toronto

    (Too long, do not read)... People like to clown Dimitrov for ‘only’ being insanely good and becoming the severaleth best in the world at what he does. His racquet roulette has hampered his career drastically, robbing him of consistency and making him more prone to shoulder trouble. Sure, the...
  23. Kalethan

    Has anyone strung Angell tc97 18x20 as 16x20?

    I just did this. It is fascinating, but the strings (NRG 16g mains at 57 and Lux Element 17g crosses at 53) were too tight for it to feel very good. Hit some great shots as it opened up, but felt brassy outside of tennis ball sized sweet spot. Anyone else experiment with this? EZ Ace Machine
  24. Kalethan

    PHH switches to actual new Yonex vCore Pro?

    Watching Monte Carlo match against Dimitrov, paused, definitely 16x19 strings. Am or isn’t I wrong that he used to be a dyed-in-the-wool Tour G 16x20 kind of guy? At any rate he was played wicked fun tennis for at least the first set, probably the crispest singles I’ve ever seen him play. As...
  25. Kalethan

    Low cross tension relative to mains?

    I actually find it's more likely to snap during stringing when substantially prestretched, and also looses much of the elasticity I prize it for. I just string it really slowly, so knots are less brittle but the mains end up decently stretched. I am aware I could get it to hold tension better in...
  26. Kalethan

    Low cross tension relative to mains?

    I have been stringing a Yonex Duel G 97 with Monogut ZX 16 at 57lbs and Lux Element 16 at 50lbs. I know that the ZX will lose a lot of tension and the Element only a little for the golden hours of the stringjob. Eventually they even out at a very predictable-feeling, surprisingly even stiffness...
  27. Kalethan

    bouchard using a pure drive?

    PD has far tighter pattern in the middle, way better flat control in last several years. Witness Fognini vs Nadal UsOpen 2015, or Dreddy on any good day (though I remember someone saying he strings at 70 lbs). Lots of high ranked doubles player who need flat blocking control at high speeds...
  28. Kalethan

    Dimitrov using actual 97S now?

    A lot of people are calling bs on that tostada... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  29. Kalethan

    Jerzy Janowicz Gear Thread

    I seem to remember he's using 1.25 ALU Power, not sure how tight, but who knows know that he's been off almost a year Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  30. Kalethan

    Verdasco String: Element, ALU Rough, Head MLT, and BB Original

    A quartered hybrid! These boards could never! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk