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  1. tenis

    Vantage 90 and 95

    I have 2 spare racquets (for sale only): -Vantage 90; red color, 16x18; weight 325g; ball. 310mm; handle Dunlop size 3; 70 RA; leather grip; condition 9/10 -Vantage 95; white color; 16x19; weight 320g; ball. 310mm; handle Dunlop size 4; 63 RA; condition 9/10
  2. tenis

    FS: Vantage "players" racquet 90"

    I have a Vantage racquet for sale: 90"; 16x18; weight 325g; balance 310; handle Dunlop size 3; 70 RA; red color, black bumpers; leather grip. Condition 9/10. Only serious offers please.
  3. tenis

    Djokovic - Martin

    Novak should fire Tod Martin immediately!!! His game is sinking, serve sucks, confidence gone. It is painful to watch him these days, what is going on???
  4. tenis

    Vantage 95

    Vantage 95"; weight 320g/11.4oz; balance 310mm/10pts HL; 16x19; grip 3; 63 RA; 9/10 condition; FS - best offer. email:
  5. tenis

    Lubicic-Monaco and Nadal-Berdych

    Forgot set the recording on, I didn't see it. Does anybody recorded this matches? Will buy it. Thanks email:
  6. tenis

    Vantage VTS 1

    Hello guys, has anybody experience w. VTS1 16 gauge? I have a several packs, but newer try it.
  7. tenis

    Finally, sound ON!!!!!

    Just watching finale Djoko & Yuzhny and I can have sound ON after long time!!! Surprise!!! No senseless, trash nonstop blah blah talking, just very pleasant, intelligent, short comment. I'm not British, but can we send all the US commentators to the GB school? I'll donate $1.00.
  8. tenis

    For the technicians - frame stiffness and strings

    I really like one racquet, but the problem is - it's too stiff for me. My question is: "Can I eliminate or lower the frame stiffness if I'll use softer strings or lower tension?"
  9. tenis

    Pro's strigs & tensions

    just spend hours, and cannot find the post. It was list of players w. racquets and strings set ups. Is anybody more lucky than me?????????????
  10. tenis

    Vantage 90

    I'm switching from 95 to 90, cannot decide between stiffness 63 and 70. So far I'm at swingweight approx. 330, probably will go little higher. Main Isospeed Prof.17 at 61, cross SPPP 18 at 58. What is your set-up guys? (please, just seriously)
  11. tenis

    3 Classic Racquets FS

    HEAD Prestige Classic Designed In Austria, Tour Series, Constant Beam, Midsize, 4 1/2 leather grip, (Ivanisevic racqet) - 8.5/10 WILSON pro Stuff 6.0 85 sq.inch., 4 1/2 leather grip ( Sampras racquet) - 8.5/10 WILSON N-code six-one tour, 90 sq.inch, 4 1/2 leather grip (Federer racquet)...
  12. tenis


    Anybody know the difference between Control Classic and Professional Classic? I spend hours, going thru the posts and cannot find it. Thanks.
  13. tenis

    More US commentators than US players at R. Garros!

    Seriously, let's just counting....but I can't, it's a way toooooomany of them on Tennis Channel and ESPN, IMO much, much more than players (especially first rounds...). What a broadcast we have to absorb, full of personal opinions, judging and statements, they make simple thinks difficult...
  14. tenis

    Back to the Natural Gut.

    After 3 months of testing a lot of strings (approx. 25types) from multis, synthetics, polys, I ended up back to the nat. gut. Just tried save money on NG, but it wasn't worthy. Poly - more spin? No way, the gut has a lot of spin if you'll have a good technique. And on the end the Pro Supex Blue...
  15. tenis

    Super Tennis Strings - Performace

    Has anybody experience with these performace strings??? - Terminator V1 - Viper V 2 - Tour only V3 - Pure Control V8 - High Speed Viper 4 - Pure Touch V 5 or Extreme Turbosoft V6 They're made in Germany or by Isospeed and some of them are only in reels. Just serious answers please!
  16. tenis

    Stringing machine

    Babolat Star 4 only.
  17. tenis

    Gamma ZO Tour Rough

    Anybody tried this one? It's softer than Lux., wandering is it rouhg just like the Luxilon? Thanks.
  18. tenis

    Weiscannon strings

    Anybody know stiffness and tens. lost for Silverstring and Explosive? Cannot find it anywhere. Thanks. And also MSV Hex.
  19. tenis

    Federer - Djokovic

    Two thinks bothers me now: Roger and Novak. If.... Novak will keep his old Wilson racquet, he'll feel more safe and aggesive with his strokes, and If.....Roger will put suft poly on mains and keep the gut for crosses, he may keep the ball more on the court.
  20. tenis

    Ratio: Players-courts

    What is the ratio playerts/courts at your club? It happen, sometimes it's very hard to get court for singels...or the club is "oversold". At my club is approx. 400 members to 18 courts.
  21. tenis

    Tennis game commentating become

    past years nothing more than talkshow, where in the middle is usually not the game, but the visible commentator with trash talk for hours. Can't take it anymore.
  22. tenis

    Mens final - TV ?

    When and what channel is the final (west coast)? So far, I missed a lot of matches becouse it's always at different time and showing more boxing, horses, etc.
  23. tenis

    Tension - new grommets?

    If I'm replacing old gromets, how much up should I go for the first stringing to set up the new ones (1 lbs ?). Also for the newer used racquet to match the existing racquets. Thanks.
  24. tenis

    Supex, MSV,Signum - I can't make decision...

    Can anyone compare: Supex Blue Gear Platinum (I gues the blue one is the same) and MSV Focus Hex and Signum PP HEXtreme. The Signum is much more money, probably not worthy... maybe just the first two in 17 gauge. I'm thinking use them on mains for hybrid. Thanks.
  25. tenis

    How do YOU like the ESPN "talk show"?

    With more US commentators than players (probably 10- 15?), constant talk,....oh yes, they're making a big money depending on how long they talk...ha,ha. And than we have the nonsense scoring on top and bunch of "news" on the bottom of screen. Hate that. Sooo, I switched to Tennis Channel...
  26. tenis

    What is the ratio commentators:players???

    I mean there is more and more commentators for every new broadcast. It feels 10 US comm. for 1 US player(after 1 round). And the comment is getting worse and worse, senseless, crappy, arrogant, nonstop talking. How much ESPN+Tennis Ch. are spending on traveling for all these people (air, hotel...
  27. tenis

    What similarity have Safin and Serena, except "S" in name???

    They both can break the racquet and throw it away the same way!
  28. tenis

    Duo: Tod Robinson & Chanda Rubin

    Here we go again: pop-eyed clown T. and drama, boring voice of Ch.(sounds like my grand,grand mother). Can't take it anymore!
  29. tenis

    Wanted: Vantage tennis bag

    6 racquet, the "classic" one,black, which was on sale 1.5-2 years ago. No the "team" one.
  30. tenis

    Federer - Monfis match commentating

    IMO, this match from Miami had very good commentators. The two guys from UK did very good job (exact,short,intelligent), not all the hollywood blah,blah... what we see usually. I just email TTC about my satisfaction.