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  1. hyperthom007

    My 13 yr old brother serve

    Hi guys, I am trying to teach my brother serve and he has managed to pick up the flat serve. However, it is not always consistent and I was thinking of teaching him how to do a top spin serve. I was wondering if 13 years old is a little too young for this serve or otherwise? I have no idea...
  2. hyperthom007

    Dubai Tennis

    I am going to Dubai soon but sadly it is after the Dubai Open. Btw, this will be my first time so I was wondering if there are any tennis specialty shops there. Thanks
  3. hyperthom007

    Don't know what combination of Hybrids is best.

    I have a Wilson Kobra Tour and Yonex's RDS 001MP and right now I have some strings in my storage and I want to try a Hybrid. (never tried before) Anyways, the strings are: Red Code 17 Black Code 17 Wilson Sensation 16 and 17 Head Synthetic Gut PPS 17 Any advice on which combination is good...
  4. hyperthom007

    How much does a head guard usually weight?

    I am planning to remove it from my racket to lower down the swingweight. Thanks
  5. hyperthom007

    Shadow Swinging with wrist weight

    Hi guys, I have thought of this for awhile. Its possible to wear some wrist weights and do some swinging. So what I was thinking was if I do this quite often, will it increase my swing speed? Or will I be risking injury?
  6. hyperthom007

    LM Radical Tour setup

    I have a LM radical Tour with Head's FXP power 16g at 54lbs. Its not a great string and it is showing sign of breaking after 1 month of use (4-5 hours per week). Durability is not as great as said. I am looking for a new setup. I did use Wilson's enduro pro on a K surge which I did not break...
  7. hyperthom007

    Just bought an old racket

    Liquidmetal Radical Pro!! I saw them selling a really old version of LM radical pro in a sports shop near my place. It sold for $100. Here is some pix. and most importantly They did not have many types of string there so I strung it with Head's FXP power 16g at 54lb. One bad thing...
  8. hyperthom007

    Wilson Pro Overgrip 50pk

    Good day TW, I was wondering if the above product is packed individually by TW or by Wilson company? I wanted to buy the 60 pieces bucket wilson (because its so much cheaper) but it never seem to arrive in TW when I needed it. Now its 19/5 for DOA. Thanks
  9. hyperthom007

    Cyber Blue on MG Extreme Pro

    I am getting this racket soon and I know it is stiff. I needed a string which is soft and I have read that Cyber Blue is a soft string and it is durable too. I was wondering if anyone here has the setups... What tension did you put onto it? Or if anyone here has a better string suggestion on...
  10. hyperthom007

    Adidas Tirand III Squeaking

    I got a Tirand III (In my country, Barricade V is very very expensive) and after 2 weeks of use it started to squeak on my left shoe near the toe area whenever I walk or run. It was quite annoying so I brought it back to Adidas store and they changed a new pair for me ( after waiting for 2 weeks...
  11. hyperthom007

    Racket discounts

    Wow, I just realised Exo3 by prince has 20% instant rebate. Is this how racket company cope with the economy? Anyways, I hope to see more racket company doing the same thing as well :) What are the chances that Head MG radical pro's price will drop after June?
  12. hyperthom007

    Back pain from Top Spin Serve

    Recently I started learning how to second sereve using top spin. I can get the ball in now most of the time but at the price of me having back ache everytime after practice session. I am wondering if I am doing it wrongly or this is just the normal price to pay for top spin serves.
  13. hyperthom007

    String with Spin and Durability

    The place that I am staying in right now has little access to stringing facilities. I hope to find a string for MG extreme pro which has spin and is long lasting. I used to have a K surge which I strung with Wilson's enduro pro, although it is not a bad string I found it to be a little hard and...
  14. hyperthom007

    A good tennis book

    I enjoy reading and I would love to purchase a book on tennis especially the one which teaches most on drills and upgrading my game to the next level. I have watched countless youtube video and I felt in order to improve my game I need to understand the mechanics and practice even more...
  15. hyperthom007

    Customizing a K Surge

    Hey guys... I got a K surge a few months back and I want to add weight on the handle. I have opened the butt cap but I could not put any cotton or weight into it because there are spikes in the handle. However, those spikes ammounting to 8 of them are all situated towards the end of the handle...
  16. hyperthom007

    Asian K Surge

    I got this Asian K Surge which has the same weight as the other K surge but apparently it is 4 pts HEAD LIGHT. At stock form it is 292grams. Can you imagine what it is like playing with this light stick but with head light? Extremely unbalanced stick with really really low power. I regret buying...
  17. hyperthom007

    Getting the most out of the wall

    I'm quite new to tennis. Haven't taken the sport in only 4 months, I was wondering how do I improve by playing against the wall? Where should I stand? Half court away from wall or full court away? What should I take note when practising? Thanks a million for reading this post!