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    just lost a tough 5 setter in daviscp-vs Cem Ilkel from Turke (ranked around 330) chrysochos was up 2-0 in sets and also big 3-0 in 5th set but could not hold on but he will grow.
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    and another college tennis goes down
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    UCF and John Roddick

    wow this guy is just weeks there and now has tranfers Harrison Richmond, UVA Keznerman and Lovett, Alabama especially Keznerman is a good Player Richmond too Kalman Boyd, previoisly played at USC
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    Champion 2016

    heard it first here Cal will make it! look at their lineup! Goransson Lakat Bergevi Griffith Nishimura Hoffmann WOW !!!
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    Ita indoor draft 2016 is complete

    Texas, Duke, Columbia have the heaviest roads to the finals. Ole Miss, Florida and Texas Tech all goin to Texas !!! :shock::shock::shock:
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    which host will not win their regional?
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    Pacific Coast Doubles

    Not for the team rankings, but the Pacific Teams are loving this tournament here is the draw players from Claremont.Mudd, USC, Cal, Villanova, Boston College:shock: Stanford, San...
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    NCAA Regionals

    here is a result thread with a Poll
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    AAC Tennis

    AAC Tennis a new league and some interesting teams, but only a little league, they not even schedule all teams in regular season, but here are also travel reasons, 2 teams are in texas, 2 in florida, 2 in the border of Tennessee/Kentucky 1) Memphis is allways finding a good niche in between...
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    Big 12

    Big12 Tennis my rankings up to today 1 ) Oklahoma, this is real good team, i ve my little doubts they can challenge UVA, OSU, USC; Ucla for the title, but they are Top5 and this is just right, they ve beaten a bunch of good teams, went 2-1 even in ITA Indoors, only losing to UCLA, they were...
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    Ivy League

    Ivy League i know from history they allways had their success but this season they seem to try very good 1) Columbia, they ve beaten Princeton, Dartmouth and harvard, even gave UGA a fright, Winston Lin is great, Mike Vermeer on 6 is a big weapon 2) Harvard, gave MSU a big fight...