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  1. Federico Sansone

    Wanted: Used Table Top Stringing machine

    Hi all, I am from Miami, FL. I am looking for a used Tennis Stringing Machine. My budget is from $450 to $650 Could be Electronic or Manual. NO drop weight. Thanks!
  2. Federico Sansone

    Portable Stringing machine for sale

    Item Description (Brand/Model): ProString / Portable Stringing Machine Quantity: 2 Condition: 9/10 Specific Time Used: Approximately 1 month General Description: For sale is a used ProString Portable Stringing Machine. Includes machine box, all parts, and two flying clamps. Machine is in...
  3. Federico Sansone

    Inquiry about purchases from UK to USA

    Hi all, I have a question and maybe someone of us could help me. I saw on a UK site ( that the Pro´s Pro Pilot ( has a very good price. Machine + shipping to FL (US$431). I want to know if you guys...
  4. Federico Sansone

    Need Information about Eagnass stringer machines

    Hi all, I am from Argentina and I am trying to find the cheapest machine to buy because I am visiting Miami on late March. I knew there is information about Eagnass and the bad quality of their machines. But this information is posted since 2008 and late and I am trying to find newest...