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  1. Chyeaah

    Topspin Cyber Whirl

    Just got a free set of this string today, it looks spinny and the edges are well defined. Any thoughts on this string? Also I will be hybriding this with CF in the cross in my Pro Open
  2. Chyeaah

    Mental Issues - Fixed

    So I got in touch with a couple of pro coaches, and they gave me a superb, marvelous piece of advice. BEFORE SERVE RITUAL. Before the serve, your ritual is VERY VERY VERY important, under stress/pressure or whatever if you keep your before serve ritual consistent then you have a higher...
  3. Chyeaah

    Mental Game

    I've been doing some just for fun practices and rallies before I started playing a doubles match. My serves were great before the match, loads of spin and some aces + 95% of them were in. When the game started. I hit 4 double faults in a row giving them a break. So the question is, how do you...
  4. Chyeaah

    Anyone care to describe Ferrer's game?

    As the title says. I don't expect this thread to go far but i need a brief explanation of his game since i can hardly find any videos except for highlights.
  5. Chyeaah

    Coaching on your racquet.

    Has anyone tried writing what you really need to work on/ what you forget up the top of the grip on your racquet so when your returning serve/ serving you remember what to do. Just maybe like a few words or something, it really helps.
  6. Chyeaah

    Backhand Correct?

    Although this is unorthodox, with the one handed backhand on serve returns today, because my left hand was cut at the palm, I use 2 hands to prepare and start the swing (a tiny bit), then i let go of the left hand and continue with only one hand, for every shot. This helps me prepare my racquet...
  7. Chyeaah

    What's the thing Verdasco does

    I've been watching some backhands to try and improve mine. I've stumbled upon this thing in PoT, Jack Knife or something, but it's what Verdasco does on his backhand. He lifts his back leg up. What difference does it make? Plus, all the good backhands have their non dominant arm straight and...
  8. Chyeaah

    So Happy.

    Pacific Classic for $49 and Klip Nat Gut for $36! About time prices in Australia get cheaper... Has anyone tried Klip Drive 5 side poly??
  9. Chyeaah

    Relearning the backhand.

    Man. My backhand is so bad, I've decided to try and relearn it. If someone hits a well placed shot to my backhand it all falls apart, while if it was hit to my forehand it would be a clean winner. So, all you mini gasquet's out there, help me with a two handed backhand. I've given up on a one...
  10. Chyeaah

    String Gauges

    Thicker Gauges have less power Thicker Gauges have less spin Stringing lower = more power Stringing higher = less power So in real life, you would usually string a thicker gauge lower than a thinner gauge to tame the power of the thinner guage, would the thinner gauge still have more spin if it...
  11. Chyeaah

    Serve - Technique vs. Power

    This common question has to be answered for all of us weaklings vs. hard hitters. On the serve would you get more speed on the ball with more power or better technique. So the question is. Which will speed up your serve more, power or technique? And maybe discuss ratios for Technique to Power.
  12. Chyeaah

    Gatorade, Powerade, Cordial

    I don't know much about what drinks to drink during physical exercise and stuff, but which one is better Gatorade, Powerade or Cordial and how do you drink it? throughout or all before or all after?
  13. Chyeaah

    Flexy racquets

    I currently don't see the downside of flexy racquets with 30 lb stiff poly string. Good spin, good power, good control. what else it there? Crap volleys (idc about this) and i hardly play touch shots.
  14. Chyeaah

    Top 200?

    roughly how good do you need to be to become top 200 in Australia? 5.5-6.0 level?
  15. Chyeaah

    Question for Tiffany

    What string do you use in your 100S, could you recommend any good strings that are good in the 100S? Preferably a poly or a hybrid i don't mind. Also do you find this stick to swing slower than other sticks you've playtested?
  16. Chyeaah


    What does everyone mean when they say "more power"? Everyone Are you measuring the increase of power by A) Lack of Control B) How deep the ball goes into the court C) How fast the ball is/comes off the racquet D) Less spin to tame the power Because sometimes when people say...
  17. Chyeaah

    The Moment when you realise

    The moment when you realise the ball isn't spinning as much as you hoped for on your massive all out big swings.
  18. Chyeaah

    Smaller Grip

    Oh damn. I used a metal frame today, a really thin one, idk its a dunlop max lite or something. I play with it very well, i would say my forehand is heavier (but lacked some control) with this than my current frame but that's the only stroke thats better. When I was playing with it my...
  19. Chyeaah

    Getting Beast

    How long would it take to get beast and arms that you can see. I don't mean like super ripped but kind of like nadal except quite abit smaller but still visible.
  20. Chyeaah

    Songs Holy crap. These kids are so good. Esp the Adele one, sounds...
  21. Chyeaah

    Ankle and Wrist Bands

    Can anyone suggest a decent ankle and wrist band i can use while playing tennis preferably 2-5 kg and it has to be quite small or else i wouldn't be able to move my wrists. maybe one that attaches to the forearm. This is for my training to move on to a heavier racquet and more racquet head speed.
  22. Chyeaah

    Power level of racquet?

    Is this theory possible? Strings same tension, same brand, same everything. Racquet A gets strung with String A Racquet B gets strung with String A Racquet A is more powerful/better control etc than racquet B Then. Racquet A gets strung with String B Racquet B gets strung with String B...
  23. Chyeaah

    Off-court training

    Is there any power training I can do off-court, any specific exercises? Any weight exercises? I want to get stronger and hit harder heavier balls.
  24. Chyeaah


    How do you produce wicked spidespin etc. Spins that havent even gotten a name yet. Diagonal SideKicker Spin etc. Discuss.
  25. Chyeaah

    New String Again.

    Sold my reel of CF for $90 because i wanted to make some money, I kept 3 sets of it though and used around 2. So I really want to change my game alot into a Spin Doctor Counter puncher game, my chosen court is hard but i play on synthetic grass more, I would like a string that imparts spin...
  26. Chyeaah

    Good Stuff

    So I've been wondering. Do you eat/do/use the good stuff first or leave it for last.
  27. Chyeaah

    Prince Exo Tour 100

    Ok, i really cant be screwed reading 100 pages of fanboy posts, and its making me wonder. Is the Exo3 Tour actually really really really good or is it just some overated racquet on this forum. Its gotten me into thinking that i made a bad choice not demoing it.
  28. Chyeaah

    Two Different Serves

    So I've been thinking, tennis is about pace, and if you learn 2 different serve motions. Roddick's fast motion serve and Djokovic slow motion serve you could change the pace of the game all you want when your serving. A way to implement this is eg. Your service game, its 30-40 he knows your...
  29. Chyeaah

    String Strings String.

    So im back to string testing from my RIP Control. So this year, I'm going to test Poly Hybrids (with CF poly in the mains) with loads of different crosses and posting the reviews here. Will update this post. First few strings I'm going to test are CF/Klip Kicker CF/Sensation CF Full Bed...
  30. Chyeaah

    Racquet Headspeed.

    So my unleaded BLX Pro Open, i thought was abit head heavy maybe 3-4 points so i stuck some coins in the butcap (roughly 8 grams maybe?). And now it seems to swing faster. So my question is, do headlight racquets swing faster?