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  1. ej28405

    Wanted: Prince Phantom 100P - 4 1/2 Grip

    I have one that is 4 3/8, pretty good condition too. Pm me if interested. I can send pics. Thanks
  2. ej28405

    WANTED: Prince Textreme Tour 100P 4 3/8 or 1/4

    I have one I’d sell that is in almost new like condition. Probably 8.5 or 9/10. Pm me if interested still. Thanks.
  3. ej28405

    WTB: Prince Textreme Tour 100P L3 2019 model (18/20)

    I have one I’d sell that is in almost new like condition. Probably 8.5 or 9/10. Pm me if interested still. Thanks.
  4. ej28405

    Tecnifibre TF40 305

    I have 2, let me know if interested.
  5. ej28405

    WTB: Technifibre TF-40

    I have 2 if you are interested let me know.
  6. ej28405

    FS Yonex Ezone DR 98 / 310gram / *Rare* 4 1/4

    Interested. Will PM you.
  7. ej28405

    Best serving racquet (excluding stiff or extended frames)?

    I’ve been using the new gen 3 Pure Strike 18x20 and its serving bombs, compared to many other frames I’ve used which are just average for me on serve.
  8. ej28405

    Tecnifibre tf40 305 g string setups

    I have been using the tf40 for about 2 months now. My go to setup for a perfect blend of power feel and spin is the Babolat hybrid pack of 16g vs touch natural gut in the mains at around 59/60 lbs and 17g rpm blast in the crosses at around 57/58. Also have tried full bed 1.20 hyper-g and full...
  9. ej28405

    Who plays with hybrid gut/poly strings at low tensions?

    I play mostly 18x20 frames with 16g VS, 17g rpm blast and I could never go that low in tension. I’ve had stringers accidentally give me back a fresh string job that low by mistake. I tried it and it was a trampoline. My tension sweet spot, pending weather, is usually 56-62.
  10. ej28405

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    I tried adding a leather grip to my new tf40 and didn’t like it much. For me, it felt clunkier and more erratic, especially with ground strokes and returns. Like it better with no customization. I also went 58/56 (vs/rpm) but think I need 60/58 for these hot days with the ball really flying...
  11. ej28405

    Tecnifibre tf40 305 g string setups

    The string job on the new tf40 I got from TW was way under tensioned. I asked for 54/52 and it was more low to mid 40s. This is the second time I have bought a frame from TW and had them string it. Each time tension way off. Will avoid their stringing service next time. I ended having to get it...
  12. ej28405

    Tecnifibre tf40 305 g string setups

    Would 16g vs touch Mains at 54 lbs and 17g blast crosses at 52 lbs be too tight on this frame? I guess I’m going to find out soon! I normally play Babolat ps po7 18x20 with the same setup at 59/57. I see everyone stringing in the 40s on this frame and now concerned / curious.
  13. ej28405

    questions about Pure Strike Project One7 16x19

    I play at the 4.0/4.5 level with the PO7 18x20 as my main racquet for over a year and have a long history of shoulder issues, confirmed rc and labral tears. Believe it or not the PO7 is one of the only frames out of probably 10-15 I have tried over the last few years that *doesn’t* hurt my...
  14. ej28405

    String/tension suggestions for Babolat PO7 18x20 Pure Strike

    Was doing poly in the crosses and the gut in the mains. In the Yonex dr 98+ I was doing 60/57, but it was a more open pattern compared to the PS 18x20. The full bed of 17g multifeel I’m doing around 58-59 now in the PS. It’s a bit tight the first 1-2 hours but then it feels pretty nice. Just...
  15. ej28405

    String/tension suggestions for Babolat PO7 18x20 Pure Strike

    I switched back to the Babolat Project One7 18x20 for the last couple weeks. Was using Yonex Dr 98+ for several months but the swing weight from the extended length ended up being a bit too much over time. Have been using a full bed of 17g multifeel in the Babolat, and was using hybrid package...
  16. ej28405

    When do you expect USTA ratings to come out?

    Does the 3 strike rule apply if you have a C generated rating?
  17. ej28405

    End of year ratings question

    Just curious... Does mixed or combo count towards year end rating? And what about tournament results over the next couple weeks? Do they get factored into this or next years rating? Thanks!
  18. ej28405

    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Thinking about going back to the 93p for a bit after several months with the dr98 and dr98 plus. Having some shoulder soreness that I don’t recall having with the 93p. Probably going with 17g multifeel. Any recommendations on tension?
  19. ej28405

    Best natural gut currently

    I had my dr98 strung with full lux gut at 58lbs and loved it for about a week or so (maybe hit 3 or 4 times) and then noticed a significant drop in tension. On the flip side I had it restrung with VS gut at 61 and it's been about the same amount of time and it seems to be holding tension a bit...
  20. ej28405

    Wanted: Yonex Ezone DR 98 Blue 4 1/4

    Would Iike to buy. If anyone is interesting in selling please let me know.
  21. ej28405

    2017 Pure Strike

    Has anyone tried a full bed of natural gut in the pure strike 18x20? If so I’m curious on tension and gauge feedback and how it plays. I would assume 17g due to the 18x20. Have been using the dr98 with luxilon gut and vs touch strung in the low 60s.
  22. ej28405

    Racquet after DR98 ...?

    Just curious (in your opinion) what makes the Ezone 98 a huge upgrade from the DR? I've been using the DR now for a couple weeks and really starting to gel with it. I also used the Ezone 98 alongside the DR when trying to decide but I eventually gravitated towards the DR due to its much better...
  23. ej28405

    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    I strung my dr98 at 58/55 with 17g natural gut mains and 17g synthetic crosses and really liked it but it was just a smidge uncontrollable/erratic at times, especially on returns. Thinking of upping the tension to 61/58. Has anyone had success using a higher tension or NG in crosses instead? I...
  24. ej28405

    Yonex Ezone DR CLUB!!!!~~~!!!

    I’ve been using the 93p for a little while but started developing some hand pain along with not being able to direct the ball down the line some of the time. Think it might be too handle heavy / head light for me. As a result of that I have been switching between the ezone 98 blue and ezone dr...
  25. ej28405

    Yonex EZONE (2018)

    Is it the blue dr 98 you have for sale? If so where is it posted?
  26. ej28405

    The ginormous bag showdown!

    I just got the green and black prince tour 9 pack bag but it holds 12 I’m pretty sure. I like it so far but it’s only been a couple weeks. I mainly got it because it matches the phantom frames I have and because I really needed a new bag. My other was around 8+ years old and started getting holes.
  27. ej28405

    New Phantom Pro (18x20) (320)

    Tonight for the 1st time I'll be hitting some singles with my new Phantom Pro (18x20) (320). I'll try to post something later on this evening with how it is compares to the 93p. I've played months with the 93p so I should be able to tell pretty quickly with how it is similar/different. More to...
  28. ej28405

    Prince Phantom 93P- Best string set up

    Why can’t you play with gut on clay? Why does it break too quickly on clay versus hard?
  29. ej28405

    New Phantom Pro (18x20) (320)

    For me it feels very similar if not close to identical in balance. One thing I noticed that was slightly different (other than the head size obviously...) is that the throat of the 100 is more curved or rounded whereas the 93p is more ‘boxy’. Something I noticed pretty quickly.