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  1. FuriousYellow

    Good Trading Experience With Cup8489

    He can be trusted with trades. Very honest.
  2. FuriousYellow

    US Open in 3D Again this Year

    Saw a few of the French Open matches and they were awesome. The camera angles are better than normal HD broadcasts IMO.
  3. FuriousYellow

    Adidas Men's Fall Response Line

    I noticed the women's Fall Response line is available but not the men's. This is not just TW, but everywhere. Any idea what the delay is?
  4. FuriousYellow

    Great Buying Experience from Fed1

    He has a lot of positive references as a seller on this board and they are well-earned. Thanks!
  5. FuriousYellow

    Adidas Spring/Summer Spezial Polos and Crews

    These are the ones Murray wore at the WTF. Has anyone bought one of these? I'm interested in hearing about fit and comfort. They look great, but I notice it they're no tech features like venting which probably why they're reasonably priced.
  6. FuriousYellow

    Great Experience Buying From ace18

    Purchased two Dunlop AG 300s (16x18) which I've wanted for awhile. Both racquets were actually in better condition than described and were received swiftly after payment was made. Would gladly do business with him again.
  7. FuriousYellow

    Wanted: Dunlop Aerogel 300 16x18 4 3/8

    Good condition (> 8.0) preferably.
  8. FuriousYellow

    Good Trading Experience with dantheman

    Very friendly, honest guy. Would do business with again.
  9. FuriousYellow

    Excellent Buying Experience From Clintspin

    Racquet condition was as described in his ad and was shipped immediately after payment. Racquet arrived quickly and undamaged due to careful packing. His excellent references on TT are well deserved.
  10. FuriousYellow

    TW Europe Already Selling Adidas Roland Garros Gear

    Glad they brought back the terre battue colors after last year's black/flourescent green, but not really liking the designs.
  11. FuriousYellow

    R.i.p. Tp

    Saddened to learn Teddy Pendergrass died yesterday. Truly great R&B singer. You'll be missed.
  12. FuriousYellow

    Demos for Dunlop AG300 (16x18( & AG200 (16x19)?

    TW, Will demos for both of these racquets be available? Thx.
  13. FuriousYellow

    maratsafin5 Recommended Seller

    Recently bought his KBlade 98. Item arrived quickly and in the condition he described in his post.
  14. FuriousYellow

    Question for Players Who've Used Wilson Hollow Core

    I got my free sample and plan on trying them out in a KBlade 98, but not sure what tension to try. I've only demoed the KB98 from TW which either had NXT or Sensation. Can anyone give a comparison between Hollow Core and those two? Is Hollow Core stiffer? Thanks!
  15. FuriousYellow

    Pleasure Dealing with Bill Portnoy

    Prompt payment and good communication.
  16. FuriousYellow

    FS: ProKennex Ki5 4 1/2 (8.0-8.5/10)

    For Sale or Trade: ProKennex Ki5 in 4 1/2 grip size. Condition is 8.0 to 8.5. Some minor scratching on the bumper guard and a couple of very small paint chips. Racquet is currently unstrung and comes with drawstring bag. As an added bonus, I will also include a set of Yonex Tour Super...
  17. FuriousYellow

    FS: Babolat Pure Storm Tour 4 3/8 8.5/10

    I'd estimate the condition to be 8.5/10. There's some minor scuffing on the bumper guard but no chips or dings. I purchased the racquet back in August from another member but have never even hit with it. I'm asking $95 shipping included to anywhere within the continental US. I have...
  18. FuriousYellow

    Great Buying Experience with Mr. Harharwood

    Racquet was in condition described and was shipped quickly. Terrific person to deal with and would buy from again.
  19. FuriousYellow

    Great Experience Buying From Rooski

    Honest guy and a pleasure to deal with.
  20. FuriousYellow

    F/S Gamma Ipex 7.0 MP 4 3/8

    8.0-8.5 out of 10. Purchased new from TW. Used it 3 or 4 times before giving up on it and have kept it stored in the racquet bag. It has a heat shrink sleeve on it to build up the grip by half a size, but this can be removed upon request. The frame has a few scuffs. I downgraded the...
  21. FuriousYellow

    Great Buying Experience From poinconeru

    Honest seller and very easy to deal with. Very happy with the purchase I made from him. Racquet was in better condition than described.
  22. FuriousYellow

    Donating Tennis Racquets

    Does anyone know of any tennis programs that would like a couple of tennis racquets still in very good condition?
  23. FuriousYellow

    Sweeney Todd

    Anyone else like this movie? I thought it was terrific. I've never seen the musical or listened to the score before, but I've been a fan of Tim Burton movies since Pee Wee's Big Adventure. I thought he'd lost it after horrible remakes of Apes and Choclate Factory, so it's great to see him...
  24. FuriousYellow

    FS: Volkl C10 Pro 4 3/8 7.0 out of 10

    Has some moderate scuffing on the bumper guard and minor paint chips from normal wear. Factory grip was replaced with brand new Dunlop Hyrdramax Tour grip. Purchased six months ago, but after one hitting session against the wall, I lost interest. $55 shipping included.
  25. FuriousYellow

    FS: ProStaff 6.0 95 4 3/8 9.5 out of 10

    Purchased 11/07 and have hit with it once for approx one hour. No scratches on the bumper guard. Overgrip used so leather grip is in like-new condition. Strung with Klip X-Plosive 17 gut/poly hybrid. Racquet cover included. $100 shipping including.
  26. FuriousYellow

    Kevywevyy is a Trustworthy Seller

    Great buying experience from him. Recommended seller.
  27. FuriousYellow

    Wanted: Wilson Prostaff 6.0 95 4 3/8

    Looking to buy one 8/10 condition or above. Contact:
  28. FuriousYellow

    Prince Speedport Tour Demos

    Any chance of getting demos setup with both sets of grommet systems so we can see how differently they play?
  29. FuriousYellow

    Eyedropper aka Dave Halleck-Great Seller

    Purchased a racquet from him. Shipped very quickly and condition was as described. Very pleased with the purchase and would do business with him again. Thanks Dave!