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  1. SamprasisGOAT

    I would be hilarious if Novak ends up with 12 Australian opens

    All the nadal fans saying how amazing nadals 12 French opens are and how untouchable that record is. Imagine Djokovic equalling it? Unlikely I know. I’ve heard several people say Djokovic could end up with 8 Wimbledon’s to match Federer. So why not 4 more Australians? Nadal and his fans would be...
  2. SamprasisGOAT

    Sampras is greater on grass than nadal is on clay. Opposition proves it.

    In the 90s grass court tennis was so strong. Winning 7 Wimbledon’s in 8 years in the 1990s against that grass field is one of the all time greatest achievements in sports history. Never mind tennis history. Nadal has racked up 12 French opens by playing no clay court specialists or clay court...
  3. SamprasisGOAT

    Top 3 players from each decade. Which decade has the strongest top 3?

    A player can’t feature in multiple decades. So I’ve put everyone in the decades they were most successful. for me it’s 1. 90s 2. 80s 3. 10s 4. 70s 5. 00s
  4. SamprasisGOAT

    Why has Djokovic only won 3 US open titles and how many will he end up with?

    Logically thinking hardcourt being Djokovic best surface with 11 hardcourt slams you'd have thought he’d have more than 3 US opens. what is it he doesn’t like as much asthe Australian open? Why has he lost so many finals? Court speed?Wild crowds? America as a country? I personally think he...
  5. SamprasisGOAT

    Is Djokovic more like Sampras or Agassi?

    Me being a huge huge huge Sampras fan, I’ve always supported Federer since Pete finished in 2002 and I always saw Djokovic with his double hander and great return as more of an agassi type player. Also Djokovic used to be mentally weak like agassi was. But these last 2 years I’ve started to...
  6. SamprasisGOAT

    Top 10 American clay court players in the open era?

    1. Jim Courier 2. Jimmy Connors 3. Andre Agassi 4. John McEnroe 5. Michael chang 6. Pete Sampras 7.Harold soloman 8. Eddie Dibbs 9. Jack sock 10. John isner anyone I’m missing here? and do you agree with my order?
  7. SamprasisGOAT

    Tennys Sandgren the rocky balboa story!

    This tournament has been like watching a modern day rocky story. he actually reminds me of a modern day Jimmy Connors. amazing flat back hand seems like a top top bloke too. exciting career ahead! the lack of credit he’s getting over on the pro match results thread is shameful. USA USA USA
  8. SamprasisGOAT

    As it’s the off season what’s the craziest.............

    Place you’ve ever watched a tennis match? Over the years I’ve watched tennis in some crazy places and crazy countries. The Gambia in a shack Federer vs nadal Indian Wells 2012 locals didn’t know what was going on with the tennis and I didn’t because there was human **** floating around on...
  9. SamprasisGOAT

    Great thread idea. Out of the 12 most successful open era players who plays in a similar style?

    Everyone knows the 12 most successful butt here gos anyway 1. Federer 2. Nadal 3. Djokovic 4. Sampras 5. Borg 6. Agassi 7. Lendl 8. Connors 9. McEnroe 10. Wilander 11. Edberg 12. Becker So here’s me trying to match them up stylistically Federer-Agassi before I did this I never thought of...
  10. SamprasisGOAT

    The greatest decade in tennis open era history?

    From me it gos 1.90s 2.80s 3.10s 4.00s 5.70s
  11. SamprasisGOAT

    This final is shockingly bad to watch. Tennis will die when Federer retires. Everyone will just watch his highlights on YouTube.

    I really think the way tennis is going it’s only a matter of time before it’s gone. Well gone as we know it anyway. The court speeds are a total mess. People stand 10 yards behind the baseline and trade shots until someone gets tired. Hardly any skill involved. Look I don’t even mind the...
  12. SamprasisGOAT

    After watching Reilly Opelka I fancy him to cause an upset

    I think he’s on course to win a few slams in his career. He’s basically John isner but much better. He’s got a very solid game. Mentally he’s impressive. He’s currently number 42nd in the world. This is an early prediction and I’ve heard nobody else mention that they rate him. Come Reilly...
  13. SamprasisGOAT

    Players with dominant H2H records over all main rivals in the 70s, 80s, 90s

    There’s not many of these players around. Am I right in thinking that 70s Borg 80s lendl Becker 90s Sampras Really is a select few and to me it’s massive.
  14. SamprasisGOAT

    At Wimbledon prime for prime Becker vs Edberg Who wins?

    If they played 10 times who wins? Prime for prime. It’s obviously 2-1 edberg but I don’t think that’s the right out come. I’ll go 7-3 Becker overall. I just think boris is to good for edberg. I love both players by the way. It will be interesting what my fellow former pro player forum...
  15. SamprasisGOAT

    This is a long shot but does anyone one on here know anything about Karl Meiler?

    This is a long shot. I’ve just read his Wikipedia page and I’m interested his style of play, favourite shots, favourite surfaces etc
  16. SamprasisGOAT

    Greatest forehand of all time! Not greatest ground game or greatest baseliner.

    This thread is not about the greatest baseline game or greatest movement or the greatest ground strokes overall. It’s about one shot. The forehand. Pete Sampras has the greatest forehand of all time. Now that’s Not a sentence you here on these forums and I’m sure this will be a...
  17. SamprasisGOAT

    As an old school tennis fan who loved Sampras, Becker, Edberg, Lendl, Federer etc tsitsipas is the man for me!

    Tsitsipas wawrinka and Federer are the only players keeping me involved and watching the tour on a week to week basis. I’ve been a fanatic since I was 6 years old. I’m 30 now. If you like attack based, all court tennis, single backhand and good mental strength they are the only 3 players that I...
  18. SamprasisGOAT

    Top 10 most important tournaments in the 90s?

    If you were to do the top 10 most important tournaments now days it would be quite easy but in the 90s it was more spread out. 1. Wimbledon 2. US open 3. French 4. YEC 5. Davis cup 6. Grand slam cup 7. Australian open 6. Cincinnati 7. Miami 8. Indian wells 9. Rome 10. Monte Carlo...
  19. SamprasisGOAT

    The next American grand slam winner? Is he currently playing?

    I noticed out of 10 Americans in the first round of the French open only 1 made it to the second round. Very poor. I know clay isn’t Americans best surface but still. It got me wondering who will the next American slam winner be? Is he even currently on the tour? Is there any potential next...
  20. SamprasisGOAT

    Top 10 Sampras career rivals?

    Who in everyone’s opinion are petes top 10 rivals throughout his career? 1. Agassi 2. Ivanisevic 3. Rafter 4. Becker 5. Krajicek 6. Courier 7. Chang 8. Henman 9. Rusedski 10. Hewitt Maybe edberg could of been included. They are just off the top of my head. Hopefully other posters will...
  21. SamprasisGOAT

    What was sampras biggest weakest? A S and V players or baseliners?

    I think serve and volley players were the ones Pete could loses to. But I read on here that people think nadal and Djokovic and Borg would beat sampras head to head. What do you guys think?
  22. SamprasisGOAT

    Top 5 peak level on each surface

    clay 1. Nadal 2. Borg 3. Federer 4. Djokovic 5. Lendl Fast Grass 1. Sampras 2. Federer 3. McEnroe 4. Becker 5. Edberg Slow grass 1. Sampras 2. Federer 3. Borg 4. Nadal 5. Djokovic Fast hardcourt 1. Sampras 2. Federer 3. McEnroe 4. Lendl 5. Agassi Slow hardcourt 1. Federer 2. Djokovic...
  23. SamprasisGOAT

    Sampras best year?

    i think his peak level was 1999 queens club to just before the uso. But archivement wise I think maybe 1995 Overall I'll go with 1999 What do you guys think
  24. SamprasisGOAT

    Wanted Wilson pro staff 85

    Any grip size. Thanks
  25. SamprasisGOAT

    Wanted Nike oscillate men's size 9 or 10

    U.K. Or US I don't mind. Thanks
  26. SamprasisGOAT

    I've been blaming slow court surfaces for years but........

    I think I have been wrong. It's been the balls that have slowed the play down. Look at the Australian open. Played with balls that were less fluffy and quicker through the air. Guess what a fast court player won. They say Wimbledon has the fluffiest balls on the tour. Maybe the courts aren't...
  27. SamprasisGOAT

    Which modern player is Bjorn Borg most like?

    I mean playing style wise and the mentality of Borg. I think playing style is Djokovic and mentality is federer. Nadal is the villas of this era only the courts same catered too nadals style.
  28. SamprasisGOAT

    Which modern player is Bjorne Borg most like?

    I mean playing style wise and the mentality of Borg. I think playing style is Djokovic and mentality is federer. Nadal is the villas of this era only the courts same catered too nadals style.
  29. SamprasisGOAT

    God it's good that nadal still hasn't passed Sampras

    And the reason is not because I'm a Sampras fan. The reason is because nadal has been so lucky to win the amount of grand slams he has. Here's why -Court speeds changed at the perfect time for him 2003-2014. Most of nadals career the courts have all blended into one speed. Which suits nadal...