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  1. galain

    Fashion aficionados of TT, help me choose my next hoodie please!

    My favourite hoodie has just been declared dead. I need a new one. First decision - zipper or no zipper? I have two others with zippers. I'm often in and out of them so I find them practical and probably more versatile but I don't really know. Just wondering if I should try something different...
  2. galain

    Tell me about your racquet collections!

    What is your collection based on? How did it begin? Do you have a 'most coveted' frame? My original goal was to match the Rossignol catalogue from 1983. F100, F200, F300, Johan Kriek Auto, Graphite 200, Tubex 200. Then I went a little mad and just started adding more Rossignols. Then I began...
  3. galain

    Do you think racquets/companies back in the day were region specific?

    I was thinking about how it seems as though half the tour is using a Wilson or a Babolat these days. Of course, there are far fewer companies around now, so their names are naturally going to be more ubiquitous, but thinking back to the 80's, I always associated Wilson with North American...
  4. galain

    Please...can somebody help a tech idiot?

    Due to the layout of my house, my office doesn't receive much of a wifi signal. I'm sometimes waiting 10 minutes for pages to load - it's really not feasible to work there. Can't move my office, can't move the router. I'm looking for a wireless solution. Been reading about repeaters but a lot...
  5. galain

    Would the ProStaff 6.0 still be a classic if any particular player had never used it?

    I'm wondering if it would have achieved legend status like the Prestige Tour/Classic based on its own merits, or if its widespread endorsement by the very best of best helped the Pro Staff cement it's spot as one of the all time classic frames. The Prestige was never really used by anyone at...
  6. galain

    Pat cash in the Wimbledon museum

    I know there has been talk of Cash's midsized Prince Woodie in the past, and whether it was a real thing or a paintjob. I've even had a former Aussie Davis Cupper tell me he thought it was probably a painted PK Golden Ace. Well - here you go. The man himself sets the record straight. Wimbledon...
  7. galain

    Naming conventions for racquets

    If you had a racquet company, how would you approach naming your product range? Bearing in mind you'd need to keep finding new names for new products, would you go with traditional 'names' like Prince (Phantom, Beast, Rebel etc) or some numerical/letter designation like Dunlop's latest? Or a...
  8. galain

    Wood racquet manufacture

    Does anyone know if, during the wood racquet era, the wood used for the frames was specifically felled for racquet manufacture, or did most of the racquet companies back then have other interests in wood (like ski's perhaps, or baseball/cricket bats) and racquet manufacture was an offshoot of...
  9. galain

    Anyone here know Martina Hingis' racquet history?

    Seems like she used more than a few Yonex models but I don't know if many of the changes were just cosmetic ones and she stuck with only a few different frames her whole career.
  10. galain

    Who was the better (cleaner) ball striker - Capriati or Clijsters?

    Been watching some old tennis while shut in and was thinking both of them have very clean strokes. Clijsters was obviously the better mover but just in terms of hitting the ball, it's hard to separate these two.
  11. galain

    Yonex R1, R3

    was there ever an R2 metal frame from Yonex? Has anyone hit with either of these sticks (or all three)? I'm thinking of picking one for a laugh but I'm curious to hear people's experiences with them. My first foray into graphite was courtesy of the Yonex R series - an R10. I saw a few R1's and...
  12. galain

    Who is the first pro you recall that used a vibration dampener?

    Sampras? Agassi's rubber band?
  13. galain

    Pure Control 95

    I was rewatching some old reviews last night and this one seemed to tick a lot of the right boxes, but I really haven't noticed it being discussed here on the boards. Can anyone who tried one/used/uses one fill me in? What did you like and what didn't work for you?
  14. galain

    What's going on with Angie Kerber?

    First round loss, I think she's coachless at the moment.....It wasn't so long ago that she was the queen of everything. I hope she gets it back together.
  15. galain

    Pizza vs Burger

    Which one do you choose if you have to choose one? I appreciate pizza, but a good burger is better I think.
  16. galain

    Frame comparisons?

    Have you guys ever thought about doing a comparative review between two different frames? I love some of the string comparisons that you've done - just wondered if this was too fiddly to make work or if it's ever been discussed?
  17. galain

    Which frame would Lendl have used in his prime, if it hadn't been his Adidas?

    Just curious about your opinions, because I've often wondered what some of the legends other options might have been at a time when there were so many. For example, the way the Max 200G plays - I think it suits a Becker type of game much more than McEnroe. Mac I could easily picture with a Pro...
  18. galain

    Whose performance would suffer the most if they had to use a full gut stringjob?

    Just curious. I was watching some of the footage from Paris today and I thought - "This generation of players may have never used anything other than poly.." I was wondering what other members here thought.
  19. galain

    The Rossignol Vectris line???

    My name is galain and I am a Rossignol tragic. It's been 11 days since I held one in my hands... But - tragic as I am, I never had anything to do with the Vectris line. I wouldn't mind trying some out and they seem to be out there in abundance. Does anyone know much about them or how the...
  20. galain

    Clip from the Head HQ in Austria (apologies if this is a repost)

    Just saw this on my Youtube feed. I wasn't sure if it had been shared here already but thought it may be of interest.
  21. galain

    Who was your first tennis 'hero' and why?

    Maybe not hero, but the first player you remember supporting and rooting for? For me, it was Guillermo Vilas. I would have been around 9 or 10 and I was watching him playing a grass court tournament on tv. Chasing after a lob, he slipped on the grass, fell, got back up, continued chasing the...
  22. galain

    How does the Wilson Clash flex compared to the Prince Phantoms?

    The Clash review got me all excited about a flexible offering from Wilson but I'm curious about how this frame compares to the Prince Phantom line (the Phantom 100) for example? More or less flexy? More or less feel? anyone on the team able to answer this? Many thanks in advance.
  23. galain

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Thanks for another great year TW team. You all rock!
  24. galain

    Was there a lot of difference between Borg's Bancroft and Donnay frames?

    Just curious - was watching some of his US Open matches and although I know he was contracted to Bancroft outside of Europe, it still seems strange to see him without his Donnay. I was wondering if anyone here could compare how they played.
  25. galain

    How would a peak Safin have fared against the best today?

    We saw him eke out a win against a prime/almost prime Fed at the Australian Open. I know he's lost twice to Nadal but both times toward the end of his career. He was one of the players that seemed immense when he was having a good day. Would he have had the firepower to shut down Djokovic or...
  26. galain

    Can anyone tell me who the Fox Sport commentators are?

    South African guy and a North American? I'm watching in a country I'm not normally in - have never watched on Fox before, never heard this team before, but watching Fed's match against Nishioka the US commentator mentioned he'd played against McEnroe and Agassi. I can't place him though. Thanks...
  27. galain

    Federer talks racquet history (in German)

    I don't have time to provide a translation right now - perhaps some of our other german speaking board members may be able to? Interesting to see that Fed uses string savers! (from 4.50 onward).
  28. galain

    This small doco reminded me again why I was such a Guga fan.

    How I would have loved to have seen a match between Guga at his peak, and Nadal.
  29. galain

    Calling Coach Rick

    Coach Rick This was posted on the "Worst Racquet to Win a Slam" thread on the main racquets forum. Mats absolutely didn't use the flexi junk they sold. I gave the President of Rossignol a ride to the airport when I was the Head Pro at the Macci Academy (we all had to use that crap for 1 year)...
  30. galain

    Who was the first racquet smasher?

    I saw a pic of Kyrgios holding a smashed stick today after losing to Zverev in his Davis Cup match, and started wondering who the first person I recall smashing a racquet in anger/frustration was. I'm so old I honestly can't. I would have named Johnny Mac but the closest I can recall was him...