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  1. Hatari!

    Andy Roddick To New Friend Phil Mickelson: 'We're Just Like Roger Federer And Tiger" I hear they ate off of those runner-up trophy plates.
  2. Hatari!

    Talent vs. Laziness

    I just played a match for a high school tournament, against a Superchamp (equivalent to a 4.5 adult). I won it in a long grind of straight sets. He was way too low on the ladder (number 5) below people I knew were Champs (lower level than Superchamps). My coach believed that the school was...
  3. Hatari!

    Mental "Lapses"

    In a match I played yesterday (playing a single pro set), I followed up a comeback from 3-5 down to 5-5, only to double fault three times in a row and give away the break. This was the most important point of the match where it happened, but it wasn't the only time it happened during the match...
  4. Hatari!

    "Buttery Feel"

    I have heard people on this forum often say "this racquet feels like butter" as both a compliment and a complaint. Can anyone define a "buttery feel" and why it would be a good/bad thing.
  5. Hatari!

    Justine Henin Retires!

    Today, Justine Henin retires, saying she doesn't want to play another day, having "won all she wanted to win". http://www.*********.com/ts/display_page.php?page_num=ts_lp_jhenin&PHPSESSID=b8d351f227bb7d94154080d41df2cddb
  6. Hatari!

    Bjorn Borg using a K90! I wonder if it's real or a PJ?
  7. Hatari!

    Taking advantage of a super-flexible shoulder

    I have an extremely flexible shoulder. That spot on your back that you can't scratch doesn't exist for me. In fact, when I did a flexibility test, my doctor marveled at the fact that I could clap my arms together behind my back, and pull them together so my palms were past my opposite hands'...
  8. Hatari!

    The Hawaii Chair!

    I'm not sure how the hell this is supposed to strengthen your abs, but just for having a hilarious ad... My girlfriend and I want to integrate this into our um... "activities" but we just can't figure out a way. Advice?