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  1. junior74

    Gosen Sidewinder - what colour is softest?

    Has anyone tried the various colours? I have only tried the black. Are there differences in playability/ comfort between the black, red and orange/ yellow? Thanks!
  2. junior74

    Transition from PCG?

    I use the Prince Classic Graphite. I am getting slower and weaker. Biggest problem is I create less racquet head speed on my strokes as I fatigue and it leads to me pushing through the strokes too much. Do you think weight in the handle could help or should I try and find a racquet that's a...
  3. junior74

    Djokovic - the love edition

    Just watched these highlights, and the crowd loves Djokovic, and rightfully so: He plays great, but the mental game is absent. Is the lack of love in recent years a result of a more boring game, or what is it? As far as I know, he was Serbian in 2007, too. So... what happen-ed?
  4. junior74

    Who are you?

    Old school ball basher here :cool:
  5. junior74

    WTF 2019: Mad Lad vs. Tittypass

    No thread? :oops: Will there be more epicness from our beloved NextGen stars today?
  6. junior74

    16 Kyrgios free weeks

    Discuss/ disgust? Asian swing w/o for Novak, then. Yes, I realise the next 16 weeks won't be Kyrgios free, as @octobrina10 points out below. I was too quick on the draw :)
  7. junior74

    Disrespectful Punk is the only challenge

    We are now in the quarter finals... and what has happen-ed? The only player who has kept a match close with Big3, is the Disrespectful Punk; the guy who lacks respect for the game, the crowd, the opponent and himself. The descriptions of the only one able to produce decent tennis other than...
  8. junior74

    Nice day for tennis, ey?

    The Fog is taking on The Prince of Clay Slamovic will be tested by handsome Jeremy in form The Swiss Lion needs a big win, will it be against The Glass Ninja? Gurufils has not had the chance to give The Maestro a proper clay lesson in years Greek Hair God will try to outMonn! The Spanish Choker...
  9. junior74

    Djokovic: Last man standing

    Nadal just lost in R2 against an injured Kyrgios, and his game did not look good. Federer is losing matches and sets to everyone, as he has done for a long time. Looks terribly inconsistent. Murray is gone. Delpo is out. Thiem, Dimitrov, Raonic have established themselves as no threat. Zverev...
  10. junior74

    Fedr out of top 10

    This Eagle is losing altitude Will he ever be top 3 again? Is he playing clay to cling on to a top 10 ranking? Disgust/ discuss!
  11. junior74

    Apocalyptic masterpieces

    So, in these days of no trust, when reason has forsaken our lands, when greed permeates all and the world is coming to an end... what's your favourite apocalyptic tune? No end without this one:
  12. junior74

    Shot clock - the point isn't over until the umpire has spoken?

    Been watching Citi Open, with the on court shot clock. On several occasions, the shot clock has started more than 10 seconds after a point is over. So in 2018, the time between points went from 20 to 35 seconds. WTF is going on? Tennis rules are clear about when a point is over. They say...
  13. junior74

    FS: 2 x Volkl V1 Pro Organix

    2 x Volkl V1 Pro Organix 4 3/8 Unstrung 7.5/10 80 Euro + shipping for the pair Can string them with Head Rip Control or Double AR Diablo at desired tension for 30 Euros extra. So 110 freshly strung. Racquets will be shipped from Norway.
  14. junior74

    2018 ATP Madrid Open

    Edmund, Shapovalov, Coric goating.... will Bull be challenged? Will he lose a set?
  15. junior74

    Nadal (1) - Klizan (Q), QF Barcelona

    What will it be? Klizan on fire to take out the Bull on his own pista? Double baking products? Maximum of 5 games?
  16. junior74

    Vintage Ibanez guitars

    Are you, like me, fond of these old beauties? My first electric was the Les Paul Custom Agent from '75. A stunning guitar, all orignal, that I bought from an old man in the late 80s dirt cheap. And then I let it go a few years later to purchase a standard Telecaster, because I was so influenced...
  17. junior74

    Comfortable poly? Yes

    Four years ago, I suffered from TE after having returned to tennis with high hopes, my old Yonex Titanium frame and some stiff polyester strings. At first, I thought it was fatigue - but when I couldn't sleep at night and when I had to wash my hair and brush my teeth with my left hand I bought a...
  18. junior74

    Tourna big hitter silver alternatives ?

    I've only recently discovered this amazing string, yet I am on the search for something a little softer, if it's out there...? Preferably with same level of power and control. One poster told me Topspin Cyber Flash is the one, but then I read comments about how they had changed something and...
  19. junior74

    Something as soft as Double AR Diablo 1.19?

    So... I´ve been trying the Double AR Diablo 1.19, and really like it, because it is so easy on the arm. But... It loses its playability (extreme tension loss) after just 2-3 hours :( Are there any polys that has similar softness, but still retains playability a little longer? Thanks :)
  20. junior74

    There's a bluebird in my heart...

    Good article on Berdych's lack of mental fortitude against the Big4. I feel sorry for him. He has such a beautiful game, wonderful power in his groundstrokes, underrated net game, effective service. But he can't perform against the top dogs. He just can't... Rogers Cup was no exeption. Three...
  21. junior74

    Djokovic explanation

    Pre Rogers Cup interview excerpt: "A bad loss at Wimbledon cannot overshadow the results I’ve had in the last 15 months.” Post W19 interview excerpt: (Asked whether he was 100% healthy, Djokovic said: )"Not really. The opponent was playing on a very high level and he deserved to win." I am...
  22. junior74

    New favourite author

    Ferdinand von Schirach. Discovered him a couple of years ago and has read all his books. He is a famous defence lawyer in Germany. His writings are related to his experiences from the court, sometimes from exceptional cases. Extremely well-crafted, sharp, "show, don't tell" style. Highly...
  23. junior74

    I´d like to read more about Stan

    The travel from journeyman to Stan The Man has been fascinating. He won the AO under "circumstances". Then his private life took dramatic turns. People on this board say things like getting married and having children drastically changes your mental state. Well, nothing tops failing in marriage...
  24. junior74

    Recommend one album from 2015

    Only one. The music album which you enjoyed the most, or surprised you the most, or an album that you just think other people should give a chance :) Laura Marling - Short Movie
  25. junior74

    What happened to Dimitrov?

    I saw Dimitrov defeating Djokovic in Madrid 2013 on youtube (again!) and 50 times during that match, I thought: "What happened to this Dimitrov? Where did he go?". There were some signs of the same guy at Wimbledon 14, but apart from that, not much. So. . . What happened? And what should he do...
  26. junior74

    Tips to hit lower in the stringbed?

    Hi guys! I have recently discovered that i hit the ball too high in the racquet face. Can anyone recommend some drills or techniques that will help me hit a little lower in the stringbed? Thanks.
  27. junior74

    Life expectancy of a frame?

    Hi guys! Just recently I read that one member replaced his frame after 20-25 stringings. Sounded very quick to me. Is that really the life expectancy of a frame? How about the grommets - does change of grommets influence the performance?
  28. junior74

    Problems stringing Babolat Origin

    Have adjusted my clamps as tight as I can, but still the Origin slips through. I don't have any flying clamps that I can support with. Has any of you had this problem, and do you have a fix? Thanks :)
  29. junior74

    String savers

    My favorite set-up is multi mains/ poly cross. But the mains break in 2-4 hours. Will string savers prolong the main's life? Will it affect playability? Please, share your experience.
  30. junior74

    Safin - biography

    The Australian Open 2005 SF between Marat Safin and Roger Federer is one of my favorite matches. I saw it again last night, and I could not stop wondering how such a talented and incredibly skilled shotmaker like Safin couldn't take the throne and dominate for years and years... Is there a...