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    Weaponized Extended BLX 6.1 95 18x20

    I’ve been having excellent success in singles competition over the last couple of weeks using this as my primary racquet. BLX 6.1 95 18x20 Strung a long, long time ago with Evolution 17g mains, OG micro 18g crosses 54 lbs well-prestretched Now on verge of snapping Extended to 27-7/16” strung...
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    Low-Cost Accurate Body Fat Meter?

    How cheap can I get something that is worth it? The reason I’m interested is because I used to find that recording my weight daily helped give me motivation to get leaner. But that was before I started up with resistance workouts at the gym. Now the scale stays stuck at one place, and it...
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    Kenin’s malicious use of moonballs against modern style players

    I hope she goes far. These one-trick-pony baseline bashers have no answer for her moonballs on clay.
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    Pironkova - another pro who plays kind of like I do

    Kind of the half Niculescu.
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    18x20 Dominance in 2020 US Open - All 6 remaining in draw

    Is this the end of the open pattern era?
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    Official 8.0 Mixed Doubles Chronicles

    I’m planning to play 8.0 MXD this season. For me, 8.0 mixed is not really tennis. It’s a different sport altogether, requiring excellent teamwork, communication skills, unconventional strategies, and completely different skillsets than regular doubles to maximize success. I love it! Post...
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    2020 US Open - More Chalk? Or more Upsets?

    Will the lay-off and lack of fans lead to more surprises than usual?
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    My first singles tournament of 2020

    Just finished my singles league season and playoffs undefeated. It was fun to compete again. My technical level and physical level over the summer was much higher due to more consistent practice during the lockdown - the highest since my peak prime years. Here’s a snapshot of me following...
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    Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson - wrong dude favored?

    Nate Robinson may not have a boxing resume, but he is a world-class freak athlete. He was an amazing cornerback when he played at UW. And honestly, it would have been easier for him to have a solid career in the NFL as either a wide receiver or a defensive back than as a basketball player...
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    Anyone else a Tropical Rainforest Buff?

    I’m a big fan of tropical jungles — especially ones that have lots of critters in them. Some think I’m crazy, but I like to spend my vacations visiting lush wildlife-dense rainforests in national parks around the world. Any ideas how to save the rainforests? I find data like this...
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    Run, Lola, Run - brilliant but flawed?

    I watched this movie this weekend. I really liked it. Killer soundtrack. Terrific charismatic performance in the leading role. Unique and memorable directorial style. My only big criticism is that this could have gone from an A to an A+ if they had only made Lola’s boyfriend’s character a...
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    2020 US Open Final: Bautista-Agut vs. Isner

    Why do I have this funny feeling that Djokovic will be undone by a freak injury, the 20-something guys will fail as usual, and we will be left with second-tier 30-something veterans like RBA and Big John at the end of the tournament?
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    What cool place have you played tennis?

    I like to travel around and play tennis. Please post a city where you have played some fun tennis, and what or who made it memorable. I have many myself, so I will try to contribute some good ones. I’ll start: I used to play tennis on a secret rooftop court on top of a tall building in the...
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    Running around every backhand and still winning

    I was watching clips of the 1994 FO, and I was amazed at how Berasategui was able to use a ready position standing almost in the alley. Even really good baseliners like Kafelnikov, an eventual FO champion, were unable to expose Berasategui leaving so much court open on his forehand side. I...
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    Gah! Zoom video calls suck your essence!!!

    After a multi-hour group Zoom video call, does anyone else feel weakened like a Podling drained of its essence by the Skeksis in the Dark Crystal?
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    Gorilla Tape - the incredibly useful customization tool

    I have found myself using this more and more. I still use lead tape for when need to add a ton of weight in high density under the grip or inside the hoop. But I love Gorilla Tape for: 1. Securing multiple layer lead tape on the hoop by adding crosswise 1/4” wide rings of Gorilla Tape around...
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    Was I in the Wrong Here? Or Justified?

    Last night I was in the middle of a closely contested league singles match. Serving at 4-3, in the middle of a point, I start hearing a very loud banging noise, with bangs happening every 2-3 seconds as I’m trying to hit the ball. I finished the point through the distraction. After the point...
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    North Carolina - July 26-29 - Tennis!?!?

    4.5-5.0 in Durham area for a few days. Anyone want to hit?
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    Modding my brand new Ultra Tour platform frame

    I just purchased a brand new Wilson Ultra Tour. $99 feels like a good deal. The first thing I notice is that this just might be the most handsome racquet I've ever held in my hand. That peacock blue trim on glossy midnight looks smooth! I'm almost afraid to mess up the paint job with my...
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    Over-30 geezers have won the last 14 slams and counting

    In a sport where players peak in their early 20’s, this is embarrassing. When will this trend finally end?
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    Easy transaction with Tony Xiong

    Great communication. Racquet arrived quickly in excellent condition. @Tony xiong is a reliable seller.
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    Ultimate Performance Racquet? Control of dense 18x20 with Power and Spin of 16x18?

    I think the BLX 6.1 95 18x20 is a perfect frame to test out this experimental concept. Having a racquet with a string pattern that is extremely dense in the middle, but extremely open on the periphery, is advantageous for performance. It combines the advantages of a tight stringbed (better...
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    Irony: most ‘pushers’ have better net game than most ‘bashers’

    This has been my experience.
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    Tell me about Yannick Noah’s choked-up grip

    Yannick Noah is one of my favorite players. I love how he imposes his athleticism and intimidates his opponent by pressuring the net at every opportunity. It was pointed out to me earlier this week that Noah used a choked-up grip for all of his shots besides the serve. It looks like he is...
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    The major logic hole in the movie Limitless

    This was on TV last night. I like this movie a lot. It’s cool to think that popping a pill can give you superpowers. But there is one huge problem with the storyline: After the protagonist realizes that he can use his superpower to get rich by day-trading, he is able to quadruple his money...
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    Covid-19 serves

    Still in Phase 1 here in Seattle. No nets means open courts to practice serves.
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    Flying too close to the sun

    The good: I’ve been playing the last week with much longer racquet than I am used to. It’s a BLX 6.1 95 18x20 extended to 27.6”. I’ve been blistering huge serves that dive into the box with Roddick-like confidence, and my comfort level on other shots gets better each day. My playing level...
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    Holy Grail? Checks a lot of boxes

    Just pulled the trigger on this one: Extended 27.5” length for booming heavy spin serves? - check Light weight to allow flexible customization and strategically concentrated lead tape at 10 and 2, and in the handle? - check Thin sexy 21mm rounded box beam to look svelt? - check Firm flex for...
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    BLX 6.1 95 18x20 Extended to 27.6" - Serve Monster?

    I have recently acquired a taste for extended frames with dense patterns and firm flex. I've been getting along well with 27.25" frames the past 2-3 weeks, and curious to know If I can go longer? This week, I purchased a pair of used BLX 6.1 95 18x20s, with the aim to do some experimentation...