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    Another year, another predictable season

    I am glad Djokovic won, but here we go again. Every year is the year that Nadal is finish at AO, will win nothing again, Fed is finish, will win nothing ever again. Djokovic has the year on his raquet to win a year slam...And then Nadal is not so finish when RG comes, Federer makes another W...
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    Whiner Nadal not liking when the the tides are turned and fans support Novak?

    Maybe they don't understand it is not soccer/football? He says? What a sore loser. I guess it is not that much fun when it happens to you. What a hypocrite!
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    Djokovic another surgery news

    Might miss rest of the reason according to rumours. That is too bad for all of tennis!
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    Djokovic needs to step up to keep up!

    Many points lost, Nadal creeping on him on ATP rankings. Still both are dominant this year, but let us all (Joker's fans) hope his injury was mild. It is clear that the victory over Fed took a lot out of him. And why such a hesitant play in Wimbledon against Fed? I get it, keeping his calm bcs...
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    Nick K. does he have adhd? How many tennis players have adhd?

    He acts like he does have it. Or as someone who takes stimulants. No filter, no watching words. How many tennis players have documented adhd?
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    Reality check please

    If a college freshman who plays for mediocre DIII team, not top 30 nationally, and has UTR of 11(barely though) takes 3 games and has many deuce games in two sets against a strong 14 UTR, almost 15, who is ranked very low 600 ATP, US player, is that something to be happy about or freshman should...
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    Stepanek for Novak's coach?

    Is this true? I read an article that Stepanek is in consideration. I can't imagine that anybody would have more weird/uglier team sitting in the box. First, the embarrassing hiring of Pepe on his team and than the possibility of Stepanek who is not only ugly on the inside but proven ugly on...
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    What was wrong with Djokovic's gesture during the Schwartzman match?

    I just watched it on some news site, and I am confused about what was menacing about it? Thanks.
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    Was any other no 1 as bad as Andy Murray in the last few months?

    He is still over 3500 points ahead of Djokovic and if possible he is doing worse than Djokovic so far this year. What happened to Murray from end of last season? Talk is all about Djokovic and his lack of motivation, but how bad is Murray if he is doing even worse than the guy who has Pepe only...
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    British Press as predicted Seriously, the Fourth King? Federer has 17 Slams, Nadal 14, Djokovic 12, if I am not wrong? Andy Murray 3.
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    Why is Djokovic on ct. 1?

    I just tuned in to see that the defending champ is not playing on Centre Court? Second day in a row, for one match? I know he might not be popular and it looks like he is not doing well at all, but this is just not right. I know Murray is their own, and they love Federer, but quite honestly I...
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    Teen playing men's open tournaments

    I hope somebody can give me some input. My teen son would like to start playing men's tournaments to find different and maybe more mature competition. He is a very good player(but not a top player) and gets good competition at national level tournaments but it is all the time same kids, over...
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    Djokovic leads in rankings by almost twice as many points as no. 2

    Does anyone have any information if this much of a lead happened in the past and by whom? Djokovic has 16950 while Murray has 8915, which not quite half as much, but very close. I am not too familiar with tennis statistics, but I can't help but think that this is insane.
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    What if Djokovic fully unleashed his temper? Would it be fun or not?

    We know that Djokovic has a temper, in the past his temper worked against him, but today his efforts to tame the beast with yoga, meditation, avoiding gluten, whatever new age stuff he is into, has certainly helped him in becoming no 1. But wouldn't it be fun to have an unhinged no 1? These days...
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    What does Nadal's win in MC mean for Djokovic's chance to win RG?

    Is it bad news for Djokovic? Does it matter in the long run to RG? What do you think?
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    Sonic string most like Luxilon?

    I hope somebody can help me out with this question. My kid likes playing with Luxilon Big Banger original string, but we can get a good price on Head strings. Which one of Head strings plays most like Luxilon Big Banger? Thank so much for any advice.
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    How long before Nadal takes a long break from tennis again? No matter what the reason, injury, burned out? I feel it is coming sooner rather than later.
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    Why does Murray wear ankle braces?

    I noticed he had them during the AO final, but did he wear them the whole tournament? If so, why does he need them, injury or something else?
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    How to overcome pecking order?

    How to overcome it? If you are getting better and better and you start beating opponents you couldn't before, but something is mentally holding you back since you consider some players better, how do you work on overcoming this issue? I am not asking how you beat them, since obviously they...
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    Nadal won't miss any tournaments

    In the news, that is their statement. What exactly is his plan now? I guess knees injury was outdated? Now he has an excuse for the rest of this season.
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    tennis shoes advice

    I was hoping to get some advice regarding tennis shoes for my 14 year old who plays tennis full time. Clearly, he goes through a lot of shoes. We finally found Adidas style that fit him and was light and had great support, but now I can't find that same shoe anywhere. He was size seven until...
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    How many hours, tournaments etc...

    I was thinking to maybe get a thread going about how many hours, tournies, matches and what age is your kid, or you if you are a junior yourself, what are your or your kids hopes, like D1, Pro, high school etc... So here are some question to start: How old is the kid? How many hours of drills...
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    I was hoping somebody will have advice on how to get a kid to remember proper footwork all the time. During privates and tough matches he does it pretty good, but during drills and not so tough opponets he just walks on the court and seems surprised when the ball gets back! Footwork has always...
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    Housing academy kids

    I hope somebody can give me some information on what all entails housing players? I've got some information but it seems like people who are doing it are saying it is not big deal, easy etc... But, I wonder, don't you have to pay taxes on money received? Do you save receipts and claim meals...
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    4 star tennis academy Virginia

    Does anybody have experience with this tennis program? They are located in Norther Virginia and not a full time tennis academy. If you went there or had a kid train there, please let me know what were your impressions. Thanks.
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    Tennis Academy in NoVa

    I was wondering if anybody would know of good tennis academies in North Virginia? I know there is College Park in MD and that is supposed to be really good, but might be too far to drive everyday if we relocate to Fairfax County which is in NoVa. I saw online there is a Fairfax Raquet Club and...
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    Playing too defensively

    I am having a different situation than a Dad with the girl who attacks every ball. My son played very good tennis last year, age 10. Hit clean, fast balls, with speed, he was attacking and I couldn’t believe what he was doing on the court, it was that good. Forward a year and he is playing...
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    Help with balance for an 11 year old

    Hi, I hope somebody can help me out with some suggestions how to improve balance. My son has great movement on the court and is very fast, gets to just about any ball and hits very well. But, he has always had pretty poor balance. Couldn't put his pants on, without sitting down, etc. and when...