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    Haas Vs Blake *forthcoming spoiler*

    This is going to be a blockbuster fourth rd encounter. Blake has a 2-0 winning record against Haas, with both matches being played on American soil. I can see this one being a close 3 setter, too tough to call the winner though.
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    BB Alu Power ice blue

    I have a couple of sets of these strings if anyone is interested. Willing to offer free international shipping. E-mail me at or post here for further questions.
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    (Federer vs Haas) Marquee 4th rd encounter

    With Hewitt and Roddick making early exists, there is a possiblity of losing the top three seeds before the q-final stages of a slam. Although an outside shot, Haas is not initimidated by Feds game "I believe I have the variety in my game to give him some trouble, I like to think that I'm...
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    Teen Phenoms suffer setback *Spoiler*

    There was alot of hype about the young-guns before the Australian Open. Gasquet, Monfils, Murray and Djokovic were expected to make some noise and go deep in the draw. Subsequently they all suffer first rd exists. Murray claimed the media were putting too much pressure on him, and that he was...
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    Henman killer: Tursunov

    Deja vous for Henman. Only this time Tursunov took 4 sets to dispatch Henman. Unbelivable that Tursunov could barely put the ball in court when 1-5 down and suddenly finds his range winning 7-5 in the fourth. What amazed me was the power of Tursunov's forehand and his shot selection. It was like...
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    Roddick using new PD??? The Raquet has definitely changed cosmetics compared to his old Pure drive team plus. Lighter blue in colour and different...
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    Murray booed in Aukland

    Murray made the following comments about the first set, in which there were seven breaks of serve during his win over Carlsen. "I think we both played like women in the first set" (Murray). This initiated a crowd reaction resulting in boos from the crowd. The Briton later said that he...
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    Custom Spec of LM Prestige users

    Hey nViATi I noticied you are a fellow LM Prestige MP player. Today I was messing aorund with lead tape and applied 1/4 x 4 inch lead tape strips at 3 and 9 o Clock. Since 1 inch of 1/4 inch lead tape weighs .25 grams). A 4 inch strip weighs 1g. At first I used 8 grams in total, and the...
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    Rio Exhibition update

    Kuerten def mello 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 Without competing for almost three months, Guga was motivated with his performance against Mello, especially in the physical part. "Already it was a very positive start, mainly in the part of the resistance, that people come very working. I ran for two hours...
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    Guga launches own clothing brand

    Guga becomes a fashion icon!!.
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    Guga- off topic

    What do you best associate Gustavo Kuerten with??
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    How do you modify your LM Prestige MP

    I use a leather replacemant grip with a Babolat vs overgrip. In addition, I am in the process of adding lead at the 3 and 9 o clock positions on the frame. The raquet needs more mass imo, as booming serves are difficult to generate without adding more weight into the head. I also experienced...
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    Kuerten denied Aukland wild card

    The organisers of January's Heineken Open have had to turn down one of the world's most famous players and a former number one. Three-times French Open champion Gustavo Kuerten, who's ranking has slipped to 136 in the world, had asked for a wildcard into the Auckland tournament. But all...
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    registered **** user i need your help

    registered e.b.a.y user i need your help Basically I need to conatct a user on e.b.a.y but I am unable to create an account because I dont have a personalised email address and I dont wish to use an hotmail account as I have to post credit card details. If someone would be able to contact a...
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    Adjusting Spec on LM Prestige MP

    I have recently been using a price leather replacemant grip and a babolat overgrip. The raquet has become predominantly handle heavy and it felt alot more stable when hitting one handed backhands. However I was unable to produce as much raquet head speed on my serves and forehands. I am...
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    Ordering from TW

    Can anyone please tell me if there are any additional costs when ordering goods from TW online. I am present in the UK and assume I have to pay for the delivery and packaging. Does anyone know the cost typically for some tennis shoes?.
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    Safin at Paris presentation *spoiler*

    Marat has decided to get the same stylist as Guga. Check out the resemblance. Safin has a good relationship with Guga, and considers him one of his greatest rivals. Henman also believes...
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    The Beach

    Okay just watched this move the other day and it was a very good movie, with a nice concept. I cant really explain my love for this movie (I'm not a Leo fan, so thats not it), but I just really love this movie. The movie is about a guy who stumbles upon a map given to him by a mysterious...
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    Guga to play in Argentina Cup

    Guga will dispute friendly match in Argentina as preparation Gustavo Kuerten will dispute a friendly match as part of preparation for the next season. Of 15 the 18 of December, the Brazilian tenista will play the Argentina Cup, in Buenos Aires, against some of the best tenistas of the world...
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    Who will grab the final spot into Shanghai??

    Fed, Nadal, Hewitt, Safin, Roddick, Agassi and Coria. The above listed players (apart from Agassi and Coria) have qualified for the masters cup. One would assume Coria and Agassi have enough points accumulated (approx +40 to nearest rival). Assuming the following 7 players are fully fit...
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    Best Grand slam of 2005??

    My pick is the FO, because of the emergence of Nadal as the new King of Clay. In addition, who can forget the way the crowd turned against the umpire in the match against Grosjean and started to boo every time he called the score. Nadal was also victim of the partisan crowd that day. It was...
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    Looking for a hitting partner in Birmingham (U.K)

    Hi, I am looking for someone to hit with near the Warwickshire area of Birmingham. The players at my club tend to play less often during the winter fall and the club is on the verge of folding due to lack of funding. I am also a member of hall green tennis. Anyone near Birmingham interested...
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    Americans commit to doubles in Madrid

    James Blake will not be (playing qualies), but he will be competing next week in Madrid- with Andy Roddick in the doubles draw!. Rarely do you see such high profile players, teaming up in such an event. Perhaps the new scoring system will attract the big names.
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    Pros player close up vid clips

    Guga warming up for his match against Goldstein at the US Open Guga practicing his serve with coach Murray vs G.Lapentti (US Open Qualifying)...
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    Pros who should hang up their raquet

    For me it seems Tim Henman is coming towards the end of his career. It seems he has been unable to shrugg off these persistant back and shoulder problems. I just dont see Henman as the type of guy who is willing to play lower tier events to get his ranking back up. Furthermore he does not have...
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    Guga keeps Brazilian hopes alive

    (Clay outdoors) Gustavo Kuerten (BRA) d. Marcel Felder (URU) 61 60 36 64 Pablo Cuevas (URU) d.Flavio Saretta (BRA) 63 36 64 62 Currently playing doubles with Andre Sa. (Check out the Brazilian colours).
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    Modifying Grip size (urgent)

    I recently realised I have been playing with a grip one size smaller then recommended. In an attempt to increase my 4 1/2 grip size of my LM Presitge I place two Babolat overgrips ontop of my replacement grip. However after playing with the following set-up I noticed a marked reduction in the...
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    Guga realistic about top 15

    He was beaten by the spaniard Tommy Robredo in four sets, feeling some pain in his back, but without problemas in the hip, he lefts New York motivated. Gustavo Kuerten ended up his participation in the US Open 2005, in the thursday, beaten by the spaniard Tommy Robredo, in a 3-1 match (5/7...
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    Sharapova to be tested??

    Maria is expcected to be tested by the young promising Indian Sania Mirza. Already a breakthrough 4th rd result in her debut at Flushing Meadows little expectation or pressure is on Mirza going into the match. Can Mirza use her booming forehand to keep Sharapova off balance or will nerves...
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    Andy Murray up next **spoiler**

    I cant wait for the match to start. Hopefully he wont puke all over the court and be ready to go the distance. Clement took out Ferrero which could potentially open up the draw for Andy. The jr US Open champ could have a 4th rd showdown with Federer. He seems to be a crowd favorite and is on the...