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    Replacement for barricade 7's

    bought a pair of barricades a while back and had no problems with it until now, i dont know why but these shoes are just killing my toe's and i feel a bloody toe coming so i need to switch. i previously used to use ballistics 3.3 but those shoes just took to long to break in so i dont think i...
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    Do you think djokovic will switch shoes?

    Watching the wawrinka and djokovic match and noticed hes wears B7's.. He probably prefers them over the B6's on clay... Do you think he will switch to the B7's later on the year or carry on using his customised B6's?
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    Wilson leather grips STINKS! replacement?

    i just switched rackets to prostaff blx 90 and a leather grip came with it so i said what the heck and used it with an overgrip, have to say i like the feel compared to other synthetic grips. After using it for awhile i noticed that a smell transfered to my overgrips and i have to say this...
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    Yonex supergrap vs Tournagrip XL

    Which do you prefer in terms of durability and absorption?
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    help picking strings!

    i kinda new to strings so i need peoples opinions, i currently use babolat xcel and i have used this string for awhile, i used to use poly's but they lose tension to quickly. im looking to change to a new set of multi's or a hybrid, but since i haven't used many strings i cant pick a new...