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    Shot clock on 2nd serve

    Nadal in recent times is abusing even more the fact that you can take how ever long you wish after a fault first serve. I wish we could rely on players' common decency to do this without a rule, but has got to the stage of absurdity now. He has added in the wiping the baseline and knocking...
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    The purge of Ina fr

    Any idea what happened to the many full length or partial Roland Garros matches they used to sell on this once great website? Risibly the only tennis there now appears to be 1 minute excerpts, useful to who I wonder? I have to think it's a copyright issue they've become wary of. When I asked (in...
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    Volley or half volley?

    Do you guys think this is a volley or half volley from Edberg? Thanks
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    Players hit less winners these days

    Go back through old matches - you will see many more outright winners on average than today. Why? Because we used to have something called net-play, which enriched the sport greatly as compared to now. Liars like Lew will say there are less winners because now players can chase everything down...
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    Lendl's biggest weakness - taking the ball early?

    I've noticed after watching a lot of Lendl matches his opponent is often able to reset the rally because Lendl didn't really like hitting the ball on the rise so a high loop causes him problems. Especially noticed this in his matches against Noah, a very quick guy who's able to track down...
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    Seles recovery disappointing?

    I'm kind of in two minds about posting this, one because I don't want it to derail in Graf Seles arguments. Lord knows looking back through some past threads I've seen the most perverse & hateful comments. Two because I don't want to downplay what happened to Monica. My premise is this. Here we...
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    Matches Closest to Peak vs Peak

    What I'm asking is what matches do you think rivals had where they both played closest to their best level. The winner doesn't have to be the player you think was better overall, doesn't have to be 5 or 3 set match, & the match's importance is irrelevant. I may think of a few more, and please...
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    Did Wilander do anything better than Borg?

    Not only do I see this as a horrible matchup for Mats if they faced each other, I also can't think of anything Mats did better than Borg. He was a better defender, quicker, had better passes. Had the better serve & return in my opinion. Mats could get very passive and struggle against guys...
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    Did Lendl and Connors ever have a 'great' match?

    I'm talking about a match where both a playing at a high level. I thought their 84 masters SF might be a contender but actually it was pretty tepid. Not bad play, but nearly all rallies ending in errors rather than great shots. Kind of a choke from Connors actually. Their 84 W SF & US 82...
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    What happened to Mac's serve post 84/85?

    The decline in his serve is the biggest indicator that the idea of Mac's game just being overpowered is false, since it is the one shot you have complete control over. Undeniably, his serve lost it's potency, plus his footspeed dropped off at age earlier than you would expect. He could do...
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    Why didn't Edberg use slice serve much?

    Watching a bit of his match against Mecir in 88, and he's getting burned on a lot of his serves, which are often quite central and Mecir is timing the return sweetly. Just wondered why a guy so reliant on his serve and volley game didn't really have a goto slice serve, paticulary outwide on the...
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    Connors Mcenroe Wembley 81

    Is this the most 'iconic' Mac-Connors match do you think? I've just watched it, and it's everything you expect from their matches dialled to maximum. Meandering quality of play, punctuated by sumptuous rallies of the kind I believe only these two together could produce. Mcenroe in some respects...
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    Borg Commentate for NBC in 1983 RG final?

    Never having seen this match, but have heard this was one of a few commentary attempts by Borg, before NBC decided even Borg's star power couldn't overcome his dogged reticence. Anyone seen it?
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    1976 Hilton Head World Invitational Tennis Classic F Nastase Laver

    Anyone seen this exhibition match? Guess ilie was going easy on Rod
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    Edberg offensive volley lacking

    I think Edberg defended the net extremely well, and his crosscourt BH volley deserves mention too, but I also feel he wasn't one of the best at putting a medium volley away. Especially when he's pushing it down a line, he didn't always get enough on the volley, and gave opponents a good chance...
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    Kuerten's tics

    Just watching the 2001 US open match Kuerten vs Miryni (very high quality match btw, if anyone has the whole match, particularly I'm missing games in the 3rd set please pm me), and Kuerten's mum was in the stands. She has almost constant facial twitches/tics. Gustavo is nothing like that but he...
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    Best matches to see Mac's rallying skills?

    Which matches against a baseliner showcas Mcenroe's groundstrokes & transition game best? I watched his quarter final vs Chang at Paris in 89 recently & remembered how cool it looked when Mac put everything together in a rally to beat a baseliner, sometimes ghosting in when the player didn't...
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    Understanding different slices

    The usual effect of backspin is that the trajectory will be more vertical after bouncing, but isn't it almost the opposite effect if the slice is more of a 'push' slice, going more underneath the ball rather than the back of it? This slice is the type people used to approach on, as the ball...
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    Leconte Chesnokov 1990 RG some Stats

    4th Round match: Leconte won: 6-4 6-3 4-6 2-6 6-3 Match lasted 3.02 hours Stats are missing 1 game and 3 other points in the 3rd set Non service winners: Leconte 58: 9 FH, 7 BH, 26 FHV, 14 BHV, 2 dropshots (both BH) Chesnokov 41: 10 FH, 19 BH, 1 FHV, 4BHV, 7 Lobs (5 BH) By Set: L...
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    Murray is the maker of his own demise

    The cause of Murray's busted hip is most likely because he boneheadedly decided to take on Novak at his own game, rather than develop his own relative strengths. Murray had better natural touch and net skills, flatter and potentially more dangerous offensive BH, better slice by far. Lendl...
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    Inexclipicably missing matches

    Every now & then I hear of a great match which I haven't heard/seen and I can't believe that there is seemingly no copies in existence. 1972 Dallas Laver Rosewall 1979 Gerulaitis vs Vilas Rome final 1981 Gerulaitis vs Lendl US open 4th round Borg Connors 1979 (?) Masters RR There are others...
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    Mcenroe a changed man when?

    Came across video of an exhibition in 95. Watch Mcenroe's behaviour at 5 mins and also at the very end. Keep in mind this was an exho! I honestly think Mcenroe today would be mortified & ashamed at the language he hurled at that guy, and then the absurd petulance at the end. It made me...
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    Why did Edberg succeed when Mac couldn't?

    People talk of Mac not being able to cope with the transition to the power game as explanation why he never won a slam post 84, so it got me thinking where did Stefan have the edge over him in those years, who himself was a bit of a throwback. Did Mac just lose some of his game in those years...
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    How reliable/useful was Cyclops?

    If it was very reliable why 'replace' it with hawkeye when there is no problem with running both concurrently? Any other thoughts about it?
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    Federer forehand worst surface is grass?

    To me his FH and his perfomance today was reminiscent of his 2016 defeat by Raonic. When he won the AO 17, his FH looked more like the old action. Then in W 17, his FH was not the same, reverting more to a buggy whip action which takes away potency and is less reliable. So I wonder if Fed needs...
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    Fernando Gonzalez in seniors at Wimbledon

    Anyone seen him playing now? Looks about 50.
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    Leconte vs Kulti 92 RG QF stats

    Leconte won 6-7 (8-10) 3-6 6-3 6-3 6-3 Points 164-149 Stats do not include 3 games in the 2nd set & 1st game of the 3rd Winners: Leconte - 60 17 FH, 10 BH, 22 FV, 9 BV, 1 Lob, 1 Dr Kulti - 22 8 FH, 11 Bh. 1 FV, 2 Lobs By set: L - 17,7,10,9,17 K- 6,3,3,4,6 aces: L- 9, K-1...
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    Best stop volley?

    Have watched a few matches with Leconte now, & I have to say his volleys are amazing but particulary his stop volleys, the way he put them on a sixpence off a hard pass. Mcenroe is 2nd I think but I don't think he would go for them off some the shots Henri does.
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    Name the commentator

    Can someone please tell me who is commentating with Jason Goodall here Obviously an older gentleman but none of the ones I can think of.
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    Cash vs Penfors 1986 Davis Cup Good Quality

    All copies of this wonderful match seem to be from the same source - a rather shabby recording where the ball is very hard to track. A quick search on youtube will demonstrate. Does anyone have or know where there is a better copy? Often when the tennis channel re-runs matches they find the...