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    Biking with ball hopper

    No, seriously, I do this. I have a pull-behind bike trailer leftover from when my kids were little (think Burley Buggy, or InStep, the kind that toddlers ride in), and I throw the racquets, water bottles, and a 75-ball hopper full of balls in there and bike to public courts a few miles down the...
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    Poly for 12 year old?

    Need advice here. My son got his first full-size racquet (Wilson UL100) last year, and the pro shop racquet specialist, who saw him hit, set him up with Wilson Revolve, I think 17 gauge (I didn't know enough tennis to state a preference). When we got the Revolve cut out, a different stringer...
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    Red writing Pro Penn's?

    I picked up some balls (that got left on a park court) that I really like, but I can't figure out exactly what kind they are. They say ProPenn in red with the number in black. When I google ProPenn online I see several different types but the photos only show the sleeves, not the balls, and the...
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    Compression sleeve for woman w/narrow upper arm (no bicep)?

    I recently bought a Venom compression sleeve to wear while playing, to help with my elbow pain. It helps tremendously, but the upper arm portion is not tight enough. If I got the next size smaller, the lower arm part would be too tight. My upper arm circumference is no greater than my lower arm...
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    Narrow-heel shoes that fit snug width-wise

    Can anyone recommend a women's shoe (I play only hardcourt) for me? I have a narrow heel that tends to slip, an extremely slender ankle, and a shallow/thin foot. Every pair of sneakers I've ever owned has had to be laced so that the two sides almost meet at the ankle in order to be supportive...