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    Time for a new racquet!

    Greetings everyone! As the title says, I finally have decided that it is time to update my current and trusty K Factor six one and treat myself to one of the newer offerings. However there are a few things I'd like to consult with you if you don't mind. I really like the feel of the K6.1 and...
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    Wanted: Wilson K Factos 95 16x18 as cheap as posible

    Just cracked my current Kfact95 at the throat and I'm interested in replacing it ASAP. I don't mind if the racquet is beat up to hell as long as it's structure is intact (no cracks.. dents and whatever is fine). Thanks in advance.
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    Link to Stakhovksky's near death experience please..

    I was telling my dad about the match but couldn't find the video of Stakhovswky dancing with death at the net, would you guys mind sharing it please? This is not a hate thread so plz keep it cool
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    Heart says Ferrer, Logic says Rafa

    I really REALLY want Ferrer to win after his post match on court interview where you could clearly see the happiness in his face, even when he said it, in his spanish accent: "I am in my first grand slam final and I am very very happy". I felt a mix of extreme joy for him reaching a slam...
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    an APDC that was cut?

    I remember someone talking about some dude cutting open an APDC to prove cortex is just a hoax, is there a thread about it or link to the pictures or something?
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    Wanted: Aeropro drive old or new

    So yeah, im looknig for an aeropro drive, condition doesnt have to be mint or 9/10, just playable and no major damage.. ill be checking the thread constantly or you can send me an email to or Thanks
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    Cortex versus no cortex?

    yeah probably the millionth time, im sorry.. but here's the deal. Im probably going to buy an Aeropro Drive soon, and looking at the pictures at TW the throat pic showing the cortex V thing makes it look like its somehow weak or fragile.. so is there any noticeable or big difference between...
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    K95user, love it but tried pure storm and aero storm.. uh oh..

    LOOOONG time since my last visit here, i dropped tennis to dedicate completly to music and drinking, i felt nostalgia and came back, playing better than during the 3 years i was training (dropped about half a year) I am currently using the k95 open pattern version, im hitting deep with good...
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    thank god fed lost

    Finally we are going to see an interesting final with new people in it and not the same dude crushing another guy, if tsonga plays like he did against nadal i think this is gonna be an awesome final, i say djokovic in 4 but again flame me all you want but im really happy federer lost, we...
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    Nadals pants, SHUT UP now..

    Today when having breakfast before school ESPN interviewed Nadal, it was in spanish and they asked a lot but i just felt like this needed to be posted.. Mucha gente se pregunta porque sigues usando pantalones que parecen ser muy incomodos.. A lot of people wonder why you keep wearing shorts...
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    controlling fear..

    .. of fighting?, just when those situations come up, when theres no other option, when its not about pride, when its not about whos better than who, when the guy is infront of you squeezing his fist ready to throw it, what do you think of?, what runs through your mind? i always avoid fights...
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    I beat my dad today, 3-6 6-1 6-4, serve was insane, backhand was very consistant and effective, forehand kept him always behind the baseline and running, and my return of serve was alsgo very good, i just played my best tennis ever and im really happy about it. Just wanted to share:)
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    is this good?

    I recently started trotting?, i dont know hwos it called, but anyway, we went to the oval yesterday and trotted (?) for a while, the oval is 400 meters i guess, i cant meassure in ft hehe, so yeah we trotted 8 full laps, with a break after 5 but kept walking never stopped.. Can anyone suggest...
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    Mudvayne fanss here?

    if theres any, anyone knows when shades of grey is coming out? also have u heard dull boy? damn its pretty fcking awesome!:twisted:
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    i told my mom i hate her..

    what do u think its going to happen?:twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:
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    controllig nervousness

    well today theres a big party a sweet 16 actually and well thebday girl goes in the middle and dances with her family and then friends, since her mom is a very close friend of my moms, and the girl is a good friend of mine, ill go there and dance with her, its really short, its like greet her...
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    could the k95 be too heavy for a 15 yo-er?

    Soon to be 16 in february.. weight 74kgs and do some weight lifting, not just arms body overall.. i dont have problems with it, but since people always say its too heavy for me ive always had the freaking doubt, i can serve pretty good and my backhand is deep and flat.. but i think my forehand...
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    What about hybrids?:O

    Ive seen so many threads saying that poly dies fast, plays good only for a while and hurst your arm. So my question is, what about a hybrid at 57lbs?
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    Hitting of back foot, good or bad?

    See, im not really sure that i hit completely off my back foot, i do what FYB (Fuzzy Yellow Balls) shows in its forehand lessons, i pivot and push with my back leg, but my weight isnt entirely on the front foot, today i was getting pretty deep spinny balls this way, but when a a short ball comes...
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    hitting off back leg, good or bad?

    See, im not really sure that i hit completely off my back foot, i do what FYB (Fuzzy Yellow Balls) shows in its forehand lessons, i pivot and push with my back leg, but my weight isnt entirely on the front foot, today i was getting pretty deep spinny balls this way, but when a a short ball comes...
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    So went hybrid instead of full poly.

    Cant wait to try it, i dont know exactly the poly brand, but its kinda like a light see trough blue.. and the crosses are gosen nylons. Any opinions? 58lbs btw
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    Returning fast serves

    This buddy has a big serve (when it goes in) and i gotta admit im kinda afraid of the ball hitting my precious, but i know i have a racquet to send it back, so what can i do to return a fast serve, really fast and kinda strong.. THX
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    First time going poly..

    So ive been using nylon since like forever, and since i read that polys have more spin and control, today i broke ma strings so i said, lets go see what poly's about, so im thinking about going poly at 55, i currently use nylon at 57, no arm problems, its a k95 tho and i dont know if it has...
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    Was it the circumstance or was it me?

    Ok, just got back from playing against my dad, once again got pwned, 6-1 7-5 6-1. But im not sure if it was completely me, since my k95's strings broke, i borrowed my cousins N95, but it was 18x20 and had only 2 overgrips with no stock grip under it, and the grip was pretty worn out, the...
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    Nadal, western or sumtin else?

    Well just wondering, i saw this video and it looks like its somwhere between continental and western, maybe hawaiian? dunno, but check it out.
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    i guess its the 1000th time but, nylon vs poly

    i really dont know anything about this subject, pros and cons of each? the only things that i know is that poly lasts longer and its stiffer, other than that "0". THX
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    Forten nylons on a k95

    Most of the time i string my racquet with these strings at 57lbs but i was wondering what would be a good tension to get more power but keep some control thanks
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    How much net clearance...

    should i be getting with my western forehand? i really want to have some margin with my shots but i dont want to be lobbing everything so, right now its something like this: ·<-Ball =====<-Net is this okay? sometimes it goes higher but i cant represent it with dots lol...
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    Backhand help

    Hey guys, its been a while since i dont post, i guess its because ive been playing a lot of tennis;) however just some info, my Forehand and service are better than ever before, but still need practice, but what i wanna focus the most on, its thebackhand, today at practice, with a 2 hander i...
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    OMG what can i do about it plz read and help i really need it..

    Ok first of all, this is not a technique problem, my game is very good the way it is for my level and for the tmie ive been playing, som im sure its not a problem with my game, its a porblem with my HEAD!. Im in a tourney, im going to play other 2 games in 2 hours, so far ive lost 3, but on...