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    Thiem Having Issues with his Adidas Shoes?

    I’m telling you man, those sole court shoes, gave me one hell of a sprain. Was in crutches for a week. NB Lavs are so much better
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    New babolat Vs natural gut strings?

    Went to my regular stringer that day and he had only 3 packets of babolat vs team left, he said babolat is working to distribute new natural gut strings. Has anyone heard of this new development as well? and if so,what are the new strings gonna be like? Cheers
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    50/48 is ok. When it softens a bit it’s great.
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    I was using a TT100p. Decided to change it up to a 93p. As everyone says it really does help your game with timing and being more discipline with the 93p. Played with it for 2.5 months. Just moved to the blade 16x19 v7. All I can say is wow amazing. I believe the 93p really trained myself well...
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    String recommendation for Wilson Blade 98 V7 16x19

    Thanks. Using vs touch natural gut
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    String recommendation for Wilson Blade 98 V7 16x19

    Anyone else think that a gut/poly hybrid is too muted on this racket? Thinking to go crisp powerful poly for more feel but afraid of elbow issues.
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    Gut/poly hybrid dead stringbed possible?

    I don’t know why, but I prefer when the poly string goes dead, it’s less livelier but more control.
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    Adidas Solecourt Boost Official Thread

    Oh boy, I had a few close calls before. But I finally rolled my ankle on these shoes hitting a running forehand to the right. Landed and rolled over that stupid edge. Was in crutches for half a week. I’m moving to the nb lavs.
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    Why are CA gas prices going through the roof?

    It’s also due to trumps sanction on cosco(major shipping company) that has driven up price of freight by 3-4 folds. Making margins for refinery tank. This either prices of retail must go up. Or the refinery has to cut runs. Either way increasing retail prices.
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    Forgiving Control frame

    Yea, I get what you mean. But I was surprised how i fast i transitioned from a 100sqinch to a 93inch. It is forgiving on the arm tho
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    Forgiving Control frame

    Control base upon 10 base on my experience. 8/10 - prince textreme tour 100p 7/10 - head speed 360 pro 9.5/10 - prince phantom 93p 8.5/10 - prince phantom pro 100p 8/10 - blade 18x20 8/10 - head touch graphene prestige mid Strung with gut/poly hybrid. Love the 93p.
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    Best thin polys

    Signum pro x perience!
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    Goffin spots difference: "Against Novak you never feel comfortable, against Roger you feel like recieving winners"

    So djokovic is like death by a thousand cuts. And Federer is death by Hara kiri.
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    help me with find thin beam

    I was in the same position as you. Weighted up my TT100P at 9, 3 and 12 and at the butt cap. Ended up with the 93p w no regrets. Now I can’t even go back to my 100p. The feel is just so good with the 93p, even w the smaller head size you’ll adapt fast and enjoy the precision. May shank the ball...
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    Round poly like Signum Pro X-perience?

    I found the Rpm blast to be just as good, a tad less lively.
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    Federer fans - what was harder to take - Wimbledon final 2008, 2014 or 2019?

    Considering the stats, timeline and hope - 2019
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    GOAT is fictional thing - says Roger

    you’re right. The question is not WHO is the GOAT. But where in Time is the GOAT
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    GOAT is fictional thing - says Roger

    Add Number of completed matches without retiring in percentages.
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    can someone tell me, their review is based on average of all scores correct? to me, the power is a bit subjective some prefer; less some prefer more, e.g. 93p power is less so I think that brings down the average. am I right?
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    Phantom 97

    Bump. Lol
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    18x20 Gut/poly vs touch at 50lbs and rpm blast at 48lbs 1.25 Control is there. Just gotta get used to swinging out more and letting the weight work.
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    The Prince Phantom 93P is a gift to us from TW - My Review/AMA

    Oh boy , I just got the 93p yesterday >.< Enjoyed the plowthru and serves very much, just haven’t dialed in my forehand yet. 97p specs doesn’t look like it’ll give it the same feeling as the 93p. Bring it! I can resist a new racket......I think.
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Anyone tried guy/poly on this? What tension and how did u find it?
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    Yonex VCORE Pro 97HD... Strings???

    Any one tried gut/poly on this Yet? How do u find it? If too powerful I’m thinking of going for a softer more lively full poly
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    It's now on the Yonex Website! VCORE Pro EMERALD

    Can anyone who have used a prince textreme tour 100p compare this to the HD? I’m thinking of using a more stable/heavier racket, if the HD really is manuervable this looks like a good upgrade. Used the RF97A before but it was too stiff and too heavy. Found the 100p very good in all aspects...
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    The new blade V7 May just be the best blade so far

    Sh Try the prince textreme tour 100p
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    2019 Wilson Blade

    spot on, all my blade friends have used my prince TT 100p said the feel is so much better, they were skeptical at first thinking it was the strings, so they tried the same strings as mine on their blade (hybrid gut/poly) but the feel and feedback and spin was just different. great racket that...