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  1. Djokodal Fan

    If you were to bet $1000 of your money on RG2020 final......

    Who would you bet on? Post what your mind says and not what your heart wants, since you will bet your personal money and want to get a profit out of it.
  2. Djokodal Fan

    USOpen Highlights disgrace

    This is the highlights of USopen women's final coming from official youtube channel. Based on the highlights you would think the winner was Serena. When will this open learn to respect champions let alone the crowd? Extended highlights: Thank you Serena for losing and saving tennis. Oh...
  3. Djokodal Fan

    2019 GrandSlam winners if no Big 3

    Who is your pick for 2019 if big 3 never played 2019 and beyond? AO- Cilic RG- Thiem SW19- Delpo USO- Wawrinka
  4. Djokodal Fan

    Can Novak recover on time to survive Anderson bombs tomorrow?

    Wimbledon's fifth set no tie break policy and imposed curfew time after 11pm really puts the second semi-finalists in a disadvantage. Will Djokovic have enough left to survive Anderson serves tomorrow? Can he recover on time? I see a repeat on 2013 finals. Djokovic didn't have enough against...
  5. Djokodal Fan

    Novak Djokovic: "I lost my love for tennis sometime after Paris"

    Taken from MTF, but I thought it was worth posting it here. I'm rather puzzled as to how someone like Djokovic can lose motivation. All he Had to do was to look at His peers like the Great Fed / Nadal and keep himself motivated. I'm not blaming him give life long goal RG was, but I'm little...
  6. Djokodal Fan

    What is Djokovic's worst surface?

    In light of his latest Wimbledon 3R exit, What do you believe to be Djokovic's worst surface? I still think it is Grass. He has always been blunted by Nadal for the most part at RG.
  7. Djokodal Fan

    Wimbledon Court No.1 is fast - Fact or Myth?

    So Wimbledon Court #1 plays fast is what many posters claim here. Is this Fact or Myth? Why would Wimbledon make one court faster? Why would they create extra work for themselves? Not blinded by the results, please answer this.
  8. Djokodal Fan

    What is the future for Grassdal?

    I don't even want to talk about not making into the second week for last 4 years. He is already out for 2016. That makes it a grand total of 5 years of almost zero presence at the holy grail of tennis. Now what should Grassdal really do to make progress at Wimbledon? How can a 2 time champion...
  9. Djokodal Fan

    Which new face has the potential to clinch Wimbledon?

    Next big slam is approaching and whch new face do you think has it in them to clinch Wimbledon? Please exclude defending and past Champions (essentially Big 4). IMO Krygios has a lot of weapons and can do some serious damage. So is Raonic with his improved net game and powerful serve. But I...
  10. Djokodal Fan

    Serena was done by RG schedule

    She didn't have anything left in the tank after 4 days of back to back R4, qtr finals, semis and finals. Didn't have anything left in the tank. As much as atp complains about back to back days of competitive plays women deserve equal rest between one round to next or at least towards the end...
  11. Djokodal Fan

    Nishi is no ferrer

    at least ferrer acted as a gate keeper and keep lower ranked players at bay. Nishi in a sense is slightly worse. World of flase promises.
  12. Djokodal Fan

    tennis channel coverage is a joke

    We have 2 men's R4 going on, Gasquet Vs. Nishi and Murray Vs Isner and Tennis Channel shows Rome Final. Are they really seriously committed towards covering French open? Or am I missing something? Thank god I have TSN HD feed from Canada. But this is hopeless for anyone who subscribed to TC.
  13. Djokodal Fan

    Whats up with Adidas and their zebra design?

    can it get any worse? Usually Berdych takes the cake, but worst possible design I have seen in a while. Players like Halep, Tsonga and Ivanovic look like Zebras running around the court trying to retrieve the ball. Whoever came up with this design should be suspended!
  14. Djokodal Fan

    And just like that Murray's draw will disappear like a fart in the wind

    inconsistent Mr.Stan will lose to some nobody in early rounds based on his current form. Nishi 'injured 'kori won't show up half the time. Just like how some bum turned up for him at the Rome semis is bound to happen. You heard it first here.
  15. Djokodal Fan

    Why is RG the most anticipated slam each year despite being predictable?

    RG has been the most anticipated slam each year for a decade now despite being predictable with Nadal clinching it most of the time. Only 2 years that had been out of norm - 2009 and 2015. 2009 was a welcome change and 2015 was unexpected by all. Despite US open being the most unpredictable...
  16. Djokodal Fan

    total disrespect for Murray at Rome

    playing on Court#2 tomorrow and possibly court#3 day after. IS this how you schedule a Seed#2 or World No#3? Seriously how?? Show some respect please.
  17. Djokodal Fan

    If Novak was absent for last 2 years, would you consider it to be competitive years?

    Understood that Djokovic has been dominating . However if he was not there and given the point distribution between players ranked 2-10 would you consider last 2 years to be a fairly competitive period in tennis? Would you still consider it to be a weak era?
  18. Djokodal Fan

    If Novak can improve serve so much, why not Nadal?

    from being a double fault machine in 2010 to normal server in 2011 to decent between 2012-2014 to going just couple of notches below the great serverer. Now his serve is extremely reliable (acknowledged by the service god in last few press meets). Why not Nadal do it to get some free points? I...
  19. Djokodal Fan

    Measure of mental toughness - To lose in a slam final or bow out earlier?

    I see many illogical posts from Nadal fans claiming him to be a mental GOAT since he was able to come out triumphant in slam finals. So my question is: What is better or what shows that a player is mentally tougher: 1. To reach a slam final and lose it or 2. Rather not reach slam finals at...
  20. Djokodal Fan

    Every peak is followed by a trough

    Nadal FO2008-AO2009 --> followed by trough Federer 2007 --> followed by trough Nadal 2010 --> followed by trough Djokovic 2011 --> followed by trough Nadal 2013 --> followed by trough Djokovic 2015 --> ????? 2016 could very well be the year for GOATdal or BOATray or STANimal. So hold on...
  21. Djokodal Fan

    Who among big 3 is a certified choker?

    Understand that all of us fans of big 3 feel so irritated when our favorite loses. But who among big three do you consider to be a certified choker? there can be various factors including slam final loses, WTF final losses and inability to win slams even though they had the game/position to win...
  22. Djokodal Fan

    Nadal says Djokovic 'difficult to equal'

    As always good gesture by Nadal and shows lot of respect for his rival.
  23. Djokodal Fan

    Uncomfortable Truth About Hating Djokovic

    Uncomfortable Truth About Hating Djokovic BY TIM JOYCE - SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 NEW YORK - Since Novak Djokovic’s thrilling, if not perfectly played, victory over Roger Federeron Sunday in the US Open final, many in the tennis media have pointed out how the revved-up, loud, likely alcohol-fueled...
  24. Djokodal Fan

    whom do you rate between Safin, Hewitt, Roddick, Murray & Wawrinka?

    almost Similar careers from GS win standpoint. whom to do you consider to be the best among the lot? why?? I would go for Murray (due to consistency and competition he faced) closely followed by Safin, Wawrinka (beat two ATGs in GS finals), Roddick, Hewitt.
  25. Djokodal Fan

    Federer has never beaten his biggest rivals on GS finals since 2007

    2007 US open was the last year he beat Djokodal in Major finals. 2007 - Wimbledon finals - Nadal 2007 - US open finals - Djokovic You read it right. He never beat them after Jan 2008 and has been aging since then (yes been aging since turning 26). always been able to beat his lapdog...
  26. Djokodal Fan

    US Open schedule looks good after several years

    2015 USopen schedule looks good. No more super Saturday. Guess US Open organizers have learnt their lesson after plummeting ratings. Schedule looks good and more Human friendly. Hopefully there won't be too much rain interruption this time...
  27. Djokodal Fan

    How can Big4 solve stanimal puzzle?

    I mean, Djoker allowed Wawrinka to destroy himself at AO2015 semis. Also overcame a very determined opponent at USopen 2013 and had epic battle at AO2014 & AO2013. Wawrinka also wiped the floors off Nadal at AO2014 final and RG2015 against both fed and Novak. he also pretty much bullies...
  28. Djokodal Fan

    Should Novak only concentrate on slams??

    No amount of masters win seems to give him the edge to close out at the biggest of stages. Should he just bring his A game only for slams? As such he seems to do good very well at masters and if he decides to brush that aside he will be FINNISH no? What are your thoughts?
  29. Djokodal Fan

    Time to chin up Novak fans!

    Very depressing day as a Novak fan. Very mixed day and I almost had tears today for him.There is no deserved title until one wins it. I'm sure Novak will solve stanimal puzzle (not just Novak, but a healthy Nadal will do it as well). but there are days, when you will get outplayed by a...
  30. Djokodal Fan

    Would Murray have beaten Wawrinka if they had met in the RG Final?

    I thought Murray played extremely well against Novak in the semis. Novak had some bad moments on set 4, but still Andy showed a lot of grit. do you think he would have pocketed RG playing final against Wawrinka? I think he would have won it.