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  1. mugener

    Prince Phantom Pro and Phantom Pro100P

    How would the phantom compare to the hyper PS 7.1 zone, this used to be the most flexible frame of all.
  2. mugener

    RF97 Autograph (2016) - arm pain, alternatives?

    I have the same problem. I used to have tennis and golfers elbow and played with ultra 100 previous version and undergo physio, the pain went away. Last week bought an RFA, string twitch champs choice at 51. After my first hit (with the irritating ping noise), my wrist and shoulder start to...
  3. mugener


    Saw a few 2012 BLX 90 with the "Wilson" logo in the middle of the lower hoop but the original ones were at the side. Are there any differences?
  4. mugener


    Do they came pre-strung?
  5. mugener

    Pro Staff Classic 6.1 25th Anniv vs. Six One (Current)

    My local AD has a used but very good condition 6.1 and this is very hard to come along. But the price difference is not that much compare to the current six one (white/red). I haven't tried the current six one before and wondering if they are very similar racquet or completely different animal.
  6. mugener

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Drive Racquet

    Requested other playtests but no luck. Hopefully I am one of the lucky ones this time.
  7. mugener

    Pro Staff 97 Countervail

    Need to be a smarter consumer. Wait it out for a year.
  8. mugener

    Wilson PS 2017/18 update?

    It seems like everywhere are having clearance on the PS and RF97. Is wilson going to update this line after a year?
  9. mugener

    Still buy Prince?

    Prince CTS Tricomp 110 , Response Ti and what's next for me
  10. mugener

    Pro Staff BLX 95 16x18 (2012) or RF97 2016

    Yeah, I meant 6.1. What's the difference between a six one and Pro Staff anyways? I thought they are the same :)
  11. mugener

    Pro Staff BLX 95 16x18 (2012) or RF97 2016

  12. mugener

    Pro Staff BLX 95 16x18 (2012) or RF97 2016

    HI guys, I came across very good condition of these 2 rackets. I used to play with Kfactor 95 16x18 and I moved to Ultra 100 or a lighter frame. But I really missed hitting with a solid/ heavy/ plow thorough frame. If you guys are in my shoes, which one would you pick.
  13. mugener

    The 6.1 Returns

    Why is this new version come prestrung?
  14. mugener

    Tennis Elbow

    I believe I am pretty sure TE is pretty painful as I am still suffering from it. By reading your comment, it aggravates even more.
  15. mugener

    Tennis Elbow

    I had TE for 1.5 years after playing with Kfactor 6.1 for almost 10yrs. I think this might have something to do with age as well. Anyhow, did some physio for 10 sessions and switched to lighter Ultra 100 with a softer multi X1 biphase. Now is almost 90% recoup.
  16. mugener

    Wilson dumping Sampras heritage for profit

    I'm no Kim :)
  17. mugener

    Wilson dumping Sampras heritage for profit

    Very true, look at luxury watches, every year there's at least a price increase. It's insane.
  18. mugener

    How durable is the soft rubberized coating on new Wilson Pro Staff 97?

    People here have spoken. I have been holding back of getting once of this as I had the experience of chipping on my Iprestiges. As mentioned in my previous post, this might be part of cost savings from Wilson and at the same time used to promote the "Velvety" finished. My self control has...
  19. mugener

    Prince Textreme 95 Discussion

    I saw one of the reputable site showing that this frame is being closeout ans I'm suspecting is being discontinued.
  20. mugener

    ABG Group (Prince) partners with TW

    Will TW be the only AD in the world/ N. America and there's no more other AD's?
  21. mugener

    Yonex 2017

    I thought this year Yonex is due to release a new DR98. This was released in 2015..
  22. mugener

    ABG Group (Prince) partners with TW

    Will TW announce this anytime soon?
  23. mugener

    ProStaff 97 Design input

    This would be awesome if the rumor is true. IMO, the minimalist paintjob (if it's going be the same) is one of the greatest looking thus far in the six one line.
  24. mugener

    ProStaff 97 Design input

    Same here. Tried the a store in London, they couldn't ship this to Canada
  25. mugener

    ***Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 Club***

    Any update on its release in the US?
  26. mugener

    Quality PJ of RF97-2nd Gen

    Were this upper hoops problems due to floor scrapings or rub during impact with balls overtime?
  27. mugener

    Quality PJ of RF97-2nd Gen

    Before this got launched, a lot of us were speculating that the rubbery velvet finished would be as good/bad as the Head iPrestige's. I think I haven't heard a lot of discussions or feedbacks in regards to this. How's it been holding thus far?
  28. mugener

    Prince Phantom

    Any update with the release, is it going in a few weeks time. As per my local AD here, they wont be carrying it.
  29. mugener

    Not a Happy Camper

    I strung mine with Gosen OGS 17g @ 60lbs (moving from x1 biphase16g), what a night and day. The Gosen felt like a cheap prestrung racket from Walmart. Given the price similarity with Prince Syn gut, oh my, Prince is way much better. The most frustrated part is the "ping" noise coming from it...
  30. mugener

    Prince Phantom

    Still don't get it. It has been launched in Japan a year ago and the product is coming from the same factory. And this is a mass production item, not handmaking a fine time piece and how does it affect the supply. Prince does have some serious problems.