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  1. geubes

    Inspiration? Suggestions? Where next?

    Let me start with my recent trials and thoughts. Then you wonderful people could give me some thoughts on where you think I should go next, what my next order should include. I play 70% doubles 30% singles, all-court doubles and in singles look to attack / drive the ball from inside the court...
  2. geubes

    Mantis tour comfort alternative

    A string that I have been keeping in stock "mantis tour comfort" has been discontinued and is getting harder and harder to get now. So I'm getting to the point of finding a suitable and close replacement for it. I don't use it myself so not too familiar with its attributes. Is anyone able to...
  3. geubes

    Racket rotation or play till break and swap?

    For those that have multiple rackets that they take to the court. Do you put much thought into the stringing and use of the rackets? I seem to be in the pattern of playing with one racket until they break, move to the 2nd racket, get 1st racket strung and it goes back into the bag until the 2nd...
  4. geubes

    What should I work on?

    Ok so I have played doubles mainly for a long time, last year i joined back up to the singles leagues at the club, after a long hiatus of playing singles. At first my game was a mess, the court seemed so narrow and I would tire quickly. Its getting better but I often dont feel like I have a...
  5. geubes

    Side view - Groundstrokes - Feedback and tips welcomed

    Ok so these are just 60-80% power rally balls with no real intention of hitting winners. First time ive ever recorded myself so would welcome any feedback or suggestions. Thanks in advance
  6. geubes

    Tips on sliding on hard court to recover

    Ill start with I am not a natural slider by any means and I would like to change that if possible. Especially when chasing a cross court winner and attempting to recover quicker than the many small stompy steps I currrently make after contacting the ball. Any tips for those that have learn't...
  7. geubes

    Gosen OG Sheep Micro Alternative for UK or substitute Syn-gut cross

    I have been playing with Poly/Multi hybrid for many years, moved to full poly but started to get the odd shoulder and wrist issues. So tried a Syn-gut in the cross and liked the feel, slightly softer, still crisp with more pocketing compared to full-poly (better direction control and angles at...