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  1. WildVolley

    Sunshine and Vitamin D

    It was in the 70s and sunny today. Exercised in the midday sun for about 25 minutes before covering up. I just want to make it clear I'm not suggesting there's any evidence this would be good for you when you're being ordered to hide in your house. Especially stay away from the beach or tennis...
  2. WildVolley

    Backhand Slice Duel

    A lot of times players are terrible at a shot because they never practice it. I've been playing more doubles these days, so it is good to keep my backhand slice working (I topspin drive with a 2hbh). To practice it, I'll often do a slice duel during the middle of a backhand warmup. Here's a...
  3. WildVolley

    Yonex Sonicage Wide

    Yonex used to offer fairly wide toe box shoes in D-width, but the newer models have been getting progressively narrower in the toe box. Now I see that they are offering a Sonicage in "Wide." The current sonicage is a little tight in the toe box for my feet, but still usable for match days. Has...
  4. WildVolley

    WTT electronic line calling

    I was at a World Team Tennis match last night. All the lines were called with the Hawk-Eye live line calling system. It worked without a hitch. The only strange thing was the speaker set-up made it seem the line was being called from a booth somewhere rather than courtside. I wonder how long...
  5. WildVolley

    California: Coffee must carry cancer warning!

    Pretty much everything in California carries a cancer warning these days. Now, it has been decided that coffee also must carry a cancer warning. Apparently, roasting coffee beans creates...
  6. WildVolley

    Yonex PC Durable 3: Slightly Narrow?

    Last night I hit casually in a worn out pair of PCD1s and was shocked out how soft and comfortable they were. But the PCDs had a wide toe-box. I see that Yonex now has the 3rd edition of the PCDs available but they are being listed as narrow? Does anyone have these? Are they really narrow?
  7. WildVolley

    Those who hate technical discussions

    Some TTI poasters hate technical discussions. I'm not sure I understand why this is the case, so I thought I'd ask. Why do you hate technical discussions (assuming that you do)? Do you believe that reading people discussing technical aspects of a tennis stroke using what is to many people...
  8. WildVolley

    Another reason to eat Bacon

    Seems that saturated fats probably don't contribute to heart disease. Is there anything bacon can't do?
  9. WildVolley

    Short player, deep high ball - Technique

    I have a player who is short and has trouble with the deep high ball. Obviously, one technique is to take the ball on the rise, but this player isn't comfortable with that. I've given specific drills to improve footwork for dropping back behind the ball, but it seems to me that the player still...
  10. WildVolley

    Consistently hitting bh volley near top of frame

    I have a student who consistently hits backhand volleys near the top of the frame. Backhands both 2hbh and 1h slice are high in the string bed but not almost on the frame. This student also tends to panic a little at net and release the left hand from the racket too early on a bh-volley (for a...
  11. WildVolley

    Throwing a football: serve power training

    Apparently one of the things mentioned in Serena's master class is that she spent a lot of time as a child throwing a football (American pigskin) and credits much of her serve success to her ability to throw a hard good spiral. This isn't the only place I've heard this. 5263 mentioned that his...
  12. WildVolley

    Developing forehand racket head speed: drills/exercises

    So I have a student who tends to slow the swing and push under the ball rather than up the head speed and hit topspin in order to play it safe. I'm looking for good drills to get the student to learn to swing away and use racket head speed and topspin to keep the ball in the court. What I've...
  13. WildVolley

    World Team Tennis

    I went to my first World Team Tennis match: SD Aviators versus the Philadephia Freedom. I didn't know what I'd think of it, but after watching last-night, I think the format really works. It obviously helped that the weather was perfect, the match went to a super tie-break after some...
  14. WildVolley

    New Balance MC60 “Minimus” Review

    Summary: The most ‘minimal’ modern tennis shoe on the market is light weight, low to the ground with a low drop height, has a noticeable midsole with light cushioning, and has medium toe box room. It is a reasonable choice as a match-day shoe for a hard court player who is conditioned for...
  15. WildVolley

    Gulbis: Moving to Hawaiian grip?

    Gulbis has been having a terrible year. I haven't been able to watch his matches but I've seen a little practice footage. It seems his awkward forehand has gotten even weirder. If I'm not mistaken, he's moving farther under the handle and seems almost to hold a Hawaiian grip on his forehand...
  16. WildVolley

    Plan to carry NB MC60 Minimus Shoes?

    Just saw in another thread that NB is selling a Minimus tennis shoe in Germany. Do you plan to carry those shoes or know when they'll be available in the US? Thanks.
  17. WildVolley

    Prince Viper VII. Anyone try?

    I see that Prince has come out with a new Viper model. For those that don't know, the Viper VII and VII Mid are the only shoes with the Prince Natural Food Shape (NFS) last, which means that they are less pointed in the toe box than other Prince shoes. If you have slightly wide feet and have a...
  18. WildVolley

    RICE versus METH for injury

    RICE, as we all know, stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation for sprains and soft tissue injury while METH stands for blue, that seems wrong...Movement, Elevation, Traction, and Heat. So now that we have two competing, easily remembered acronyms, we can...
  19. WildVolley

    Training Hip Speed

    Saw this interesting video from Somax which seems primarily a company aimed at golfers that sells a hip trainer. Of course, they are trying to sell their hip trainer, but from watching videos of pros, there does seem to be something to the idea of building rapid hip speed and mobility...
  20. WildVolley

    Yonex 254D Review

    I've long been a fan of the Yonex 304 series of shoes. The outstanding features of the 304 series for me were light weight and a wide straight toe box which worked well with my E-width feet. From the online description, the 254D (d for durable) seemed to be related to the 304 series, so I...
  21. WildVolley

    Standing Long Jump

    This thread was inspired by LeeD who is always attempting feats of strength and fitness. Apparently the standing long jump is used at many combines for pro athletes, so it is a fairly simple way to test your explosive movement. I first tried it on carpet and found the landing a bit...
  22. WildVolley

    Hanging from bar for shoulder health

    In another thread I mentioned that I've been hanging from my hands from a pull-up bar to stretch my shoulder after reading about it at this site: I've been doing it now for about a month and I've noticed a decrease in shoulder pain...
  23. WildVolley

    Djokovic using video

    I was watching the Djokovic quarter-final and one of the commentators mentioned that Djokovic heavily relied on video analysis to improve his serve and the rest of his game. Not only that, he said that many of the pros are hiring services to edit match video into a series of clips based on...
  24. WildVolley

    Cold, weak, and hungry study

    Bad news for the low calorie, calorie restricted diet people looking for increased longevity. Looks like the rat results haven't carried over for monkeys. I've seen a study out...
  25. WildVolley

    Backhand topspin approach footwork?

    I played a couple practice sets today and was struggling with my backhand approach. I normally approach with a 1hbh slice and turn sideways and step behind as I come through the ball. When hitting the 2hbh topspin approach on short balls I was pretty clueless today. I seemed to be too far behind...
  26. WildVolley

    Developing the Jump Serve

    I've been inspired by Brian Battistone's crazy volleyball-style jump serve. Jumping forward into the shot gives you a superior contact point to bring angles or rush the net. While I don't have my old hops, I found I can still hit much further inside the baseline by taking a step and jumping off...
  27. WildVolley

    Praise for rotator cuff exercises

    I've started doing rotator cuff exercises, especially external rotation three times a week and it is paying off. It seems to have stabilized my shoulder and I can serve hard again without feeling any pain. I'm using 10lbs for about 15 reps in external rotation while lying on my side and with...
  28. WildVolley

    True-tension stringer

    I have the opportunity to buy a true-tension stringer at a low price. It is quite substantial looking for a crank-type stringer and seems to use a glide-bar system for the clamps. It also has a system of holes around the racquet mount that allows for pins to redirect the string or...
  29. WildVolley

    Carbs make you fat

    I've been watching an interesting lecture by Gary Taubes on why carbs make you fat through an insulin response. (I have to warn you that it is very long - 1hr 48 minutes.) I've always believed this, but it is interesting...
  30. WildVolley

    Poly breaking on dropweight

    Arrgghh! I keep breaking Topspin CF when stringing on my SP Swing. I think the string is being weakened where it goes into the string gripper. Once, it removed from the gripper, there's still a fairly sharp bend in the string that doesn't want to go away and makes it hard to feed through the...