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    Trivia: Youngest Men's & Women's Players to Lose Their First Open Era Major Final

    Following up on the Becker/Wimbledon thread, Becker is the second youngest men's Major winner, winning Wimbledon 1985 at 17 years, and 228 days old. Wimbledon 1985 was also his first Major final. The youngest men's Major winner was Chang, who won the 1989 French Open at 17 years, 110 days. The...
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    Is this Wertheim stat about the best player in clay finals true?

    In this week's Mailbag, Jon Wertheim has the following Q&A: Who had the best career winning percentage in clay-court finals? Nope! Not Nadal. Not a trick question either, i.e., the No. 1 player isn't from 1920, or didn't have a record of 1-0. (Although I'm sure there are some of those.) Say 10...
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    One match that would have changed a player's career?

    Does anyone think that there are players, past or current, where a different result in one close match in a Major would have changed their careers? This can work both ways. For example, if Agassi loses in the 5th set against Ivanisevic at Wimbledon 1992 to lose his 5th straight Major final, does...
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    Imagine a player good enough to have winning records against Borg, McEnroe, Lendl, Sampras (on hard/carpet), and Federer

    1-0 against Borg 1-0 against McEnroe 2-1 against Lendl 6-5 against Sampras on hard/carpet (0-2 on grass/clay) 2-1 against Federer
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    Every player before Thiem who has made 3+ Major finals has won a Major

    9 players who have made 2 Major finals in the Open Era have not won a Major: Miloslav Mecir, Alex Corretja, Mark Philippoussis, Kevin Curren, Robin Soderling, Kevin Anderson, Cedric Pioline, Todd Martin, and Steven Denton. Conversely, before Thiem, zero players who have made 3+ Major finals have...
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    #4 seed at the Australian Open

    Seedings for the 2020 Australian Open will be based on the ATP/WTA rankings on January 13th. Currently, in the live ATP Rankings, Thiem is #4 with 5890 points. Medvedev is #5 with 5860 points. Thiem and Austria have been eliminated from the ATP Cup. Medvedev and Russia have made the QF, and...
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    PCB Snatches the #12 Seed from Schwartzman

    With his win today, PCB tied Schwartzman with 2,380 ranking points. The tiebreaker is points won at Majors, Masters Series events, and WTF. If my math is right, PCB has 1,795 points at those events vs. 1,370 for Schwartzman. That means that PCB gets the #12 seed at the U.S. Open while...
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    Will Zverev lose his top 4 seed at the U.S. Open?

    With his loss today, Zverev is 4th in the rankings with 4,845 points. -Anderson is at 4,535 points. He needs to make the SF to get to 4,885 points and pass Zverev. That would mean beating Chardy (he's up a set), beating Goffin/Paire in R16, and beating Kyrgios/Coric/Chung/del Potro in the QF...
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    Best Major Quarterfinal of All Time

    Djokovic is currently #10 in the rankings. It seems like there's a good chance that he enters the top 8 but not the top 4 by the U.S. Open. If that happens, there's a 50/50 chance that he's slotted to face Nadal or Federer in the quarterfinals. If that's the case, we have the potential for a...
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    What was the deal with the 1982 Australian Open?

    It looks like at the 1982 Australian Open: -Rounds 1 and 2 were Best of Five sets; -Rounds 3 and 4 were Best of Three Sets; and -the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Final were Best of Five sets Does anyone know why they had this odd format? Did weather cause a compressed schedule, leading to...
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    Longest Time Span Between First YE #1 and Last YE #1

    1. Nadal: 2008-2017: 9 years 2. Sampras: 1993-1998: 5 years 2. Federer: 2004-2009: 5 years 4. Connors: 1974-1978: 4 years 4. Lendl: 1985-1989: 4 years
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    Two Stats Regarding #1 Ranking I Haven't Seen Discussed Much

    Nadal currently has the longest stretch between first achieving the #1 ranking (August 18, 2008) and last holding the #1 ranking (September 11, 2017). That's about 9 years and 1 month, and he'll continue to extend that stretch until he permanently loses the #1 ranking. Connors is #2, with his...
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    Australian Open's switch from grass & the GOAT debate

    I feel like the Australian Open's switch from grass to Rebound Ace in 1988 doesn't get the attention it deserves in the GOAT debate. When Sampras was a teenager, the Australian Open was still played on grass, and his coach and he made the decision for Pete to play like Laver and switch from a...
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    Good approach shot/net strategy?

    Here's an approach shot/net strategy that I've been employing lately against some mediocre right handed players: 1. Hit a deep topspin forehand relatively close to the baseline and sideline on the deuce side but still with some margin for error. 2. Start stepping into the court in...